How To Soundproof Dog Crate, Kennel & Cage 2022 for Thunderstorms, Fireworks etc: Best Ways

soundproof dog crate

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to soundproof a dog crate, cage, or kennel in 2022. We’ll also explore some solutions and products that help you achieve a tranquil ambiance within your home, helping you reduce the noise of your dog barking when he or she is inside his or her crate or kennel as well as how tobest soundproof dog crate for fireworks and thunderstorms. 

How to soundproof a dog crate or cage: Quick answer

The best way to soundproof a dog crate for thunder and fireworks is to use acoustic blankets placed on top of your dog crate.

The acoustic blankets will absorb much of the outgoing dog barking and will provide a comfortable and dim environment for your dog to relax inside. This is also an incredibly affordable and easy to install solution.

These highly rated Sure-Max Acoustic Blankets are the best value for money you can find in 2022. They are breathable, easy to place, and incredibly versatile. You can easily convert any standard dog crate, or cage into a comfortable and soundproof resting spot for your beloved pet. 

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Another great way to significantly reduce your dog’s anxiety is to use the specially designed Thundershirt Doggy Anxiety Jacket.

It’s recommended by vets and dog trainers.

Plus, its calming effect is even backed by science.

Best way to soundproof dog kennel

The easiest way to soundproof your dog’s kennel is by using acoustic panels. They’re also a very affordable solution. Acoustic panels do a good job with soundproofing while maintaining a soft and comfortable interior for your pet. We recommend the best selling Foamily acoustic tiles.

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Soundproofing dog crate and cage: Best ways in 2022

1. Use a soundproof blanket for dog crates


Another great benefit of acoustic blankets is that they can be used for different purposes. They can be used to cover furniture or protect your items in storage.

Placing 2 or 3 of these blankets over your dog’s crate will surely help minimize any noise or vibrations that might be disturbing you. 

The Sure-Max Multi-Purpose Blanket is an excellent choice to soundproof your pet’s resting crate, it’s made with cotton and polyester and it’s built to last for a long time.

It also has a padded interior that will make your dog very tranquil, helping him or her rest while providing you with a significant noise reduction that can help you relax within your home. 

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Noise Cancelling Headphones For Dogs.

2. Soundproof dog crate cover

MidWest Home for Pets Dog Crate Cover

Unsurprisingly, the market-driven world we live in has ready-made solutions for your dog crate soundproofing projects.

A purpose-built dog crate cover is perfect for the tidy and neat perfectionists out there.

You will guarantee a perfect fit and a nice exterior design that will blend well with whatever style you’re into. 

The MidWest Home for Pets Dog Crate Cover is a great solution. This dog crate cover is one of the best-sellers because of its high-quality fit and affordable price.

It comes in many different designs and fits perfectly on many dog crate or cage sizes. If you want to gift your dog a stylish new ambiance that also helps with noise reduction, look no further. 

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3. Soundproof a wall or room within your home

Trademark Soundproofing Mass Loaded Vinyl 

One of the best ways to soundproof the noises your pet makes, while still offering superb comfort and increased tranquility is to soundproof a wall or room within your home.

It’s a bit harder to install than placing blankets on top of a dog crate and may require some further insight to be applied properly. 

The upside comes from the increased freedom offered to your animal, as well as superior soundproofing characteristics for you and your neighbors. 

One of the best ways to soundproof a wall or a room within your home affordably is to install some mass loaded vinyl. This material is able to deaden impact and airborne sound, which makes it one of the most cost-effective ways to see a palpable improvement when it comes to the reduction of noise pollution in your home. 

The highly rated Trademark Soundproofing MLV excels in every aspect and is one of the best MLV rolls in the market today. 

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diy soundproofing crate cover

4. Build a DIY sound reducing dog crate

If you enjoy embarking on fun DIY projects, you can build your own noise reducing dog crate. The most important thing to keep in mind is the level of comfort you can provide to your dog. 

Hard materials like wood can be very hard and rough to the touch, which is why we recommend using some sort of interior padding like acoustic blankets. The blankets will provide comfort and soundproofing characteristics to your DIY dog crate.

It’s very important that you keep breathability in mind when building your own soundproof dog crate. If you are using wood, plastic, or any other repurposed materials, make sure to poke a few holes or create some spacing where ventilation is able to flow smoothly.

If your DIY dog crate is too warm, small, or rough, your dog will not appreciate your hard effort and probably avoid the crate altogether.

5. Use a breathable blanket cover

You can always use a blanket from your home as long as it’s breathable and heavy. Simply take an old blanket or duvet cover that you are willing to use on your dog crate. Blankets can have sound muffling and noise-canceling effects as long as you stack a few of them on top of the dog crate or cage.

We recommend you keep the blanket on the lightweight side, as super heavy blankets can create an uncomfortably warm space for your pet, especially in summer. 

Soundproofing dog kennel: How to

1. Use acoustic panels

Foamily Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are one of the best ways to soundproof your dog kennel.

Because kennels tend to be miniature dog homes, you can easily line their walls and floors with soft acoustic panels.

Their foam body makes them easy to cut and customize to any desired shape, which allows you to reach difficult corners and intersections. 

The highly rated Foamily Acoustic Panels are some of the best value for money out there.

They provide acoustic soundproofing while maintaining a soft interior that can greatly benefit your dog with amplified comfort.

Make sure to keep the kennel well ventilated, as the foam can work as a heat insulator if placed excessively. 

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2. Acoustic tiles 

BUBOS Acoustic Tiles

Another alternative is to use acoustic tiles, as they are designed to carry most of the impact and airborne noise away from wherever they are placed.

They are easy to place on a dog kennel’s hard surfaces.

Acoustic tiles can also be installed outside the dog kennel, absorbing most of the noisy vibrations produced from barking. 

We recommend the best selling BUBOS Acoustic Tiles. They are super versatile and easy to install and they come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

They will guarantee a relaxed atmosphere for your dog, which can help him stay at ease.

A relaxed dog means that the dog barely has any reason to bark, this stress-free environment can be of great benefit for you and your dog. 

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3. Install sound deadening mat

Noico Solutions Sound Deadening Mat

Sound deadening mats are one of the best solutions to any soundproofing project.

Dog kennels are a perfect fit for these sound deadening mats.

The mats are built to absorb most types of noise, and they are easily installed on almost any surface.

They can also double as an insulating material if installed inside the kennel, a great feature if you live in cold weather. 

The Noico Solutions Sound Deadening Mat is one of the best rated soundproof mats in 2022.

They are made for soundproofing cars, but we find them to be especially handy when it comes to soundproofing dog kennels.

Their seamless installation makes them incredibly versatile, and their reflective material makes it a great heat dispersion tool if installed outside a dog kennel. 

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4. Build a soundproof DIY dog kennel

You can always build a soundproof dog kennel, which is a great DIY project that your dog will always be grateful for. DIY dog kennels can be built from many materials, like tiles, bricks, wood, and cement. 

Make sure to have a large opening for ventilation and use soft, comfortable, and soundproof materials to line the inside of the kennel.

A soundproof DIY box kennel for your dog can also be customized according to one’s own needs and dimensions, giving you great versatility as well as ample room for creativity. 

Reasons to soundproof a dog crate, cage, or kennel

Muffles dog barking

Dogs almost never bark just to get to your nerves, they bark as a way of communicating something to you or other animals.

For the attentive and attuned ear, one that listens with the same empathy dogs tend to openly share, it’s easy to spot the different moods your dog’s barking communicate.

Sadness, attention-seeking, annoyance, anger, and cheerfulness are some of the many emotions dogs might share through barking.

Dogs are also especially good at transmitting emotions with their eyes and their facial muscles, which is why we recommend you to pay close attention to the emotions your dog might be sharing with you.

This is why we believe soundproof dog crates or kennels can be very beneficial for you and your dog, not only do they provide a muffling effect on the dogs barking, but also because they serve a safe place in which your dog can express his feelings openly and freely. 

Relaxes your dog 

One of the best traits of soundproof dog kennels and crates is the relaxing properties they tend to offer your pet. The padding, insulated noise, and reduced light can help your dog feel at ease with his or her surroundings. 

This is especially useful during certain festivities where fireworks or loud noises can be heard easily, remember that dogs have a heightened sense of sound and smell, and they get easily burdened by any annoying and unexpected noise. 

Low flying aircraft and helicopters can also be stress-inducing noises for your dog, which is why comfy and soundproof kennels or crates are incredibly beneficial. 

sound reducing pet cage

Reduces pet noise within your home

One of the best benefits of a soundproof dog kennel, crate, or cage is the reduced noise within your home. Dogs can be some of our best friends, but they can also become very noisy when annoyed or uneducated. 

Soundproof dog kennels, crates, and cages can provide your home with a more quiet ambiance, which in turn relaxes you. When one is relaxed, one’s dog can feel the environment and act in coherence with what is being felt, so everyone ends up benefiting from the reduced noises. 

how soundproof dog kennel


In this article, we saw how to soundproof a dog crate and cage, as well as exploring the best ways to soundproof your dog kennel in 2022. We also looked at the main reasons why you should think about soundproofing your dog’s kennel, crate, or cage. 

The best thing you can do is cover your existing dog crate or cage with Sure-Max Multi-Purpose acoustic blankets.

If your reason for soundproofing is to reduce your dog’s anxiety caused by loud sounds like thunder, fireworks, etc then use the specially designed Thundershirt Doggy Anxiety Jacket. It’s very effective in keeping dogs calm.

It’s recommended by vets and dog trainers.

Plus, it’s calming effect is even backed by science.

If you are looking for another ready-made product, MidWest Home for Pets has highly rated dog crate covers.

Alternatively, why not go for soundproofing a wall or room within your home? MLV a.k.a. mass loaded vinyl is a great material for that.

You can try building your own DIY pet crate or cage using repurposed materials, crates, and cages.

For dog kennels, you can install some acoustic panels from Foamily, which provide the most efficient solution. An alternative to acoustic panels are acoustic tiles, and there are no better than Siless acoustic tiles, which are highly reliable and versatile.

If your dog is especially noisy or sensitive to external sounds, you can always try the Noico Solutions Sound Deadening Mat to line your kennel.

So there you have it – the very best ways to soundproof your dog crate for fireworks, thunder and barking.