Quietest Air Rifle & Pellet Gun 2021 (Backyard, Neighborhood etc)

Quietest air rifle

When it comes to backyard pest control, nothing beats a quality air rifle. One of the essential qualities needed for pest and vermin hunting is stealth. You don’t want to alert every animal around you that you are hunting every time you pull the trigger.

That’s why we will use this article to show the quiet air rifle & pellet gun in 2021 for backyard, neighborhood, or whatever you need. We will take a look at the best and quietest air rifles in the market. Let’s get hunting!

Quiet air rifle & pellet gun: Quick comparison

MOST QUIET Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle
  • Quietest
  • 4x32mm scope and mount
  • Only uses .177 caliber ammunition
  • Projectile speed of 1200 feet per second
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RUNNER UP Raptor Whisper Air Rifle
  • Good quietness
  • 4x32mm scope only
  • Also uses .177 and .22 caliber ammunition
  • 1300 feet per second with the .177 caliber ammo
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MOST POWERFUL Stoeger X20S Air Rifle
  • Not as silent as the Gamo silent cat air rifle
  • 4x32mm scope without mount
  • Uses .177 and .22 caliber ammunition
  • Powerful .22 round at 1000 feet per second
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Is an air rifle the same as a pellet gun and BB gun?

The short answer is no. What sets both of these types of weapons apart is the shooting medium and ammunition. Pellet and BB guns use spring-loaded mechanisms in order to propel their ammunition.

Air rifles, on the other hand, use compressed air or gas like CO2 in order to propel their projectiles. 

Unlike real weapons, air rifles and bb guns are some of the quietest projectile weapons on the market. When it comes to ammunition, pellet and BB guns are known to fire small metal pellets or BBs.

Pellets tend to work more like actual firearm ammunition, engaging the rifling within the barrel and giving the projectile a spin that increases accuracy exponentially. 

BBs are essentially round balls in the millimeter diameter range. In fact, some of the first ammunition to be used on the first BB guns were small shotgun pellets.

On the other hand, air rifles tend to fire plastic BBs that don’t cause much damage, but high-end air rifles can fire metal ammunition as well, with arguably much more power than your average bb gun.

Quietest air rifles and pellet guns: reviews

1. Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

The most quiet air rifle for neighborhood use

When it comes to hunting down any unwanted pests and vermin, the Gamo Silent Cat air rifle is as good as it gets.

It shoots at 1200 feet per second using PBA ammunition that’s chambered in .177 caliber, it also has an integrated 4×32 scope that allows for precise and variable aiming.

This air rifle sports a proprietary noise muffler on the tip of the barrel that makes it the quietest air rifle on the market. You won’t rattle any birds with this one.

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2. Raptor Whisper Air Rifle

Powerful and silenced air gun

When looking for an air rifle that balances power, versatility, and quietness all in one, look no further than the Raptor Whisper air rifle.

This is the quietest break barrel air rifle on the market.

It can shoot .22 and .177 caliber projectiles, and it comes with an integrated 4×32 scope. The gun also has built-in WHISPER technology that enhances quietness and reduces recoil.

Its improved IGT or Inert Gas Technology allows the gun to fire .177 projectiles at speeds that exceed 1300 feet per second. 

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3. Stoeger X20S Air Rifle

Quiet air rifle for backyard use

If target practice and soda can shooting is your thing, there isn’t a better-suited air rifle than the Stoeger X20S.

This air rifle comes with the industry-standard 4×32 scope.

It also has an integrated noise dissipation system that runs throughout the entire barrel, making it a perfect for neighborhood use.

It fires 2 types of ammunition, the .177 caliber, and the .22 caliber. This makes it a superb and quiet  .22 air rifle that is well suited for any backyard shooting.

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4. Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle 

If you are looking for pin-point accuracy and stealth for hunting down vermin and pests, the Benjamin Marauder is on top of the game.

It’s a silent pellet gun that shoots .177 projectiles at 1100 feet per second.

It’s also lightweight, versatile, and super silent. The pellets this gun uses have enhanced accuracy thanks to their ability to spin within the barrel’s rifling when fired.

It can easily and silently take down any small animal almost instantly. 

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5. Hatsan AT44-10 QE Pellet Gun

Sometimes you need a specialized hunting tool that delivers power over everything else.

The Hatsan AT44-10 QE is a very powerful pellet gun that delivers on that front with flying colors.

It can shoot .22 and .25 caliber pellets, propelling them at 970 and 870 feet per second respectively.

It has a 10 round rotary magazine that ensures multiple and fast shot placement. It also comes with a fully shrouded barrel that uses a Quiet Energy Modulator, making silent enough to be suitable for neighborhood use. 

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6. Gamo Whisper Fusion Pellet Gun

If there is a company that delivers consistently with high rated and silent air rifles, it has to be Gamo.

The Gamo Whisper Fusion pellet gun uses the patented WHISPER technology that ensures a proper dissipation of noise throughout the barrel.

Ironically, one of the downsides this gun has is its power.

Its .177 pellets can be propelled at 1420 feet per second, which is faster than sound. When any object passes the sound barrier, they create what is called a sonic boom, an audible crack in the air caused by collapsing air pressure. 

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Quiet air rifle backyard neighborhood

What makes an air rifle quiet

Air rifles, like conventional firearms, are loud because of the expanding and escaping gases exiting the barrel. However, because air rifles don’t produce and expand nearly as much gas as firearms, they will always be quieter. 

This makes them a versatile and worthy addition to any vermin hunter’s stealthy gear. 

Newer air rifles that are designed with stealth in mind, normally integrate unique muzzles and muffler technology that dissipates and absorbs much of the noise coming from the gun.

Another big factor in noise is the speed of the projectile, once a projectile reaches supersonic speeds, it will produce much more noise than anything traveling on the subsonic range.

What to consider when buying the quietest air rifle

Before purchasing a quiet air rifle for your neighborhood or backyard use, you should always consider many of the factors that play a role in matching the right gun, with the right user.

Below we have made a list of some things you should keep in mind when buying a new air rifle.

Understand noise

Noise is a very important factor that should always be considered. You don’t want to rattle up all the animals around you every time you pull the trigger. Or even worse, you don’t want to start getting complaints from neighbors because your gun is too loud.

Most air rifle manufacturers measure the noise levels of their guns in decibels, or DB, which is a number that is labeled and easy to access when making any air rifle purchase. The rule of thumb is to go for lower numbers if you want a more silent air gun. 

What will the gun be used for?

It’s very important to know what the gun will be used for. Are you looking to get rid of some pests? Maybe you want to enjoy your time outdoors practicing your aim?

There are different guns that can fit better for different purposes. If you are looking for precision, stealth, and killing power, try going for a fast .177 scoped and silenced air rifle.

If you need to get many shots off quickly, try a multi-shot .22 pellet rifle with noise-canceling features. As long as you match your gun with its intended use, you’ll have grandiose shooting experience.

Ammunition types

Ammunition is one of the most important components of any projectile weapon. Air rifles can shoot many types of ammunition, and they are all labeled based on their characteristics.

Some ammunition is made with heavier metals, while others are light and travel super fast. There are also standardized sizes for the diameter of the ammunition, ranging from .177mm to .25mm ammo.

A .25 round will do much more damage but will travel slowly because it’s larger, while a .177 round exchanges power for speed and penetration characteristics.

Power sources

The power source of these weapons also varies depending on the complexity and ease of maintenance. Unlike firearms, which use the chemical energy of contained explosion as a power source, air rifles use compressed gas or spring-piston mechanisms, sometimes both.

Pre-charged pneumatic guns, also known as PCP, is the most widely used, as one charge can handle multiple shots. Another popular power source is CO2, which is commonly seen in gas-piston air guns. 

Weapon safety

It is imperative to learn how to use these weapons safely and responsibly. Air rifles and pellet guns are not toys, they fire projectiles at speeds that can easily tear the skin and cause internal injury or death.

Learning proper trigger behavior is very important, that way you can always have control of when its time to shoot and when it isn’t. Another thing to consider is the safe reloading and handling of the weapon.

We recommend you get comfortable with your air rifle so you can understand its ins and outs, that way you can handle it properly and safely.

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This concludes our journey through the world of air rifles. A fascinating topic that threads on the innate evolutionary drives of human resourcefulness from a hunter’s perspective.

We learned about the quietest air & pellet gun in 2021 for backyard, and neighborhood use. We also reviewed some of the best-rated air & pellet silent guns available on the market today.

We learned about the way air rifles work, and we also saw the different factors that should always be considered before making a purchase.

If you are looking for the quietest air rifle, the Gamo Silent Cat air rifle is your best bet. A good rifle that covers all bases is the Raptor Whisper air rifle.

If you need a powerful air rifle that doesn’t skimp on quietness, the .22 caliber round of the Stoeger X20S air rifle will have your back. We also have a rifle that’s fine-tuned for precision nuts, the Benjamin Marauder air rifle.

When it comes to power and reliability, the Hatsan AT44-10 QE pellet gun takes the cake. And as far as speed goes, even if it sacrifices quietness, there isn’t anything faster than the Gamo Whisper Fusion pellet gun.