Quietest Tires 2022 (Best Smoothest Soft Riding Tire for Comfort and Noise)

Quietest Tires car comfort

An enjoyable ride is one with much less noise, and it can be both relaxing and comfortable. The last thing you’d want after a hard day at work, or on a road trip with your family is that annoying squeal in the background. Not only is it annoying, but it also reduces the quality of your car stereo. Using quiet tires makes all the difference, but which ones perform well, and how do you choose the quietest tires? Read on to find out.

If you want to reduce noise in your vehicle even more, check out the best car sound deadening materials for automotive soundproofing in 2022.

In a hurry to find out what our top picks of the quietest car tires on the market in 2022 are? The Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial is the winner. The honorable second place goes to Michelin Primacy MXV4 All Season Radial Car Tires. They are both quiet performance tires and give you a comfortable ride and great durability. If you’re on a tight budget, go for the affordable Eagle LS-2 Radial Tire.

Quiet Tires: Quick Comparison

  • Anti-chipping and tearing treads
  • Comfort and smoothest riding tires
  • The symmetrical treads and big shoulder provide good traction on dry road
  • Good stability
  • Good traction even in snow and mud
  • Built-in rim protector
  • Design of sipes allows the treads to self-clear
  • Quiet tires
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  • 2-D sipes for better road grip
  • Quiet Michelin tire
  • Better handling and stability
  • Comfort tire
  • Good stopping on both wet and dry roads
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  • Quiet all-season tire
  • Smooth riding tires
  • Good wet traction thanks to the circumferential grooves for water evacuation
  • Rounded shoulder for efficient noise reduction
  • Durable product
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  • Good stability thanks to the center rib
  • Most comfortable tires
  • Quiet performance tires
  • Lateral slots to ensure a quiet operation
  • Good traction in the rain and snow
  • Water shedding groove to further prevent skidding on a wet road
  • Durable treads
  • Uses Carbon Compounding Technology and Footprint Shape Optimization
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  • Quiet tires
  • Smoothest riding tires
  • Asymmetrical treads and tapered center rib for better traction
  • Wet and dry grip
  • Gives you great control, comfort, and durability
  • Can be used for sports cars, sedans, crossovers, and coupes
  • You get all-season traction
  • Unwavering integrity under high-speed conditions
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  • Has an asymmetrical tread design
  • Michelin quiet tire
  • Provides good grip on both wet and dry roads
  • Improved ride quality
  • Comfort tire
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Quietest Tires 2022: Reviews (Smoothest Soft Riding Car Tires for Comfort)

1. Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac Quiet Tires 

Best Quiet Performance Tire

This Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac is an all-terrain tire that works wonderfully on and off the road.

Its design has rugged treads to increase its grip in muddy terrain, sand, snow, or gravel even when you are carrying a load or towing.

You would expect it to be noisy due to the stiff treads, but thanks to the traction grooves and zig-zag strips that ensure air isn’t being trapped making it one of the best tires for a quiet ride.

Apart from its design to reduce noise, it also goes further to satisfy your other considerations like wearing and tearing resistance.

You get stability on the road, thanks to the symmetrical treads and big shoulders that provide good traction.

Even in the snow or mud, the traction isn’t reduced thanks to the TractiveGroove technology used in the grooves and turns this into a comfort tire.

So now you can drive even when it snows without fear of skidding, and also drive without having to worry about noise.

This is one of the softest riding tires with a good tire noise rating that promises high performance.


  • Fit for use on all-terrain
  • Prolonged tread life
  • Great for use in the winter
  • Best riding tire
  • Quiet tire performance


  • The shape of grooves makes it hold and throw stones as you drive

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2. Michelin Primacy MXV4Quiet Tires 

Runner Up

This Michelin Primacy is one of Michelin’s most quiet tires and is computer designed to perfection for use all year round and in every season.

It is made to reduce road noise, vibration, and also help with fuel efficiency.

You can use it with your large trucks as it’s a perfect match and will give you optimum performance.

The rigid tread construction helps to ensure that there is maximum tread contact with the pavement as you drive. You also get maximum stability, durability, and comfort on these tires.

For maximum traction grip, there are active 2-D sipes, and this together with the improved stability and handling from the tread blocks, you have all you need from a car tire.


  • It provides you with good traction especially on dry roads
  • Good stopping on both good and dry pavements
  • Smoothest riding tires
  • Comfort tire
  • Good tire noise rating
  • Quiet Michelin tire


  • Not the best durability

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3. Goodyear Eagle LS-2 Radial Quiet Tires 

Quietest Budget Tire

This is another quiet all-season tire with a quiet performance that ensures your ride is peaceful and more enjoyable.

It has 4 circumferential grooves that give off water when it rains so that you can get good traction no matter what. 

The asymmetrical tread block pattern and sequence plus rim protection all work to prevent tire damage from accidental impact.

And to satisfy your need for a quiet ride, it isn’t all bluff as the tire has a rounded shoulder profile to enhance noise cancelation.

So if you want a tire that works well especially in wet conditions, this is a great option for you.


  • Reduced road noise thanks to the four-channel tread pattern and rounded shoulders
  • Durable
  • Good tire noise rating
  • Provides good traction
  • Great price
  • Low road noise tire
  • Soft tire


  • Loses traction in the snow

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4. Hankook Optimo H727 Comfort Tires 

Best Tire for Comfort and Low Noise

This tire has computer designed treads that make it a quiet high-performance all-season tire for a comfortable ride.

You can use it in all seasons and still get the best from it thanks to the custom rubber compound that is used.

The grooves present reduces hydroplaning and also cancel out noise in combination with the tapered lateral slots.

You will get better handling and cornering with this product for the best experience.

Other factors that have been taken into consideration as is obvious in the tire design are improved stability thanks to the center rib.

The traction is also better due to the 4 grooves that give off the water when it rains. So when in search of the best tires for a quiet smooth ride, this is a good option.


  • Reduced tire noise
  • Softest riding tire
  • Corners well
  • Quietest tire
  • Durable treads
  • Good handling on both wet and dry roads


  • Not the best for use in the snow

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5. Bridgestone Dueler H/T 684 II Quiet Truck Tires 

Smoothest Riding Truck Tire

This Bridgestone Dueler quiet truck tire is designed to handle for use with lightweight trucks, so it may not be the best for you if you carry a lot of heavy loads or drive a passenger car or sedan.

It’s great for use all year round and provides you with the needed traction no matter the weather condition. 

This smooth-riding truck tire has asymmetrical tread designs that ensure you get a quiet ride, and the rounded casing gives you a smooth ride; two important factors that ensure you get a great user experience. 

In the snow, you will not lose traction, thanks to the presence of notches in the grooves. So if you have a light truck and are predisposed to winter, this will do very well for you.


  • The rounded casing profile plus four-channel design to reduce the noise level
  • Great snow traction
  • Great price
  • Comfort tire
  • Smoothest riding truck tire
  • High tire noise rating


  • Not perfect for use in sedans and passenger cars

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6. Yokohama Envigor Quiet Performance Tire

Most Quiet All-Season Tire

First on our list of quiet tires is this high-performance tire that is designed for use in all seasons and weather conditions.

It’s 5 directional ribs and grooves give it better traction without compromising its silent performance.

Its shoulder and tapered middle ensure you get good control even on wet roads.

With the groove in technology, there is a reduction in wear and tear leading to a long lifespan.

And to reduce noise even further, the six-pitch tread variation comes to the rescue making the best tire for comfort and noise.

Additional features include linked shoulder tread blocks for better tread rigidity. The asymmetrical tread plus tapered center enhances comfort and traction, and the intermediate tread blocks together with the 3D stripes and angled grooves all work to provide better wet road grip.

So what you get is not only a quiet tire but also a smooth-riding tire.


  • Quiet car tire
  • Best riding tire for comfort
  • Good wet road grip
  • Good control on dry road
  • Preserved integrity even under high speed


  • Not the best for use in the winter season

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7. Michelin Pilot Super Sport Quiet Tires 

Most Comfortable Tire

Last on our list of quietest tires in 2022 is the Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tire.

It offers high performance to your car in terms of quietness, traction, durability, and handling.

The noise factor is taken care of here thanks to the spongy rubber layer that lies between the treads and reinforcing material.

It reduces sound and also vibrations that could lead to noise so you can drive in peace and comfort.

For your wet and dry handling needs, the 80/20 bi compound tread makes that available for even better performance.

All of these in combination with the notched center ribs that provide great traction are what makes this tire one of the best choices you can make.


  • Sound absorbing layer to prevent road noise
  • Improved drive quality
  • Comfort tire
  • Quiet Michelin tire
  • Solid grip on both wet and dry ground
  • Tight curves are possible and safe to achieve thanks to the sturdy sidewalls


  • They are quite expensive

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How You Can Make Your Tires Silent

1. Wheel Size

The bigger the size of the tire, the louder the noise it will make as a thicker part of the rubber is in contact with the road.

The wheel size isn’t the only factor here as the height also causes noise. So to make your tires silent, choose a tire size that is right for your car without being overly noisy.

2. Tire Width

The narrower the tire you use, the less will be the noise. This doesn’t mean you should use an overly narrow tire, but rather stick to the recommended tire thickness.

You will see this in your car’s user manual. A smaller contact patch also implies reduced friction and increased performance.

3. Tire Rotation

To get the best performance out of your tires, they need to be rotated regularly. This performance includes functioning without producing much noise and if you don’t rotate your tires enough, they will start to produce noise.

4. Use Quieter Tires

Most car tire manufacturers produce low road-noise tires that provide you with both comfort and safety.

So you get tires that are durable and less prone to give up on the road while you are on top speed, and you also get super quiet tires.

5. Use Correct Inflation Pressure

When you underinflate or overinflate your tires, you will hear a noise as you drive. So to make your tires silent, maintain the right inflation pressure.

6. Tire Alignment

If you start hearing noise from your tires, it could be because they are not properly aligned anymore. Visit a mechanic to check this out, and ensure proper alignment at all times to take out tire noise.

7. Weather Conditions

There are different types of tires for various seasons. Using the wrong tires for the wrong season will not only cause damage to the tires, but it will also cause a lot of noise as you drive.

Generally,  winter tires are noisier than summer tires because they have extra safety features in them. Off-road tires are also noisier than city driving tires, so if you are using any of such tires, consider changing them to maintain quiet in your car.

8. Replace Door Seal

If you start noticing tire noise inside your car, it could be because the door seal is worn out. This allows easy passage of external noise into the car’s interior and to fix this, you will need to replace the door seal with a better one to block out the noise.

9. Soundproof Passenger Cabin

By soundproofing the interior of the car’s floor, you will prevent noise from the tire from getting into the car.

This way, you will enjoy a stress-free and peaceful ride. We recommend you use the highly rated Dynamat or Kilmat.

10. Soundproof Doors

The car doors are soundproofed almost the same way as the floor is soundproofed.

You will need a soundproof material to be installed between the car frame and panel so that noise from the car’s exterior would be dissipated before it gets inside. Dynamat and Kilmat are perfect for that.

Buying Guide to The Quietest Tires in 2022

1. Wheel Size

Smaller wheel size means less rubber hitting the road, producing less noise. So you will expect less noise when you use 16” wheels than when you use 18” wheels.

Bigger wheels are more appealing though, so you will need to make a compromise and choose your priority. Read also: Best Quietest Tires For SUV 2022 

2. Material

Soft rubber composition equals a quieter ride although it will lead to higher fuel consumption. So if noise reduction is your priority, then this material is the one for you.

3. Tread Blocks

Tread block sizes are important factors in the noise reduction properties of tires. Highway tires for instance have smaller tread block sizes as compared to tractor tires.

These small size tread blocks help in noise reduction but with loss of traction. So you will have to choose between traction and noise.

4. Voids

Voids are the spaces between tread blocks and the smaller ones are found in quiet highway tires. Smaller spaces help to reduce tire noise, and so for a quieter ride, choose the tires with smaller voids.

5. Shoulders

The shoulders of a tire are the edges of its tread blocks. They are either open or semi-closed.

The semi-closed types are found on quiet highway tires and have low noise levels. While the open shoulders produce higher noise levels. 

6. Channels

The channels are grooves on the entire tire tread and are only present in quiet tires. Look out for them as their presence helps to reduce tire noise.

7. Speed and Weight

Tires that are rated for high speeds are thicker and noisier than those rated for lower speeds. So while buying your tires, make up your mind on the maximum speed you would want to go.

Also, tires for heavyweight purposes are stiffer and harder, making them noisier.

Smoothest Soft Riding Tires


Road noise can reduce the comfort and quality of your ride, whether on your way home from work or on a road trip with your family. There are various sources of road noise, and your tires could be one of them. There are many car tires out there but which are the quietest tires in 2022?

In conclusion, the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial takes the top place. The close second goes to the Michelin Primacy MXV4 All Season Radial Car Tires.

If you’re looking for the most affordable one, Eagle LS-2 Radial Tire is a good budget option.