Vizio Sound Bar Keeps Cutting Out (Solved) (Why Does Vizio Sound Bar Subwoofer Turning Off & Cuts Out)

Vizio Sound Bar Keeps Cutting Out

Vizio sound bars assist in transforming your home cinema experience to be more entertaining. Soundbars are the solution to the common problems of cutting out television speakers while still maintaining the compactness and simplicity of these super-slim televisions. Many Vizio users report that their Subwoofer keeps on turning off. Below are some tips to assist you in identifying why your Vizio sound bar cuts out and some solutions to solve the problem.

Looking for a quick solution to your soundbar cutting out? You can use the Strebito Screwdriver set to disassemble the soundbar and tighten the loose components and screws. Also, you can use the Sin Shine Multi-Use Compressed Air to clean the soundbar ventilation and fans to enhance cooling.

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Why Does My Vizio Sound Bar Keep Cutting Out

Many people have reported cases of their Vizio soundbar cutting out for seconds, while others report cutting out every 15-20 minutes. The frequency of the cuts varies from one person to another. To others, cutting is a common and constant problem. Here are some possible causes why your soundbar keeps cutting out.


If your audio keeps dropping out at the same time your picture goes black, it might be an HDMI issue. HDMI is a digital interface and only has two states: on and off, unlike analog signals. 

Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

Another cause for problems with the Vizio soundbar cutting out regularly when connected with your Bluetooth is the device might be far away from the soundbar. You may hear your audio sound going in and out as the soundbar strains to remain connected to your device. Wireless interference when you are connected by Bluetooth could be another issue.


Most older Vizio soundbars experience overheating problems. If the appliance becomes too hot, the soundbar may shut it down to prevent any damages to the board. This might be another cause of your Vizio soundbar dropping out. Another thing that can cause overheating issues to your device is the build-up of dust and dirt affecting the soundbar’s cooling performance.

Digital Optical Cable Connections

Vizio soundbar sound cuts out can also be caused by improper cable connection. If you have correctly connected your optical cable and it is still not working, the cable might be damaged.

Faulty Aux Input

A faulty audio cable may be another reason why your Vizio soundbar keeps going in and out. Poor sound quality and static noise can accompany the cutouts. The audio sound is often tinny and sounds as if it is only being produced by one side of the soundbar.

How To Fix Sound Bar Subwoofer Keeps Cutting Out

Fix HDMI Connections

If you have problems with the video feed, the HDMI is the culprit. Ensure the HDMI connection is done correctly and firm. If this doesn’t solve the problem, replace the HDMI cable.

Fix Vizio Soundbar Overheating Problems

To fix overheating, you should turn off the soundbar and allow it to cool down. Turn it on after two minutes and find out whether the issue is solved.

If the problem is solved, follow the following steps to prevent other cases of overheating. Ensure your soundbar has sufficient room for cooling. 

If you are used to keeping your device in an enclosure, try putting it outside the enclosure to let in more air to cool the device.

Use the Sin Shine Multi-Use Compressed Air to lightly clean out ventilations if overheating is caused by dust and dirt build-up.

Using a Strebito Screwdriver set, disassemble the soundbar to access its components for easy cleanup. 

Fix Bluetooth Issues

For wireless connectivity, Bluetooth uses 2.4GHz, similar to wireless telephones. Try to move any wireless device that may impact your Bluetooth connection away from the soundbar to prevent interference. 

If your soundbar is under a thick wood or metal TV stand, try to put it out of the enclosure that might block the Bluetooth signals. When it comes to Bluetooth connectivity, ensure you put the Bluetooth device closer enough to the soundbar for it to function well. 

Try using a different tablet or phone if your Vizio sound bar goes in and out, even after placing the device closer to the soundbar. However, if the Vizio soundbar sound drops out after trying all these, there may be a problem with the soundbar’s Bluetooth receiver, and you will need to contact Vizio Support for assistance.

Solving Digital Optical Cable Issues

If you are using the aux input as your input method, ensure you correctly plug it into the aux port. If this fails to work, try to swap the cable out for a new one.

Vizio Sound Bar Loses Sound FAQs

Why Vizio Subwoofer Turning Off

Why Does My Sound Bar Keep Turning Off?

For models with the Auto Standby function activated, the soundbar automatically enters the standby mode after a certain period or turns itself off, reducing the device’s energy consumption.

Vizio Sound Bar Cuts Out When Quiet?

If a soundbar cuts out during a quiet scene in a music playback or movie, it’s normally the energy-saving mode problem. If there is no signal in more than a second, the soundbar cuts off.

Vizio Sound Bar Cuts Out Netflix

Nowadays, Netflix is an integrated app in most smart TVs. If Vizio smart TV cuts out on Netflix, it may be because of bad wiring or loose connections. You can also change for a compatible option and check the audio settings if the soundbar works with other apps.

Vizio Sound Bar Cuts Out Randomly

Mostly this problem occurs if the soundbar is defective or old and gets hot while operating. You’ll realize it gets hotter quickly. Turn off your Vizio soundbar and allow it to cool, then turn it on to verify whether this is the issue.

Final Thoughts About Vizio Sound Bar Cuts Out

If you are faced with any of the above Vizio soundbar issues, follow the solutions above to fix the problems. You can use the Strebito Screwdriver set screwdriver to assist you in the disassembling process, and the Sin Shine Multi-Use Compressed Air for cleaning out dust that may have accumulated on the fans. However, if none of the above tips seem to work, the final solution is to contact the manufacturer for assistance.