Why Is My Dryer Squeaking (How To Fix A Squeaky Dryer)

why is my dryer squeaking

If your dryer makes a squeaky noise, then there is a high probability that something is wrong. Using it for years can cause different parts of the dryer to damage or deteriorate, hence leading to a loud squeaky sound. There are countless ways by which you can stop your dryer to squeak. You can try repairing the machine yourself or call an expert to overhaul your squeaky dryer. But before you make a call, let’s find out the reasons and ways how you can fix this problem!

In a rush? The most common reasons are either your drive belt is deteriorated, the dryer’s bearing is defective or worn out. So to fix the squeaky dryer, you have replace that impaired driver belt or change the bearings with the new ones.

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Why Does My Dryer Squeak When I Turn It On Or When Running

1. Deterioration Of Driver Belt

The dryer belt is a comparably slim and narrow rubber ring that wraps around the dryer drum. The dryer belt is attached to the pulley, which gets connected to the motor.

When you switch on the machine, it allows the idler pulley to rotate, hence causing the belt and drum to spin. So, where is the issue?

Honestly, it all revolves around how you use it and for how long! If you use your dryer often, then there is a high percentage of the drive belt to tear apart. 
It happens because, during the overuse of the spinning, the drive belt is torn and loses its capability, which leads to a dryer drum squeaking. If the drive belt is not tight with the metal drum, it won’t hold it steadily.

With time, the drive belt ripped apart, and the dryer drum started to make noise and then stop spinning.

So, it is essential to replace the drive belt with time before it affects the functioning of your dryer.

Fortunately, it’s easy and very cheap to replace. We recommend the highly rated GE WE12M29 Dryer Drum Drive Belt.

2. Worn-out Drum Bearings And Drum Shaft

Another common reason for your squeaky dryer is unlubricated drum bearings and the drum shaft.

It is also one of the first signs that your dryer needs some attention!

Now you must be thinking, that with small bearing beads and shafts, how and why does my dryer squeak when I turn it on?

With time, due to the overconsumption of the machine, the drum shaft becomes immobilized, and that causes the clothes dryer squeaking sound.

Also, with time these drum bearings start to make a squealing sound from the dryer. When these bearings lose their lubrication, they usually heat up, causing the motor to stop. 

Also, whenever you start a dryer, it works perfectly, but as soon as the motor and the bearings become hot, the machine gives up!

And if you try to start the dryer, this motor begins to create a humming sound. It is also a sign that you need to replace your bearings with the new one.

3. Dryer’s Pulley is Collapsed

Another reason that can give you a headache by making your dryer squeaking loud is the wagging of the idler pulley of the dryer. It means that your idler pulley is not working productively.

This part is a rotating wheel, so as soon as it loses its adherence, the dryer starts to make a thumping sound. It not only promotes a squeaky clothes dryer to be louder but, it also puts pressure on the drum belt.

When the dryer machine is moving, the pulley creates tenseness on the drum belt, which produces friction.  This resistance or abrasion provokes the pulley to break.

If you see that the spinning wheel is no longer sustaining its tension and not working evenly and quietly and is becoming wobbly, then there is a high chance that it is time to replace your dryer’s idler pulley.

The wear out is usually responsible for this screeching noise. But no need to worry. This part is easy to fix. We recommend the highly rated Samsung Dryer Idler Pulley DC93-00634a.

Down below is a more detailed explanation of how to fix it!

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How To Fix A Squeaky Dryer

1. Reinstallment Of  Driver Belt

If your dryer is squealing because of its overused dryer belt, then you need to reinstall your dryer’s belt.

First, turn off the power and pull the plug out for safety.

Carefully remove the lint screen and clean it.

Using a screwdriver, open the screws and separate the lid from the lint trap tunnel. 
Similarly, undo the screws holding the front case of the dryer as well.

You’ll see the belt rolled over the drum. Gradually pull the worn-out driver belt and replace it with the new one. 

Open the dryer case from the back as well. You’ll see the motor and idle pulley attached to the drum. Put the drive belt on the motor shaft and idler pulley so that it runs smoothly.

Reconnect all the wires and put the screws back in place. Make sure that the dryer at a raised platform for a longer belt life.

2. Drum Shaft and Bearing Replacement 

If your dryer squeaks when running because of a worn-out drum shaft and unlubricated bearings, then you need to replace them.

For your safety, first remove the plug. Take the door off and put the dryer on its front. Now remove different parts of the dryer one by one, starting from the front panel, side panel, and then the back panel. 

To take off the back panel first remove the fan, then disconnect wires, remove the pin and open the shaft collar. Now undo the bearings. With this, the back panel comes off. 
Remove the belt by pulling it down the motor shaft, and the drum comes out easily.

Unscrew the old drum shaft and replace it with the new one.

Also, replace the old bearings with the new ones to reduce the friction.

After replacing it, reassemble the dryer to bring it back to its original shape.

3. Idler Pulley Restoration 

If your dryer is making squeaky noise then it’s possible that its idler pulley is damaged.

You can fix this noise by changing the idler pulley

To do so first ensure that the power is off and the appliance is plugged out properly.

Start by removing the lint screen and undo the screws that hold the top panel in its place. 

Now unscrew the front panel of the dryer and secure it at one side. You’ll see the idler pulley with the motor at the case of the dryer. Carefully release the belt and pull it out of the motor pulley. 

Now remove the used older pulley from its bracket. Install a new pulley at its place. Thread the driver belt back to its position such that it runs properly. 

Fix the front panel and screw it properly. Place the top panel and reinstall the lint screen as before. Now plug in the appliance and enjoy your squeak-free dryer.

How To Fix Squeaky Dryer


Now you must have got the answer to your question: why is my dryer squeaky, right?  There are countless and many convenient ways to fix a squeaky dryer.

The two most common reasons are deterioration of the drive belt and worn out drum bearings and shaft.

And can easily be fixed by using GE Drum Drive Belt and replacing WE25X205 Dryer Drum Bearing Kit. So, without delay, fix the problem and say goodbye to a noisy dryer.