How To Soundproof A Room For Drums 2022 (Reduce Noise Effectively)

How Soundproof Room For Drums

Are drums your favorite instrument to play? But you can’t practice because the noise of drums shakes the whole building? Let’s find out how you can soundproof a room for drums so that you can play drums without disturbing your neighbors and family.

In a rush? The top two best ways to soundproof a room for drums and reduce the noise effectively in 2022 is by using Mass-Loaded Vinyl or Acoustic Panels.

Alternatively, you might go for an easier solution and just get a silent practice drum set. We recommend the highly rated Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit and Roland TD-17V.

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How To Soundproof A Room For Drums

1. Mass Loaded Vinyl

If you want a ‘pro’ soundproof effect in your room then the very best and excellent choice to make a soundproof room for drums is by using Mass-Loaded Vinyl.

It is easy to install without any hassle and premium noise transmission loss can be expected.

It is a safe and reliable soundproofing option that will help you become a better drummer without bothering your neighbors or your family!

With the availability of five thicknesses and fifty different sizes, it is a great option to use on walls, ceilings, and even floors to get maximum noise reduction in a soundproofing basement for drums. 

2. Acoustic Panels

The second-best solution to soundproof your room for drums is installing Acoustic Panels.

This classic design not only gives you the freedom to make your room soundproof with a traditional black color or you can choose from another less traditional colors.

These drum soundproofing panels are a fabulous sound deadeners for standing waves and flutter echoes, particularly when it is utilized with the corner bass traps and corner blocks.

Acoustic foam is also great to remove reverberation, sound reflections and provides sound insulation to soundproof your room from drum noise.

A must try to create a beautiful and enjoyable practice environment for you and your friends!

3. Seal All the Holes with Acoustic Caulk 

Another effective method is to apply soundproofing Acoustic Caulk to soundproof your drum room. It will seal penetrations and margin gaps from sound leaks.

If we talk about a little science here then yes sound travels where air travels, so to get a proper soundproof effect on the outside, you must seal every crack that your eye can catch.

Take your time to see or feel the airflow from the holes of doors, windows, or walls, or even take the help of your torch to find it and then seal it with the caulk to get a quiet effect on the outside.

Follow this easy principle – if the light can go through then the sound sure can as well! You may also want to read: how to soundproof a wall cheaply

4. Soundproof Curtains 

You can further adopt other effective soundproofing methods too to minimize the sound that can exist from your room for drum practice. 

Soundproof Curtains for example are very affordable, very easy to install, and will help you to significantly reduce sound and do not allow the much noise to travel outside.

With the availability of the whopping twenty-four different colors, it will match any theme that you prefer for your drum room. 

With the installation of these curtains, you will see that it will reduce the drum noise quite effectively and dampens the noise from escaping outside.

The curtains are of materials that are specifically designed to control and dampen the sound. They also stop the reflected noise from bouncing in the room and provide good sound accuracy so that you can hear the beats clearly and effectively. Read also: How To Soundproof Gaming Room 2022

Cheap Ways To Soundproof A Room For Drums 

1. Soundproof Padding


The most affordable soundproofing for drums is to simply apply Soundproof Padding in your room so that you can prevent the loud drum beats from leaving the desired space. 

These decorative acoustic panels act as a sound dampener and absorber. 

They will also improve the acoustics of your drum room significantly.

The cotton body inside the panel absorbs the sound with the air and causes drum sound dampening quite expertly.

They are available in as many as twenty-three different shades from fruit green to light camel and pretty much anything in between.

They even have a design of an American flag and a map of the USA which truly appreciates both either a fancy taste or an elegant style in your room.

These high quality acoustic panels easily eliminate the unwanted noise by controlling the sound reverberation and truly act as a drum sound dampener.

By applying these acoustic panels and your drum room an acoustic treatment you will see an exceptional sound absorption and a noticeable reduction in echoes.

2. Muffle Or Dampen Your Drum 

Another very easy and cheap method is to muffle the drums. A good quantity of dampening can be a lifesaver to muffle your drum sound. 

Use of any free towels, pillows, and even your clothes can do this job!

Just fill the cavity of your drum with these kinds of stuff and you will see the difference. You can also use a drum mat for noise reduction. 

Utilizing all these methods and the above-mentioned ways will help you to prevent the noise from escaping the room or your booth. 

However, you can also get a quiet electric drum set and with the help of your headphones connected to it, you can play your drums without annoying anyone either in your room or house. Read also: Best Low Volume Cymbals 2022 

Reduce drum sound Noise

Final Thoughts On Soundproofing For Drums And Reducing Noise

So there you have it! Now you know exactly how to soundproof a room for drums and reduce the noise effectively. Apply one or two methods that are discussed above and get high on with your beat time.

In conclusion, the top two best soundproofing methods are to either apply the Mass Loaded Vinyl or you can also install the sound absorbing Acoustic Panels in your drum room.

Bye for now and happy peaceful practicing!