Quietest Computer Fan 2022 (Silent PC Case Fans)

Quietest Computer Fan

Building ultra-quiet PCs are getting trendy and major brands all over the world are introducing silent peripherals to the users. Over the last few years, we’ve had some excellent silent keyboards and mice that significantly reduced the noise levels but are there any silent computer fans out there? We asked around and found a handful of quiet PC fans that you could buy to replace your noisy fans with these new ones that are virtually soundless. So here are our picks for the most silent PC case fans that you could buy in 2022. 

In a hurry? The highly-rated be quiet! Silent Wings 3 is the quietest 140mm fan on the market and it is our top pick. Noctua NF-F12 takes the honorable second place and will serve for many years to come. Arctic F12 is the one for you if you’re on a tight budget.

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Best Quiet PC Fans: Quick Comparison

be quiet! Silent Wings 3
  • Size - 140mm
  • Noise Levels - 15.5dBA
  • No RGB
  • 59.5CFM
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing
  • Max Speed - 1600RPM
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Noctua NF-F12
  • Size - 120mm
  • Noise Levels - 22.4dBA
  • No RGB
  • 54.97CFM
  • Integrated Anti-Vibration Pads
  • Max Speed - 1500RPM
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Cooler Master Fan MF200R
  • Size - 200mm
  • Noise Levels - 28dBA
  • RGB Lights
  • 90 CFM
  • Smart Fan Sensor
  • Max Speed - 800RPM
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  • Size - 120mm
  • Noise Levels - 20dBA+
  • No RGB
  • 53CFM
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing
  • Max Speed - 1350RPM
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Thermaltake Pure 20 Series
  • Size - 200mm
  • Noise Levels - 28dBA
  • No RGB
  • 129CFM
  • Long Life Sleeve Bearing
  • Max Speed - 800RPM
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Corsair QL Series QL120
  • Size - 120mm
  • Noise Levels - 26dBA
  • Dual-side RGB Lights
  • 41.8CFM
  • iCUE Lighting Node Included
  • Max Speed - 1500RPM
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Quietest Computer Case Fans 2022: Reviews 

1. be quiet! Silent Wings 3 


be quiet! Silent Wings 3 is arguably the quietest computer fan on the face of the earth because at peak performance with a max speed of 1600RPM, be quiet!

Silent Wings 3 won’t be exceeding the noise levels of 15.5dBA.

Providing an efficient airflow and proper ventilation inside the case, this fan is an enthusiast’s dream and when it comes to heat dissipation, Silent Wings 3 offers the ideal performance and really helps with the temperature of the internals. 

This latest-gen fan is quiet! Features fluid-dynamic bearings which are known to be very reliable and can last for many years.

Furthermore, the build quality of the fan is also quite impressive but our only concern is that cleaning this fan would be a real headache.

Nevertheless, be quiet! Silent Wings 3 offers the desired results and when it comes to noise, this fan is virtually soundless. 

Low-quality quiet fans tend to get louder after a few weeks but, be quiet! Silent Wings 3 wouldn’t make any murmur sounds coming out of it.

Unless there’s a lot of hair and dust stuck in there, you won’t hear any loud noise coming out of these fans. 

The PWM fan control is another added bonus of Silent Wings 3 because you could always tweak the fan settings to get the maximum output.

For cooling purposes, we’d recommend adding at least 2x case fans to get the maximum airflow inside the chassis.

Lastly, Silent Wings 3 is a bit expensive compared to other 140mm computer cases but it is worth every single penny.

And because the manufacturers guarantee that this will last for nearly 300,000 hours, I’d say that you will be treating yourself with a high-end computer fan that doesn’t make any noise. 

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2. Noctua NF-F12 

Runner Up
When you’re searching for silent PC fans, Noctua silent fans will always pop-up on your screen.

And there’s a huge reason why they’re ranked as one of the best and the quietest case fans that you could find on the market in 2022.

Noctua fans offer excellent performance and efficient airflow that could optimize the overall performance of the PC by lowering the temperature of the internals of the case. 

And when it comes to case fans, Noctua NF-F12 is our top pick for the most silent fans that you should install in your Battlestations.

It features a unique retro-exterior with a beige and brown color scheme which is really attractive and although it doesn’t go quite smoothly with the rest of the internals, the fans fit right in because of their excellent ventilation that many high-end computer fans lack. 

Specification-wise, Noctua NF-F12 features a 120mm PWM fan with a max speed of 1500RPM which is more than enough to keep the temps on the down-low.

The fan is customizable and you could change the voltage settings of the fan and also tweak the speed of the fan as well.

As far as the noise-levels go, Noctua NF-F12 won’t be exceeding 22.4dBA at peak performance. For overclocked rigs that require extraordinary cooling setups, throw in a couple of Noctua NF-F12 and they will do the rest.  

Lastly, anti-vibration pads are used in the manufacturing of the product that significantly reduces the noise coming out of the fan. Compared to other high-end fans out there, Noctua NF-F12 is significantly quieter and its 54+ CMF is ideal. 

In regards to the price, we’d say that Noctua NF-F12 is very reasonably priced and the fact that it offers the ideal ventilation and could last for a few years, we’d definitely recommend this to our audience. 

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3. Cooler Master Fan MF200R

Best Silent 200mm Computer Fan 

The words ‘Silent’ and ‘200mm fan’ don’t really belong together in a sentence because gigantic 200mm fans are known to make a lot of noise and someone who rocks a micro-ATX case that features a 200mm fan socket at front, knows the struggle.

However, Cooler Master Fan MF200R is an exception as it is one of the few 200mm silent PC fans.

Cooler Master Fan MF200R is an RGB-lit fan with a maximum speed of 800RPM and an airflow rate of 90CFM which is a very big deal.

Featured with anti-vibration and sound-absorbing rubber pads, Cooler Master Fan MF200R is the quietest of the bunch with noise-levels of only 28dBA at peak performance. 

Most latest PC cases nowadays are either featured with 120mm or 140mm fan sockets and there aren’t many new cases that feature a 200mm fan socket anymore.

However, if you’re rocking a case like Thermaltake Level 20 VT then you will be very pleased with your purchase. 

Moreover, this silent PC fan from Cooler Master also features PWM control mode which allows the user to increase or decrease the speed of the fan manually.

If you aren’t putting much stress on the main cores of the system then going with the quiet mode would significantly decrease the noise coming out of the case. 

Design-wise, Cooler Master Fan MF200R with its RGB lighting effects looks very attractive and the build quality of the fan is also quite impressive. But bad static pressure can be a bit of a headache with these 200mm fans. 

Lastly, Cooler Master Fan MF200R is quite cheap compared to its peers and the performance that you will be getting from this one is surely worth every single dime.

But, before you buy, make sure that your case has a mount for a 200mm fan.

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Best Cheapest Silent Case Fan

Looking for the cheapest and the quietest 120mm case fans?

There’s no one better than Arctic F12.

Featured with a black-n-white color scheme and reasonably solid build quality.

For this price, people often don’t expect much from the product but Arctic F12 offers impressive ventilation while keeping the noise levels to the minimum. 

Innovative pull-n-push technology and a 3-pin connector in this cheap and quiet case fan almost seem impossible but, it’s a reality and you will get exactly what’s advertised on the official page.

Moving on, Arctic F12 features a max speed of 1350RPM which is above expectations, and a ventilation rate of 53CFM further increases the value of the product. 

Similar to Noctua case fans, Arctic F12 doesn’t feature any RGB lights or any other flashy components in its build.

Furthermore, this fan also features fluid-dynamic bearings that are silent by nature and offer much lower noise-levels compared to the standard ones. 

As for the noise, Arctic F12 is known to stay below 23dBA at peak performance which is desired when you’re building a quiet PC.

In conclusion, when you’re paying that little for a case fan, you can’t really complain much about the product. 

For our fellow gamers looking for a budget-friendly quiet case fan, you are not going to find anything else that could top Arctic F12 and its exceptional performance for this price. 

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5. Thermaltake Pure 20 Series

Best Bang for the Buck 

For the second time on our list, a quiet 200mm fan to reduce the noise coming out of your cube or micro-ATX cases.

Thermaltake Pure 20 Series is an example of a modern-day quiet fan that has everything from a clean exterior to exceptional ventilation.  

There’s no RGB on this one but, you’ll get a strip of blue LEDs with this one to glow inside of your case and it is a treat for sore eyes.

Not too bright to ruin the display and not dull enough to make it look crooked, Thermaltake Pure 20 Series is a dream come true for those who like to keep a minimalistic setup with a clean exterior.

In regards to the specifications of this 200mm fan, Thermaltake Pure 20 Series features the highest airflow rate of 120+CFM with a max speed of just 800RPM.

Most 200mm fans won’t go above 800RPM and that is a major reason why some of them are quieter and require less voltage. 

Additionally, the fins are designed in a way to maximize the airflow inside the case and lower the fan noise which is a good touch to the product.

However, we’d appreciate it more if the finishing and build quality of the product were a bit improved. 

Price-wise, these bad boys are a bit expensive but it’s hard to argue with the value of the fan and if you are looking for a silent 200mm case fan then we’d recommend taking a closer look at Thermaltake Pure 20 Series.

Furthermore, the PWM control allows the user to tweak the voltage and the fan speed whenever they want, and even at low-speed, the sophisticated design of the fan offers excellent ventilation inside the case.

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6. Corsair QL Series QL120

Best Quiet RGB Case Fan 

Don’t mind this one unless you got a budget of over a hundred bucks and are looking to go all the way to get your hands on this sick-looking RGB-lit case fan.

Corsair QL Series QL120 is by far the most expensive case fan on our list but when it comes to performance and durability, Corsair QL Series QL120 gives its competitor a run for their money. 

Laden with tons of RGB lights on both sides with LED strips, Corsair QL Series QL120 is an attractive piece of technology that is a sight for sore eyes.

Moving towards the specifications, Corsair QL Series QL120 features a max speed of 1500RPM and ventilation rate of 41.8 which is considerably lower than most case fans listed here.

But, this one would also do a phenomenal job in keeping the temps on the safe side. 

The build quality of the product is pretty impressive but when you’re paying nearly a bucket-load of money for some case fans then your expectations from the product should be exceeded.

Furthermore, noise-wise, Corsair QL Series QL120 would maintain good temps and at peak performance, the noise levels wouldn’t be exceeding 26dBA which is ideal for enthusiasts. 

Mounting these bad boys is quite easy because these dual-layout fans allow you to mount them in any direction and they would offer decent ventilation inside the case.

Lastly, Corsair QL Series QL120 silent case fans might be expensive enough to break your bank but, you’ll never regret buying them. Who says money can’t buy happiness?

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What To Look For in a Quiet PC Fan 

Not all case fans are naturally quiet. Some fans are extremely loud because they’re manufactured with standard fins and don’t feature fluid-dynamic bearing or anti-vibration rubber pads.

And when you’re looking to buy quiet case fans, there’s a lot to consider, and to give you the basics, here are a few things that you must consider when buying a silent case fan.


First of all, size always matters when you’re buying a case fan. Large fans that are above the size of 120mm are generally louder and you must think twice before buying them.

However, we have a couple of 200mm fans on our list that are naturally silent and won’t be bothering you with loud noise levels. 

Noise Levels 

Any fan that makes less than 28dBA under peak performance while running at maximum speed is considered as a quiet case fan. When you’re buying a quiet fan, make sure to get the accurate noise levels of the fan.

Most manufacturers post the noise levels of the fan on their official website so make sure to take a closer look at them before getting your hands on them.

If the fan is exceeding the noise levels of 28dBA, then we don’t recommend buying that one because, after a couple of months, the fan would sound more like a jet engine rather than a case fan.


When buying PC components, we always recommend buying the products from reputable manufacturers.

In this case, we’d recommend siding with be quiet!, Noctua and other manufacturers on our list to get the best product that will be reliable and offer the desired results. 

There are many so-called ‘quiet PC fans’ in the market from lame Chinese brands that will break within a few months, and we don’t recommend buying those low-quality fans from some unknown brand. 

Silent PC case fans

Final Thoughts on Virtually Silent PC Fans 

With all these silent PC fans out there, it can be a bit of a pickle to pick the right one.

But, here are the best quiet case fans on the market that are currently available in 2022, and if you’re building a silent battle station then we really recommend taking a closer look at all of them. 

We mentioned everything from a budget-friendly options to some pretty high-end fans that you could use in your rig and now, it’s all up to you to choose which one is the best one for your needs and budget.

The highly-rated be quiet! Silent Wings 3 and  Noctua NF-F12 are the best and quietest computer fans on the market in 2022. If you’re on a tight budget, go for the low noise Arctic F12.