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How to Soundproof a Bedroom 2024 (Best Ways Soundproofing Your Bedroom Wall, Door Etc.)

How to Soundproof Bedroom

Noise can be tolerated in every other room in the home, but not the bedroom. This is because, after a hard day at work, you would want to kick back and relax in your bedroom. What then happens if every noise made outside gets into your bedroom? It can be very difficult to get a night of sound sleep and proper rest. And so in this article, we will show you how to soundproof a bedroom with the best ways to soundproof its walls, door, and so on.

Soundproofing A Bedroom: Quick Answer

In a hurry to find out what are the best ways to soundproof bedroom in 2024? Here are the top two methods for you. The best and most effective way is to use Mass Loaded Vinyl. If you’re on a tight budget and want something cheaper, go for the Acoustic Foam Panels.

How to Soundproof a Bedroom Door, Wall Etc: Best Ways in 2024

1. Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass Loaded Vinyl is a thick and dense material that works perfectly to dampen sound.

And so if you desire peace and quiet for a perfect night’s rest, it’s a great soundproof method to use.

Before installation, measure the walls of your bedroom from ceiling to floor using a measuring tape.

This way you can know for sure the size and number of sheets you need without leaving any gaps. Cut out the required sheets using a utility knife and install neatly on your walls.

To improve the aesthetics of your room, you can add a layer of drywall so you can have a surface to paint on. 

2. Use Acoustic Foam Panels

If you have a noisy room in your home, you may want to hang acoustic foam panels on the walls of that room.

This works to absorb the sound going out so that you can have peace in your bedroom when you want to rest.

Acoustic foam tiles come in different colors and could also be used to beautify your rooms, so go all out and play with the art while you soundproof.

Note that installing this is most efficient when installed at the source. So if you have a studio at home, or kids who love to watch TV or listen to music loud, this will come in handy. You may also want to read: how to soundproof an existing interior wall 2024 

3. Seal All Window Gaps and Cracks

Sound is transmitted through cracks and gaps, so if there is any crack on your window, noise would definitely get in through there.

Check your windows for any drafts as it is a clear indication of an entry point for sound. You can close up these with weatherstripping.

Just to be careful, apply the weatherstrip around the edges of the window to be sure there are no aps there. Apply it also on any cracks that may exist.

The weatherstrip would not only reduce the amount of noise that gets into your bedroom, but it would also reduce incoming draft.

4. Soundproof Divider Curtains

Installing a ceiling mounted drape over where you lay your head goes beyond improving the aesthetics of your sleeping quarters.

It also absorbs noise coming your way, so that you can sleep better with even less noise.

A top rated drape you can use is RYB Home Blackout Curtain Drape

5. Soundproof The Ceiling or Floor or Both

Depending on the environment surrounding your bedroom, you may consider soundproofing your floor, or ceiling, or even both for maximum soundproofing effect.

If there’s a lot of noise coming from above, you will need to soundproof your ceiling to absorb the vibrations coming through. Walking, talking and music sounds are some of the most common types of noise your upstairs neighbors may produce, potentially making your rest time a nightmare.

You can’t control the lifestyle of those above you, but you can control how their lifestyle affects you.

To soundproof your ceiling, you can invest in acoustic foam panels. Ceiling clouds are also very effective in absorbing sounds from your upstairs neighbors.

To further reduce the noise coming into your bedroom, you can soundproof the floor of the room directly above you.

This can only work if you also own the top rooms.

Laying a large and heavy carpet on the floor will help reduce noise from being transmitted below. Using mass loaded vinyl on the base and then the carpet on top will reduce the noise even further.

6. Have A Source of White Noise

After trying out other tips on soundproofing your bedroom, you can play background noise to further mask incoming noise.

Note that the use of white noise machine doesn’t stop the entry of external noise, but it masks it so that you don’t notice it. 

The use of white noise is also an alternative for those who are low on budget and can’t afford other methods of soundproofing the bedroom or are just looking for an easy and fast solution.

White noise such as nature sounds are calming and recommended. You can use white noise and soundproofing both for maximum effect.

7. Increase The Door Mass

Increasing the density of your door will go a long way in helping you soundproof your bedroom.

Most bedroom doors have a hollow core, and do nothing to prevent outside noise from getting in.

With a solid wood door, however, the density of your door is increased and the vibrations would be better absorbed.

It’s not always possible to replace the door mostly because of the expenditure. If this is the case, you can still increase the mass of your door by adding a layer of drywall or MDF board to your door.

It doesn’t appeal aesthetically but can help to reduce the noise coming in.

You can alternatively opt for a fiberglass panel or a heavy blanket on your door.

They all increase the mass and work pretty well in reducing noise in the bedroom.

8. Use Acoustic Windows

Unlike regular windows, acoustic windows are made with noise dampening in mind. If your window vibrates from noise impact on the outside, then you should consider replacing them with these ones if the noise bothers you that much.

Apart from the benefits of acoustic windows to stop sound transmission into your bedroom, they are also useful in conserving energy.

When your AC or heater is on, acoustic windows prevent leakage so that the effect is optimal without having to go so high on energy usage.

9. Use Good Soundproof Curtains

The use of soundproof curtains is a nice reinforcement for your acoustic windows. The use of soundproof curtains like blackout curtains efficiently blocks out sound and also blocks light.

This goes a long way in improving your sleep and improving the aesthetics of your bedroom. 

These curtains will be useful in noisy rooms as well as they would work to prevent the noise from passing through.

You can also be quite noisy without fear of disturbing your neighbors when installed in your room.

10. Seal The Door

Carefully scrutinize your door and check for gaps and cracks.

These are means through which noise can get into your bedroom.

To reduce the entry of outside noise, seal all gaps and fill cracks to prevent drafts as well.

For the cracks, you can use weatherstripping seal tape.

It has sound deadening properties as well and so would help stop sound passing through effectively.

For the wider gaps around the door, use a door sweep, draft stopper, or seal as well to seal the door.

Note that the less space there is on or around your door, the less sound would pass through.

11. Use Blankets

The use of blankets to soundproof a bedroom isn’t the most effective method to quiet your room, but it goes a long way to reduce the noise. Hanging heavy blankets on your door and windows will increase the mass, and absorb incoming noise better.

It can also be used to reinforce other methods that have been put in place. Read also: How to Soundproof an Apartment Door and How To Soundproof A Room For Drums

12. Plug Up the Specific Source Location

If you are always getting so much noise into your bedroom at a specific time, and through a particular part of your room, then plug up the leak. If it’s through your window, then you can choose to go for acoustic windows or caulk the window sill.

If it’s through your door, you can seal the gaps properly and even increase the door mass. All of these would work wonderfully to reduce the incident noise you have to deal with.

Best Ways Soundproofing Bedroom Wall Door

Final Thoughts On How to Soundproof Your Bedroom

And there you have it; the answer to your question “how can I soundproof my bedroom”. The tips and tricks used here are all aimed at reducing the noise that gets into your bedroom from your neighbors or children in the other rooms.

You can also use them to prevent noise from leaving your bedroom if you are noisy yourself.

On the best ways to soundproof your bedroom wall, door etc., these top methods to soundproof your bedroom will come in handy.

If you want nothing but the best then install Mass Loaded Vinyl on your walls and use a ceiling mounted drape like RYB Home Blackout Curtain Drape.

If you’re on a tight budget and want something cheaper, go for the Acoustic Foam Panels.

They all work to deaden sound and reduce the amount of noise that gets to you.