How To Soundproof Gaming Room 2022 (Soundproof Gaming Booth DIY)

How To Soundproof Gaming Room

Gaming has been very popular not only for children but also for adults. Parents or other people sleeping in the middle of the night could be awakened by your gaming volume. You don’t want to keep it low, volume makes the game more exciting! How are you able to have fun while they are also having a good sleep? Read below to see ways on how to soundproof a gaming room in 2022 and how to make a DIY gaming booth.

Do you want to find an easy quick way to soundproof your room? Mass Loaded Vinyl is your best option. If you’re looking for something more affordable, go for the Acoustic foam tiles. They’re good for improving the sound quality, undisturbed surroundings, guaranteed privacy, and can be installed quite easily.

Soundproof Gaming Room

1. Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass-loaded vinyl a.k.a. MLV is one of the most well known materials that can be added to the wall for soundproofing.

Installing it will have a huge impact for insulating and blocking unwanted sounds. 

It is a heavy sheeting vinyl that has metal particles to increase its mass. This type of vinyl is typically used in theaters, studios, and residential for improving the sound transmission class of the walls.

Mass loaded vinyl is also paint friendly, so if you are not satisfied with the design of your vinyl, you can always customize it to the style that you want.

Latex paint is the best type of paint to use for coating your Mass loaded vinyl. You can repaint it again once you get bored of the paint job.

2. Acoustic Panels

Acoustic foam tiles are another great option.

They’re more affordable and easier to install but unfortunately also a bit less effective in blocking sound than Mass Loaded Vinyl.

They do improve the acoustics of your gaming room or booth quite significantly though.

3. Acoustic caulk

Using professional soundproofing techniques are a great way to soundproof your gaming room and it will also cover all the parts that we tend to neglect.

These are not as difficult to execute as you might be thinking.

The majority of these techniques also involve adding materials to your walls.  

A well known method is to seal any cracks or gaps in the room that are typically found around your windows and doors.

Using an acoustic caulk will fix this problem easily, but it is better if you also took advantage of the mass-loaded vinyl.

4. Sound Blankets

Many people never think about using moving blankets when they are soundproofing their room.

Moving blankets are typically used for protecting furniture while moving, but they could also be called as soundproof blankets due to their sound lessening effect.

When these blankets are applied to the wall, it will improve acoustics and block the sound from escaping.

You can hang it anywhere as long as the nails or hooks are in place. Even some huge companies are currently using this soundproofing technique. Read also: best soundproof noise blocking blanket

5. Using A Gaming Headset

The easiest way to solve your noise problems would be to buy and use a good comfortable gaming headset if you are not a fan of building a DIY gaming station, and you don’t like to use your items for soundproofing.

A wireless gaming headset is a good choice for this but you can also use a regular headset that works properly.

Remember to choose the right volume for your ears and to always be conscious that you are wearing headsets.

You don’t want your family to watch you shouting as if you are deaf.

You also have to protect your hearing so don’t turn the volume too high. 

We recommend the highly rated SteelSeries Arctis 3.

Alternatively, if you’re on the budget, go for the RUNMUS Gaming Headset.

6. Fluffy Household Items

An empty room can amplify the volume from your voice and your gaming console. By filling up that room with soft materials, it can absorb the sound that might go out of your room. Most can be found in your laundry area or inside your closet. 

Read also: How to Soundproof Windows.  For example, you can place heavy curtains over your window and cover the floor with rugs (preferably thick) or just use any soft materials, it could be a mattress, pillows, clothes, etc. The idea is simply to use anything fluffy or soft to absorb sounds from gaming.

Some YouTubers still use this technique to avoid paying for expensive materials.

They are using their creativity and using whatever they could find to decrease the sound of echoing.

They also use it as a background to their videos sometimes, but the audience might have difficulty noticing that those are just a bunch of household items. 

7. Moving Your Gaming Station

Move your gaming station if your console is near the wall that is shared to the other room. By moving it away from the shared wall, the people in the other room will not be able to hear it directly.

The bass could shake the wall even if the volume is low, so it is better to move the console away.   

If your console is attached to your wall, you can always connect it to a bluetooth speaker and just move that speaker away from that wall. This is easier to do than to move a whole PC or gaming console away from the shared walls.

8. Tracking The Right Volume

If the people around you are still getting bothered by the sound of your games, then maybe you really need to turn the volume down. It is a sacrifice that you must make so that your loved ones or housemates can sleep peacefully. 

You can find the right volume that will not destroy your gaming performance and it will not interrupt the people around you. Lowering the volume will also be less harmful to your ears, so you are also doing it for yourself.

9. Stacking Furniture Against the Wall

Adding mass to the wall will prevent the sound from passing. You can push the bookshelves with a number of books to your shared wall. You could also use your closets with clothes inside or other furniture that is typically placed beside the wall. 

Also, remember that using hard surfaces is not a good idea for sound quality in your room. You can add blankets and other soft materials over it to make things better if you ever proceed with this idea.

Soundproof Gaming Booth

Building a soundproof gaming booth like what you see in the competitions can be quite expensive. It could also be inconvenient if you are not familiar with using the right tools or if you haven’t built a gaming booth before. Don’t worry there is still a way to build a soundproof gaming booth rather easily.

You could build a box with a door and it has an air supply if you want to do this expertly. Just use foam and other materials to soundproof the inside of it. Consider also covering the outside with soundproof blankets.

If doing it in an expert way is tiring for you, then you can use a tiny room with your gaming setup, and you can easily convert it into a soundproof gaming booth. Some musicians also tried this method by converting their room into a recording station.

Start by emptying the contents, and cleaning the room. Remove the hooks and shelves that might be there. Create a drop ceiling, lift the floor, and apply all the soundproofing tips that were mentioned before.

Plug all the possible gaps or cracks using an acoustic caulk and finish up by mounting the acoustic foam. Read also: How to Soundproof a Bedroom 2022 

Soundproof Gaming Booth DIY

Final Thoughts About How To Soundproof Gaming Room

Gaming is fun but it could be very disturbing for the people around us. Not only with the noise coming from the console but also the voice coming from the gamer himself when he is rage quitting. It is important that we gamers know how to soundproof or make a DIY gaming booth.

Soundproofing your gaming room will not only help you experience better gameplay, but also help the people around you to avoid disturbance and enjoy your privacy. How are you going to do this?

By using the best materials like high-quality Mass Loaded Vinyl to improve the sound quality of your gaming and to absorb the sounds before passing through your walls and ceilings. It is a useful tool for keeping your privacy and at the same time, not interrupting your loved ones or your housemates.

Acoustic Panels Soundproof Foam is also a good option. It’s less effective than MLV but it’s cheaper.

Don’t neglect all the small parts like cracks, holes, and crevices. Use a good quality acoustic caulk to seal these parts. Seal your windows, doors, and others because it is important for trapping the sound. Acoustic caulk along with the acoustic foam tiles or mass loaded vinyl, you can have a great soundproof gaming experience. Happy gaming everyone!