Sump Pump Sounds Like Washing Machine (Stop Gurgling Loud Noise)

Sump Pump Sounds Washing Machine

Does your sump pump sound like a washing machine? Really annoyed with your noisy sump pump? Can’t sleep properly at night because as you lay down the peace of your mind is totally ruined as your sump pump makes a gurgling loud noise. Worry not, I have the perfect solution how to reduce or completely stop that loud humming or buzzing sound.

In a hurry? The top two best methods to stop gurgling loud noise of sump pump are by fixing vibration noise problems and clanging using rubber tubular pipe insulation and replacing the noisy motor with cast iron and steel sump pump.

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What do the sump pump loud noises and sounds mean?

When the noise of the sump pump gets really loud and disturbing, it is an indication that your sump pump needs to be fixed.

Sump pump can make different noises such as gurgling noise, loud banging noise & thump, humming noise, and buzzing noise. The reason for each type of noise is different, thus the solution or fixation changes accordingly.  

Sump pump making a gurgling noise

If your sump pump is making a gurgling noise, don’t worry. The gurgle usually happens when the water flows down the pipes during the discharge. But when this gurgling noise gets too loud it indicates that your check valve needs to be replaced. 

Sump pump makes loud banging noise & thump

It’s possible that you might hear your sump pump making loud banging noise & thump. It usually happens when the pipes aren’t insulated or covered properly. Due to this when they hit the surrounding walls, pipes, or the pump basin they make loud banging noise and clanging. 

Moreover, when the water flows through the pipes it causes them to vibrate. As the pipes vibrate the sump pump lid rattles and make a loud noise. This usually happens due to the absence of rubber stoppers underneath the lid.

Sump pump making a humming noise

If your sump pump is making a loud humming noise then there might be different reasons for this to happen.

First of all, see the check valve. If the check valve is stuck or isn’t installed properly then it is the reason for the loud humming noise. Consider replacing it. 

A jammed impeller can also cause your sump pump to hum. Expose your impeller and if you see any blockage there, then it needs to be cleaned properly.

Sump pump buzzing sound

The sump pump buzzing sound might be because of the frozen discharge pipes (mostly in case of severe weather conditions). You need to melt the ice by warming the pipes carefully to ensure a noiseless flow of water.

Also, check the pipes and remove any air bubble that is making the sump pump buzz louder than usual. This is a strong indication that your equipment is not in a good shape and needs some assistance.

How to reduce or stop sump pump noise

1. Fix vibration noise problems and clanging

The vibration noise problems and clanging happens when the pipes are uninsulated and bang with their surrounding.

Thus the best way to fix vibration noise problems and clanging is by insulating the pipes.

Completely cover the pipes with rubber tubular pipe insulation so even if they bang or hit they won’t make loud noises.

Furthermore, you can also fix vibration noise problems and clanging of the sump pump using rubber stoppers. Place these rubber stoppers underneath sump pump’s lid to stop its contact with the other components. Doing so, noise problems and clanging would stop.

2. Noisy Motor

Motors of sump pumps are likely to get noisy when they aren’t lubricated. Thus you should first consider lubricating the motor with grease or oil.

If you’ve tried lubricating and still you have a noisy motor, you can fix it by replacing it with cast iron and steel systems. Sump pump motors that have a system of plastic or PVC pipes make the most noise.

To fix your noisy motor to need to install a new sump pump preferably comprising cast iron and steel system. 

Cast iron and steel systems perform far better than sump pumps having plastic components. Since they are new and more advanced they come with self-lubricated motors that greatly reduce motor noise.

3. Upgrade the check valve

You can also reduce or stop sump pump noise by upgrading the standard check valve with the spring-loaded check valve.

A standard check valve doesn’t insulate the gurgling noise of the water as it moves down the pipes.

Spring-loaded check valve helps to flow water easily and smoothly through the plumbing pipes and silent the gurgling noises.

They feature the most steadied water flow and sharply reduce sump pump noise.

What does a sump pump sound like

You will usually hear an engulfing sound! As if somebody is gulping a liquid from a straw, and this gets louder and louder if your pipes aren’t addressed properly when they start to age and dry. 

If you carefully upkeep your sump pump it can run for a long time. The duration usually relies on the quality of your machine. It also depends on the quantity of water that will come into the pit. 

A high-quality, sump pump can run for 20-24 hours but a low-quality sump pump will only run for 8-16 hours. 

Even a low humming sound from a sump pump is perfectly normal. But if it has begun to increase and now getting on your nerves then it is time for some investigation. 

With proper surveillance and maintenance, a sump pump can run for a long time. So you must turn the sump pump on when it is required. 

Stop Gurgling Loud Noise sump pump


In conclusion, if your sump pump sounds like a washing machine and you want to stop gurgling loud noise, you can easily do this by fixing vibration noise problems and clanging through Frost King Pipe Insulation. Furthermore, the second best method to reduce or stop gurgling loud noise is by replacing the noisy motor with a Submersible Cast Iron And Steel Sump Pump. So there you have it – the best solutions for your noisy sump pump!