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Samsung Refrigerator Making Noise Like An Owl Or Jackhammer: How To Fix

Samsung Refrigerator Making Noise Owl

It can be very frustrating when your Samsung refrigerator begins making a noise like an owl or Jackhammer. Plus, it can be a sign of a major issue. While this problem of refrigerators producing jackhammer or owl sound is irritating, be assured that this problem has simple solutions. We will help you comprehend why your Samsung refrigerator is making a noise like a jackhammer or an owl and how to easily fix it.

Looking for a quick answer? You can use the  Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner Kit to clean the refrigerator condenser or replace the air filter with the Arm & Hammer Refrigerator Air Filter to fix the owl-like and jackhammer-like noise.

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Samsung Refrigerator Sounds Like An Owl: Causes


There might be much frost because of opening the door, which may end up making the refrigerator produce a vibrating noise like an owl. Also, ice can build up on the evaporator fan in the freezer, causing noise like that of an owl as the icy fan blades rub against the surrounding area.

Dirty Condenser

A condenser can be dirty because of dust and other debri accumulations, causing noises like an owl. At the bottom of the refrigerator is where the condenser fan is located.

So if you hear noise coming from the bottom of the condenser, probably the condenser is the problem.

You can use the Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner Kit to clean the condenser.

Faulty Evaporator

If you want to prove whether this is a problem, briefly open the freezer door. If a louder noise similar to an owl’s is produced, the problem is probably due to a defective evaporator fan. Usually, the evaporator fan is located behind the freezer.

If your evaporator is bad, you will hear this kind of noise behind your freezer when the evaporator fan is broken or causing problems.

Samsung Refrigerator Sounds Like An Owl: How To Fix

Defrosting the freezer is the first and most common solution. It helps to get rid of all the simple problems that result in an owl noise. Even if there is ice that has accumulated in the freezer fan, it melts away when you defrost.

Also, look for large amounts of debris on the condenser fan blades. Thoroughly clean the blades. Then check that there is no ice on the ice chute. If so, remove it and see whether the sound will stop.

This is because the ice maker motor tries to remove ice when the ice has jammed on the way. It is also possible that ice has formed around the ice machine fan. Disconnect the fridge and let the ice melt. In that case, the sound is supposed to stop. You can also find the reason why ice is present by performing a test on the components of the de-icing system.

Samsung Refrigerator Jackhammer Noise: How To Fix

If you notice a jackhammer-like sound on your Samsung refrigerator, find out whether ice has accumulated around the evaporator fan. If ice is on the fan, it will be hit by the fan blades, and the sound produced will be like that of a jackhammer.

If you want to melt the ice, manually defrost the device. However, it’s advisable first to find out why the ice exists. There could be a defective part of the de-icing system. Then test the parts one at a time to find out the defect and replace them.

Ensure you don’t use a hairdryer or other sources of heat to thaw the ice around the fan. The heat can cause irreparable damage to the plastic inside the refrigerator.

Check Water Filter, Housing, And Water Inlet Valve

Additionally, you can look at the water filter head. If damaged, there are high chances of the jackhammer sound coming from the refrigerator. You can replace the filter with the Arm & Hammer Refrigerator Air Filter if the head is damaged.

However, if there are no damages on the filter and it is the correct type for your Samsung refrigerator, look at the water filter case. Damages on the case can cause a jackhammer sound. In this case, replace the housing.

Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Making Noise

If the ice maker makes a grinding noise in the Samsung refrigerator, it’s probably the icemaker’s motor pushing the ice in and out. And when removing the ice out of the dispenser, the sound is produced too.

However, when the ice surrounds the fan blades and the evaporator fan hits them, you will hear a grinding noise. Manually defrost the device to thaw the ice that surrounds the fan to stop the noise.

When the Samsung Ice Maker beeps, check if there is water in it. If not, disconnect it and check the level of water. The knocking sound from the ice machine mostly comes from the ice maker trying to work without water.

Samsung Refrigerator Fan Noise Fix

When you hear the noise originating from the Samsung refrigerator fan, do the following:

Check The Seal

If the refrigerator door seal is damaged, loose, or worn, you will need to replace it. If the seal of the door is dirty, clean it with mild soap and warm water. Rub with a soft cloth till it becomes sparkling clean to allow proper and tight door closure. 

An improperly sealed refrigerator door will allow warm air in and affect the coldness in the refrigerator. Consequently, the device works harder to maintain the cool temperature. That means the fan works even harder. This load can affect the motor, making it produce an abnormal noise.

Check The Wheels

Check all wheels below the Samsung refrigerator to make sure they touch the floor. If only one of the front wheels is on the floor, the device is not leveled. Ensure the machine is raised to the correct height from in front and leveled correctly from left to right. The fan may spin off-center, causing the noise.

Check The Vents

You will need to rearrange the refrigerator to leave the air ventilation openings on the rear of the device free. If they are clogged, air will not enter the refrigerator, making ice build up in the fan. When this happens, the fan blades hit the ice, making a noise as they spin.

You have to defrost the fridge manually if there is ice in the fan. Empty the appliance, remove the plug from the socket and leave the doors open, allowing it to defrost. Read also: brand new fridge making noise and refrigerator making knocking noise

Samsung Refrigerator Makes Noise When Dispensing Water

The main cause of this noise can be a dirty or faulty water filter, a defective water inlet valve, or air inside the water inlet valve. First, attempt to clean the filters and remove air from the water lines to see whether the issue is continuous.

how fix Jackhammer sound fridge

Final Words About Samsung Refrigerator Making A Noise Like An Owl Or Jackhammer

The guide above gives you an idea of ​​what might have gone wrong if the Samsung refrigerator is making a noise like an owl or Jackhammer. If the problem is a dirty condenser, you can use the Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner Kit to clean it. If the air filter is the issue, you can replace it with the Arm & Hammer Refrigerator Air Filter. Revisiting the above steps can assist you to fix your refrigerator’s noise problems.