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Quietest Tower Fan 2024 (Best Silent Tower Fans Reviewed & Compared)

We know it’s hard to find a truly silent tower fan with the dozens that are tagged as quiet currently existing on the market. That is why we have spent the time to find, compare and review the best quietest tower fans. If it is peace and quiet that you seek, we’re here to make finding it a breeze.

In a hurry? The best rated quietest tower fans in 2024 are the Dreo 42″ Quiet Tower Fan with Remote and the Lasko Portable Oscillating Tower Fan. They are both able to provide powerful ventilation along with virtually silent performance.

Alternatively, if you want something even cooler than a fan, go for the best rated portable air conditioner or quiet window AC. You can also check out our full articles about the best quiet portable AC 2024 and quietest window AC unit.

Best Quiet Tower Fan: Quick Comparison

BEST RATED Dreo Quiet Bladeless Tower Fan with Remote
  • Product Dimensions: 41.73 x 13 x 13 inches
  • Item Weight: 9.64 pounds
  • 6 Speeds
  • 3 Modes (Normal, Natural, and Sleep)
  • 12-hour timer
  • velocity of 24ft/s effectively distributes airflow around the room
  • Lets you enjoy the cooling effect quickly
  • Bladeless design minimizes noise
  • 90° Oscillation Tower Fan
  • Clear LED Display
  • It comes with a remote control
  • Convenient and very easy to use
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RUNNER UP Lasko Portable Electric 42" Oscillating Tower Fan
  • Weight: 0.455 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 42.5 inches
  • Widespread oscillation
  • Nighttime setting
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Vertical space saving design
  • 3 quiet speeds
  • Creates excellent air flow and will help make you feel cooler
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with remote control
  • 7. 5-hr programmable timer
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  • Weight: 9.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 32 inches
  • Remote control makes it easy to control your fan from a distance
  • You can switch from between 8 air speeds
  • It features a fused safety plug to protect from a current surge
  • You can control the fan’s noise level for different occasions
  • It is easy to set up and no tools are required for assembly
  • The lights can be made brighter or dimmer with the 5 control options provided
  • The controls are made to be user-friendly
  • It features a 1-8 hour auto shut-off timer
  • In sleep mode, it can provide a whisper-quiet performance especially useful for light sleepers
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It can oscillate to cover a wider area
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  • Weight: 11.45 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 43 inches
  • It is designed with 3 pre-programmed air patterns that will help lure you to sleep or in a relaxing state
  • It is built to generate less noise for every speed level
  • It comes with a button-control remote that can conveniently store in the fan
  • It comes with a timer that can be set for up to 12 hours
  • You can dim the light of the LED screen
  • It can produce an airflow of up to 5000 CFM
  • It is easy to assemble and there are no tools required
  • It provides 3 whisper-quiet speed settings
  • The smart screen can display your room’s temperature
  • The remote can operate within a longer range for optimum satisfaction
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • It can oscillate for up to 90o for a wider and even room cooling
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  • Weight: 9.73 pounds
  • Dimensions: 37.5 x 7.8 x 7.5 inches
  • It includes a remote control
  • It features 3 modes of operation and 3 airspeeds
  • The portable design makes it easy for you to move it between rooms
  • You can easily assemble it and there are no tools required
  • It is manufactured with a tight protective guide to keep little hands or little paws and noses from getting in
  • No screws are needed for the assembly
  • It has an in-built 7-hour programmable timer for easy customization
  • It features a LED display that is programmed to automatically shut-off after 30 seconds when it is sleep mode
  • The fan’s controls are intuitive and easy to operate
  • The fan’s oscillation angle is 60o allowing it to cover more area
  • It features an ergonomically designed built-in carry handle for easy and safe transportation
  • It has an intelligent memory function that saves your settings even when the power is off
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Quietest Tower Fan 2024: Reviews

1. Dreo 42″ Oscillating 90° Tower Fan with Remote

Best Most Quiet Towe Fan

The Dreo made it to the top of our list by being genuinely quiet on all its speed settings and versatile with powerful airspeeds.

With its adjustable wind speeds and wide oscillation angle.

The LED display makes it easy for you to choose a setting or check out which setting the fan is currently operating at.

With a preprogrammed auto shut-off timer that you can set from anywhere between one hour and 12 hours.

The remote control enables you to change your fan’s setting from a distance.

It comes with a carry handle that makes transport easy and its compact shape and design make it possible for it to fit into tighter spaces.

You don’t have to worry about assembly because there isn’t much that is required of you, except to just fit in the 3 supplied screws.

The fan automatically shuts off for the benefit of your health when the ambient temperature is lower than 75.2°F.


  • Customizable airspeeds
  • Whisper quiet performance with a noise level of 34dB
  • Narrow fence protects kids and pets
  • It is energy efficient
  • Remote controls stores conveniently at the back of the fan


  • Could be more affodable

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2. Lasko Portable Electric Oscillating Tower Fan with Nighttime Setting

Runner Up

The TaoTronics Tower Fan offers customizable air flow with 3 breeze modes and 3 fans modes, making it 9 cooling options to increase your comfort in any weather and any place.

It has a strong velocity and range which makes it easier and quicker for it to cool the room, thereby saving you energy as a result.

This quiet tower fan has widespread oscillation.

It features a fused plug to increase safety in the case of a power surge or an over-voltage supply. In auto-mode, the fan is designed to automatically shut off when your room’s temperature is lower than 75oF.

The fan comes with an easy-to-remove back cover making cleaning and maintenance easier and improving your air’s purity. You can effortlessly transport it to any location with its maximum grip carry-handle that is designed to eliminate stress in your hands.

The fan is ultra-quiet with a very low noise performance.


  • The manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty
  • Cleaning the fan is simple
  • The controls are intuitive and easy to operate


  • Not the quietest on the list

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3. Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

Quiet Budget Tower Fan

We love the versatility that this fan offers because who wouldn’t want to have greater control over their fan’s airspeed.

We understand that sometimes low is too low and high is too high and medium is never right enough, but the Honeywell fan has decided to provide you with 8 unique airspeeds so maybe you can have that perfect cooling needs you always dream about.

It features a Quietset technology that allows you to not only control your fan’s speed but its noise level too. The powerful remote allows you to operate the fan from a distance, which let’s be honest, is super convenient.

It comes with an 8-hour programmable shut-off timer and you have five brightness options for the LED display’s light.


  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Convenient carry-handle
  • Quiet operation
  • Intuitive controls
  • Neat remote storage
  • 90-degree oscillation


  • It gets louder at its higher settings

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4. Ozeri Ultra 42” Wind Adjustable Oscillating Noise Reduction Technology Tower Fan

Best Value

Smart engineering allows this fan to reach higher air velocities with less noise on a foot-per-minute to dB basis.

It is able to perform at all its speed levels with a very low noise level.

The built-in 12 hour timer can be increased in 1 hour increments with a wide 90-degree oscillation for increased coverage.

Assembly requires no tools and it comes with an extension column to allow you to customize your fan’s height.

It can reach speeds of up to 5000 CFM. It comes with a remote that can function at a wider distance and can conveniently store in the fan.

The LED screen can be brightened and dimmed for a better viewing experience and for night-times and sleep mode. The screen can display your room’s current control.


  • 1-year warranty
  • 3 whisper-quiet speed settings
  • User friendly push button controls
  • 3 pre-programmed airflow patterns for fast and comfortable cooling


  • Quite limited speed and mode options

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5. Aikoper Tower Fan

Ultra-Quiet Tower Fan

If you’re looking for a quiet fan that is both safe and easily customizable, the Aikoper would really love to prove to you that it has got what it takes.

With a wide oscillation angle and its quickness to pick up with an optimal air velocity, it can cool your room in less time and saves energy in the process.

The fan is designed to be space-saving and compact with a built-in carry handle that makes transporting it between places easier and more convenient.

The best attribute of the fan is that it possesses a memory function that allows it to save your previous settings and still retain that memory even when the power is off.


  • It is children-friendly
  • Automatic timer shut-off
  • Remote controller allows you to change your fan’s settings from a distance


  • The fan’s airflow is not the most powerful

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Best Silent Tower Fans

Silent Tower Fan Buying Guide

Noise Level

When buying a quiet tower fan then one of the most important things is the low noise level. 


Another thing that you should keep in mind when choosing the perfect tower fan for your home is the features that the fan is built with. Each fan provides its own set of features like an auto shut-off timer, variable air speeds and fan modes, and many others.

Quietest Tower Fan

Final Thoughts About Best Most Quiet Tower Fans On The Market

The quietest tower fans in 2024 that we’ve listed provide versatile and different functions in order to meet your particular needs, well, not all of them… I mean, they can’t blow you all the way to work no matter how hard you want them to.

We’ve reviewed and compared the best silent tower fans and our favorites are the Dreo 42″ Quiet Tower Fan with Remote and the Lasko Portable Oscillating Tower Fan