Refrigerator Making Knocking Noise (Fridge Knocking Tapping Sound: Why & How To Fix)

Refrigerator Making Knocking Noise

A refrigerator makes varying noises such as humming and gurgling noises when operating. However, when the fridge starts making a knocking noise, tapping sound, or a loud bang noise, it can be a sign of faulty or dirty components. Below, we will look at the reasons why a fridge makes a knocking sound and how to fix it.

Looking for a quick solution for the refrigerator constant knocking noise? You can use the Kingsdun Screwdriver to open the fridge panels and remove compressor mountings. Also, the Irwin Pliers will help you in removing compressor mountings if they use clips.

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Why Does My Fridge Knock

Contact With Other Surfaces

The refrigerator generates some vibrations as it operates. If the fridge is in contact with other surfaces such as walls or other appliances, this vibration is magnified and becomes noticeable. 

Also, placing appliances such as microwaves or blenders on top of the refrigerator can cause a tapping noise when the fridge is operating.

Loose Compressor

Although the compressor starts and stops noise issue is more prevalent in older fridges, it can also be a cause of knocking sound even in the latest models. The refrigerator compressor is located at the back panel of the fridge. 

The noise will come from this area when the compressor is stopping or even starting. If the noise continues as the compressor runs, it could be the compressor malfunctioning. This could be as a result of crankshaft malfunctioning, loose compressor or loose compressor parts. 

Also, worn-out compressor mounts may not effectively absorb the vibration produced by the compressor, resulting in the knocking sound.

Malfunctioning Condenser Fan

The condenser coils help to transfer heat from the interior of the fridge to the outside. These coils become hot, and so they need cooling. In older models where these coils are air cooled, they might be exposed to the back of the fridge to facilitate cooling. 

In the newer models, the condenser is hidden in the refrigerator, and the cooling is facilitated by the condenser fans. When dirt, lint, or debris accumulates around the condenser fan, it becomes clogged and the airflow is significantly reduced, causing it to produce the knocking noise.

Malfunctioning Evaporator Fan

You can easily tell if the knocking sound is a result of the evaporator fan malfunctioning, as the noise will come from inside the fridge. Also, the interior of the fridge will be warmer than usual. 

The evaporator fan helps to distribute the cold air inside the fridge. The refrigerator making ping pong noise can be a sign of a bent or malfunctioning evaporator fan.

Refrigerator Making Knocking Tapping Noise: How To Fix

Create Space Between The Fridge And Other Surfaces

You are lucky if this is the cause of the knocking sound in your fridge, as you can solve it by moving it a few inches from other surfaces and appliances. Also, try removing all appliances that you might have placed on top of the refrigerator to see whether the tapping noise problem will be solved. Read next: best silent fridge for bedroom 2022

Fix The Loose Compressor

If the cause of the noise is a loose compressor, you can tighten it back to prevent vibrations. If the noise results from worn-out compressor mounts, you can replace them to enhance vibration absorption. 

Remove the access panel at the back of the fridge by unscrewing the hex head screws using the Kingsdun Screwdriver to access the compressor.

The compressor is the size of a football and black in color, and so you won’t have trouble locating it. 

Look for the compressor mounts at the bottom of the compressor. Using the Kingsdun Screwdriver, remove the screw that attaches the mounts. In some refrigerators, the mounts are attached using mounting clips, and so you can use the  Irwin Pliers to remove them. 

Insert the spry bar below the compressor, and then push it down to lift the compressor slightly. With the compressor lifted, remove the worn-out rubber mount and insert a new one.

Place back the retaining clip or screw, and repeat the same procedure for the four mounts. 

Once done, place back the rear panel and tighten it using the hex head screws. However, if the noise results from loose compressor parts, you might need to seek help from a qualified technician. 

If the compressor needs replacement, the replacement might be expensive, and it’s advisable to purchase a new refrigerator. 

Fridge Tapping Sound How Fix

Clean And Fix The Malfunctioning Condenser Fan

To clean or fix the condenser fan, you will need to access the backside of the refrigerator. Remove the back panel of the fridge to access the condenser fan. If the noise is caused by dirt and debris accumulating on the fan, you can remove it and use a brush to clean it. 

Also, try to spin the fan. If the fan is not spinning freely, there might be something preventing it from spinning. If the fan is bent, replace it instead of trying to bend it back. Keep in mind that the condenser fan has some electronic parts inside, and so you should not submerge it in water.

Fix The Evaporator Fan

The first thing you need to do when knocking noise comes from the evaporator fan is to defrost the fridge by melting any ice that might be blocking the fan. If defrosting the refrigerator doesn’t solve the noise issue, remove the evaporator fan cover to access the evaporator fan. 

Usually, this cover is located inside the freezing compartment inside the refrigerator. Check for any accumulation of dirt or debris on the fan. If any, remove it and clean it using a brush. Try spinning the fan with your hand. When cleaning, don’t submerge the fan in water due to the electrical parts. 

In case the fan is bent, trying to bend it back with your hand will cause imbalance, which might cause the annoying refrigerator banging noise. For that case, you will need to replace the fan. Also, if the fan can’t spin freely even after cleaning, or there are signs of wear and tear, you will have to replace it.

Refrigerator Knocks FAQs

Whirlpool Refrigerator Making Knocking Clunking Noise

In most cases, a whirlpool refrigerator will make a knocking noise if the condenser fan or the compressor is malfunctioning. It could be as a result of dust and debris blocking the fan, reducing the airflow. Also, worn-out compressor mounts may not effectively dampen the vibrations, causing a clunking noise. 

New Refrigerator Making Knocking Noise

If the refrigerator makes a knocking noise while new, it could be as a result of ice accumulating and blocking the evaporator fan. Try defrosting the fridge to see whether the problem will be solved. 

Why Is My Freezer Making A Knocking Noise

Some of the main reasons why a freezer makes a knocking noise is a faulty evaporator fan, condenser fan, or compressor.

Refrigerator Compressor Loud Knocking

The refrigerator compressor can make a loud knocking noise due to loose parts or worn-out mountings.

My LG Refrigerator Is Making A Knocking Noise

An LG refrigerator may make a knocking noise due to a dirty condenser and evaporator fans, or a faulty compressor.

KitchenAid Refrigerator Knocking Noise

A KitchenAid refrigerator tends to produce a knocking sound due to dust and debris accumulation on the condenser fans. Also, a malfunctioning compressor could be the culprit.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Knocking Noise

A frigidaire refrigerator can make a knocking noise if the compressor gets into abnormal high speeds.

Maytag Refrigerator Making Knocking Noise

A Maytag refrigerator may make a knocking noise if dust or debris clogs the fans, reducing the flow of air.

Kenmore Refrigerator Making Loud Knocking Noise

A faulty compressor could be the cause of a loud knocking noise in a Kenmore refrigerator. You can try to clean the coils at the rear part to see whether the problem will be solved.

Samsung Fridge Making Knocking Noise

Although the Samsung fridge is hardy, a frosted ice maker fan, a malfunctioning ice maker, or loose water pipes can cause a loud knocking noise.

Why Does My Refrigerator Make A Loud Clunk Sound When It Cycles Off

The refrigerator makes a loud clunk sound when it cycles off due to the compressor knocking the walls of the compressor housing.

Final Thoughts About Fridge Knocking Tapping Sound

Are you wondering why the refrigerator is making a knocking noise? Use the above guide to discover the source of the tapping sound and how to fix it. The  Kingsdun Screwdriver and the  Irwin Pliers pliers will help you in removing the rear panels and changing the compressor mountings.