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Why Do I Hear Static Sound in My Headphones (How to Fix White Noise in Wireless & Wired Headset, Earbuds & Earphones)

Why do Hear Static Headphones earbuds

Why do I hear statidc in my headset you’re asking. Staticy headphones usually occur when the auxiliary port of the device your headphones are using has become oxidized and dirty. Another cause of static from headphones is due to the cord becoming loose and damaging the wires that send the electrical signals that produce the sound you hear in your headphones. But how to fix white noise in wireless and wired headphones? Let’s find out. We’ve also done deep research into the latest headphones and earbuds/earphones, so your experience won’t be ruined by this unwanted sound.

In a hurry? The main reason that your wireless or wired headset, or earphones experience static sound is either due to poor maintenance or poor construction: Durability, water resistance, and shock resistance are some main options to consider.

Sennheiser Momentum 3.0 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation is a durable wired and wireless option with over 22-hours of battery life if using Bluetooth. For earbuds or earphones, the highly rated Tozo T10 earbuds are an excellent choice for their durability and affordability.

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Why Do I Hear Static In My Headphones (Wireless & Wired) Or Earbuds: How to Fix It

A slight static sound can be quite annoying – something sure is wrong with your pair of headphones or earbuds. The solution might be as simple as interference from other devices or objects in the area, or you might need a new pair of headphones, which will likely be costly.

Here are a few reasons why you might hear static in your headphones or earbuds.

1. Damaged Speaker or Broken Auxiliary Cord

One of the main reasons that you’re getting static from your headphones or earbuds is due to damage to the device itself. In this case, you’ll probably have to buy a new set of headphones or earbuds.
As mentioned above, the Tozo T10 and Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless headphones are two great, durable replacements that use Bluetooth 5.0, which has a longer range and twice the speed as previous headsets.

Another possibility is that you could manage a DIY project and fix the headphones yourself.

There are plenty of guides out there specific to your brand of headphones that you might want to check out. But, in general, it is better go ahead and replace the broken headphones as headphone technology improves.

As far as earbuds go, they’re much easier to replace than replace yourself.

2. Auxiliary Port Issues

Another common reason you hear static coming from your wired headphones or earphones is because of a broken or dirty auxiliary port.

As you use your headphones and earbuds on a daily basis, dirt, dust, and oils collect onto the headphone jack, and then accumulate in the auxiliary port.

If a dirty auxiliary port is the case, then simply cleaning the auxiliary port with high purity octyl alcohol until all of the grime is gone from your auxiliary port. If that doesn’t work, you may need a new device.

3. Interference Issues

Interference issues can be extremely frustrating when you are using your Bluetooth headphones for work or listening to music. Nowadays, most wireless headphones and earbuds use Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is wireless technology is commonly used in household products. When you hear static noise in your Bluetooth headphones, it could mean that you are in proximity to a device using the 2.4 Ghz frequency such as a wireless router, fluorescent lights, microwave, and other audiovisual devices.

Sound delay is another form of Bluetooth issue that you might encounter when it seems that the audio coming into your device is behind everything else or slightly staticy. Physical obstructions by materials that more readily absorb wireless signals also cause Bluetooth problems.

Static coming from your headphones or distorted sound coming from your earbuds can be a major annoyance. Imagine being on a work call and suddenly you lose Bluetooth connection–something I’m sure has happened to nearly everyone.

It’s frustrating! Making sure that you regularly reset the connection between your device and your headphones can also prevent issues from occurring.

Making sure that you stay within range of your Bluetooth device is the easiest way to avoid interference problems. But, you also need to make sure that you keep your headphones firmware up to date.

This makes sure that any bugs or hardware problems developers have found and are fixed. Another fix is to disconnect your headphones or earbuds from your device and reconnect them. This usually fixes sound issues like headphone buzzing or that annoying slight static sound.

Finally, if you keep hearing static noise coming from your wireless headphones or earbuds, you might want to try setting your router to broadcast at 5 Ghz so that it won’t interfere with your headphones or device.

Static Noise in Headphones Windows 10 

Not having updated drivers is a common cause of static coming from headphones. Drivers are essentially the software instructions for the hardware in your PC.

Keeping your drivers updated is extremely important if you want to avoid static noise in the headphones. Even worse, not keeping your drivers up to date can cause system failures, which are maddening when you lose all the work you’ve been doing because of a random system crash or failure due to outdated drivers. 

Another reason that static could be coming from your headphones is because of damaged headphones. In this case, you should try using another set of headphones to check whether or not the static noise in your Bluetooth headphones is because of damaged hardware or damaged headphones.

In either case, you might have to repair your computer or buy a new set of Bluetooth headphones. 

Sometimes the wrong settings in your control panel cause static. If that’s the case, then navigate to the start menu on your computer, and select settings then sound.

There are four tabs in the speakers properties windows. Click on enhancements, and then disable all sound effects. If that doesn’t get rid of the static noise in your headphones, you’ll need to try something else.

In this next step, you’ll navigate to the sound menu located in the control panel, and select playback. Once you select Playback and select speakers, change the default format to 24 bit.

A final step to take is to run the audio troubleshooter, and Windows will automatically attempt to find a solution for the static in your headphones. 

As for wired connections, make sure that the headphone cable isn’t damaged and that the connector and auxiliary port are free of dirt or other debris that might interfere with the connection. Read also: best audiophile XLR cables 2024 and Best Noise Canceling Headphones Under $100

Static Noise in Headphones iPhone

Hearing static sound coming from Bluetooth headphones connected to your iPhone can be disconcerting, to say the least. But usually, there is an easy fix, and if not then you’ll likely have to purchase a new set of headphones or have your device returned to Apple to be fixed. However, iPhones rarely have this issue aside from the iPhone 8.

First, you’ll want to check for debris in the headphone port of your iPhone. Gently clean the port with a cotton swab and alcohol. If that doesn’t fix the problem, then you will want to check and see if the static is because of a problem with your headphones.

Examine your headphones and gently clean them with a small dry brush until no dirt or grime is remaining. 

Static that’s coming from Bluetooth headphones that are connected to your iPhone can be fixed by checking the headphones for dust or damage.

If no signs of damage are visible, then reset your headphones following the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, go to settings, and navigate to Bluetooth. Turn off the Bluetooth function and find your paired headphones. Unpair them and turn the Bluetooth function back on and pair your headphones to your iPhone again.

If that fails, reset your phone and follow the above process again. 

Static Noise in Android OS and Other Mobile Devices 

Fixing staticy noise coming from your Bluetooth or wired headphones on Android OS is similar to the steps above. You’ll want to follow essentially the same steps as outlined above.

Unpair the headphones from the device, turn off Bluetooth, turn it back on, and then pair your Bluetooth headphones to the device again. If that doesn’t work, then try resetting the device and following the steps above. 

How Fix White Noise Wireless Wired Headset

Final Thoughts About White Noise in Headset and Earbuds 

Most issues involving white noise or static coming from your wired or wireless earbuds can be resolved through a few simple steps. There have been many times where a dirty auxiliary port or connector was the issue, and that simply involves cleaning the device with alcohol.

More complicated issues such as software or hardware issues with your device can be harder to diagnose. However, most of the time, these problems can be solved by ensuring both your headphones and device are up to date with the most recent drivers and firmware. 

Other issues such as interference or Bluetooth problems are usually caused when too many devices are connected to the headphones, or a household device is transmitting signals that are causing staticy noises in your Bluetooth headphones. In this case, you might want to move the emitting appliance, such as a microwave, to another part of your kitchen so that it doesn’t interfere with your device. Resetting your device and your headphones can fix many static issues.

If you can’t fix the static sound and decide to get new headphones, go for the high quality Sennheiser Momentum 3.0 Wireless with Active Noise Cancellation Headphones. Or if you want earphones instead of a headset, we recommend the Tozo T10 Earbuds for their durability, affordability, and battery life.