Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off (Weird Buzzing, Whining Static Crackling Sound: How To Fix)

Speakers Making Noise When Car Off

Speakers inside a car are incredibly useful. They help make the drives pleasurable. Many a time, inadvertently, the first thing you do after starting your car is to tune into your favorite radio channel or playlist. The speakers usually function alright when the engine is up and running but, the moment your car is off, they can make weird buzzing, whining, static or crackling sounds – all of which can be a real nuisance. We are here to help you on how to fix this noise problem once and for all.

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Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off: Causes & How To Fix

1. Electrical Interference

The first thing you need to know is that static noise can be caused by an interference in the electrical signal of your car.  

Let’s say you want to plug your cellphone in your car’s USB or aux port.

Because it’s an electrical device, it will emit signals that will clash and distort the sounds coming from the stereo’s speakers, thus producing a buzzing or a whining sound.

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2. Grounding Issues

A poorly grounded stereo system is another common cause for those abrupt static sounds.

Every part of your car’s stereo system including the amplifier, equalizer, head unit, and other accessories should be properly grounded.

It basically involves pulling a wire from the component and attaching it to a metal bolt, and connecting it to the frame of the car.

If you don’t fit the grounding properly, the speaker will make loud, hissing sounds when it isn’t on.

The same can happen if the grounding wire isn’t the right size. If you are searching for a car grounding kit. We recommend you to look at Acouto Car Grounding Wire Kit. It comes in universal sizes and thus will make your car’s stereo noise-free.

3. Poor Quality Speaker Wiring

Your speaker wiring can perhaps be another main culprit for the noise that you hear in your stereo system.’

Your car’s radio is attached to the speaker via a series of wires.

If any of these wires are damaged, broken or are of low quality, you can hear whining noises even after the engine is switched off.

To examine this, turn off the car and disconnect the speakers from the amplifier. In case the noise persists, it is from the speaker’s own wires.

You can change the wiring yourself and we suggest GearIT Pro Speaker Wire Cable to fix this problem.

Types Of Car Audio Sounds

Speaker Static Noise When Stereo Is Off

This sound is mostly produced when there is an electrical interference between speakers and sound source. The sound comes to your speaker through the wires with electrical signals.

The signals are usually distorted by other signals from electrical devices around you. Anything capable of generating an electrical field is going to affect your car audio system and it will make noise even when the car is off.

Car Speaker Buzzing When Off

If the buzzing is elevated to a level where it can be heard loud and clear, especially over the sound of the stereo, it is usually an indication of damage to the speaker’s membrane.

If the membrane, the paper cone that forms the shape of the speaker, develops a hole or tear it will vibrate excessively which will cause an audible buzzing sound.

Whining Noise In Car Speakers

One of the most common causes of speaker whine comes from the car’s alternator. If the noise changes in pitch or intensity when the engine’s RPM (revolution per minute) changes, then it is safe to assume that you are dealing with some type of engine noise, and interference from the alternator output is a very likely source.

A fast and quite easy way to stop that terrible whining noise coming through your car stereo speakers is to use a ground loop isolator.

Car Speakers Crackling

Speaker crackling is pretty much always caused by a connection problem. Someplace between your amplifier and your speaker’s driver, there’s a bad wire which is causing the driver to move abruptly, causing interference.

Car speakers are crackling mainly due to the poor connection between the speaker and the amplifier. Also, speakers can crackle when an external amplifier powers them, and in effect, voice coils try to move the cone beyond its limit thus making those crackling sounds. Related: Truck Or Car Squeaks When Turning

High Pitched Squeal From Car Speakers

This type of sound is produced when there is a ground looping problem. It’s a high frequency squealing sound emitted from speakers when the car is turned on.

It mostly happens due to loose grounds and can be fixed by tightening them. A good quality ground loop car noise filter will easily solve this problem. You may also want to read: Best Car Speakers For Bass Without Subwoofer 2022 and How To Stop Car Door Rattling From Speakers

Buzzing Whining Static Crackling Sound truck

Final Thoughts About How To Stop Weird Whining, Crackling Noise In Car Speakers

One of the biggest things that can destroy the enjoyment of an audio system is the noise that isn’t meant to be there. Now that you know what’s causing those painfully annoying sounds even when your car is off, don’t let them take away your peace of mind any further.

We have given you handy tips on how to fix them so use them to wish a forever farewell to these weird buzzing, whining, static, and crackling sounds.

In conclusion, if you want nothing but the best invest in the the highly rated Boss B25N Car Noise Isolator or if you want something cheaper, get the Besign Ground Loop Car Noise Filter to help you easily get rid of these irritating noises.