Quietest 4000 Watt Generator 2022 (Super Quiet 4000W)

Super Quiet 4000W generators

Many people tend to avoid generators just because of their loud noise. Given that 4000-watt generators are popular, we decided to review a few of them. We are here to help you out to find the best quietest 4000 Watt Generator on the market in  2022. Scroll through our list and find a perfect super quiet 4000W generator for you.

Looking for a quick answer? The Pulsar 4000W portable quiet inverter generator and Westinghouse iGen super quiet inverter generator are the best and quietest 4000 watt generators available.

Best Quiet 4000W Generator: Quick Comparison

BEST RATED Pulsar 4,000W Portable Gas-Powered Quiet Inverter Generator
  • Full power of 4500W
  • Can perform for extended 15 hours even in half load
  • Comes with a wireless remote for convenient operation
  • Quiet operation (63 dB) makes it virtually silent
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RUNNER UP Westinghouse iGen Super Quiet Inverter Generator
  • 4500 Peak Watts at Less Than 3% THD Remote Start With Included Key Fob, Electric, and Recoil Start
  • Led Data Center: Rotating Digital Display Shows Fuel Level, Power Output, Remaining Run Time, Voltage Output, and Lifetime Hours
  • Very low noise i.e up to 62dB
  • Up to 18 Hour Run Time
  • 3. 4 Gallon Gas Tank
  • "Economy Mode" for Maximum Fuel Efficiency
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Champion 4000-Watt RV Ready Open Frame Inverter
  • Advanced Open Frame Inverter Design
  • Wireless Remote Start
  • Quiet Technology and Extended Run Time: 64 dBA
  • Parallel Ready: The optional Parallel Kit
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DuroStar DS4000S Generator with RV Camping Standby
  • Powerful duro star engine
  • Plenty of power: With 4,000 peak watts and 3,300 running
  • Power panel: Includes a selection of outlets
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WEN 56475 Portable Generator with Electric Start
  • Digital readout helps manage oil changes and maintenance
  • Features electric start, low-oil shutdown
  • CARB and EPA III meet requirements for sale in all 50 states
  • It is portable and can be moved from one place to another using wheel kit foldable handles
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Quietest 4000 Watt Generators 2022: Reviews 

1. Pulsar 4000W Portable Quiet Inverter Generator

Best Rated

Since we’re greatly concerned with the potential level of sound a generator can create, our first pick for you would be a product even having “Quiet” in its name.

How convenient! We recommend the Pulsar Inverter Generator due to its many useful features.

It does not only produce relatively less noise but is also the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a portable generator with easy installation. 

To begin, we’d like to state that this generator lasts up to 15 hours on 3.4 gallons of fuel. Even at half load, that sort of run time is not something many products can boast about.

We did a full analysis and got to the result that the claim is true and there is a generator that has a running power of 3500W and full power of 4000W.

Its compact design made it portable and easy to handle which is one of the greatest features of this generator. We took this product outdoors and switched it on/off from a max distance of 70 ft. Surprisingly, it worked every time.

Thanks to the Stable sine WAVE mechanism, you’re also guaranteed safe electrical power for charging even sensitive devices such as cell phones and laptops.


  • Low noise level
  • Great design that maximizes portability
  • Remote-controlled operation
  • Available for almost 15 hours even on half load


  • Need for improvement in customer service and after-sale service.

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2. Westinghouse iGen Super Quiet Inverter Generator

Runner Up

The generator that secured the second position in our list is a great one from a well-reputed brand named Westinghouse.

It has almost similar features as the first generator in our list.

Especially because it is extremely quiet and portable that makes it one of the best choices.

According to our research, it is as good as a Pulsar generator if not better than that.

Although costlier than our first pick, the Westinghouse generator carries enough features to justify the extra dollars. So it’s definitely worth it if you can afford it.

The first big feature being 18-hours runtime (in comparison to 15) with just 3.4 gallons of gasoline.

That is impressive, considering it runs at 3700W and peaks at 4500W, making the model safe for a broad range of appliances.

Other notable features of this generator that make it unique include it’s LED Data Center, which displays Fuel level, Remaining runtime, and power output. Not to forget the advanced portability made possible by a telescoping handle and convenient top carrying handles. 

In case you’re curious about the noise level, let us put your worries to rest and say that it is quieter than the Pulsar. Producing sound as low as 52db, this model is a great choice regardless of where you want to use it. 


  • Impressive power and portability
  • Produces only 52 DB sound, which is very low
  • Works efficiently for 15 hours even of half load


  • Customer service is mediocre

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3. Champion 4000-Watt RV Ready Open Frame Inverter Generator

The generator securing the third position on our list is one of the most affordable and reliable ones.

This generator is a great product of the Champion brand that is also known for tailgating and RV’s.

As compared to other 4000W models they are known to be 20% more light and 50% quieter. Through our research, we’ve found out that it is one of the best. 

This item makes bold promises, sure, but it doesn’t live up to only a few of them. For instance, we didn’t find the product to be 50% quieter compared to similar generators.

But that’s not to say it is loud; it produces a max of 64 dBA sound and that is tolerable. What we liked is the fact that it also runs for an average of 15-17 hours. 

The company claims that it has an Economy mode that makes it fuel-efficient and saves fuel consumption, giving you a cut in your expenses.

We do not guarantee this feature but we do not have anything to claim otherwise too. Individuals have tried experimenting by connecting another 2800W inverter with and it worked just fine you can use an inverter with higher power too.


  • Light, portable, and easy to use
  • You can connect other inverters
  • It is completely secure for all the appliances at home.


  • Noise can be higher than 64 dBA

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4. DuroStar DS4000S Generator

When you get an overall picture of 4000W inverter generators, you’d start to notice that most of them have few specific features in common.

The DuroStar DS4000S, for instance, carries many important factors from the previous models such as greater portability, multiple outlets, low-noise rating, etc.

Well, this generator is a worthy purchase because it brings quite a lot of features from more expensive models like the Pulsar 4000 and Westinghouse.

To start, we must applaud the efficiency of this model as we can power everything, from sensitive items like phones and laptops to high-performance power tools. 

Like others, this one also runs at 3300W and peaks at 4000W; it has an 8-hour runtime at half load and burns through 3.96 gallons of gas.

While these aren’t figures to be ecstatic about, the product makes up for it by weight, as it measures only 94lbs. We also liked how the steel frame has four-point isolated motors to keep the noise low.


  • Quiet operation
  • Good portability factor
  • Doesn’t cost too much
  • Powers a broad range of appliances


  • The runtime could’ve been a bit more

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5. WEN 56475 Portable Generator With Electric Start

The WEN 56475 is in a similar price range as the DuroStar DS4000s and has similar features, give or take a few.

It is a sturdy machine that’s high in portability, extra thanks to the wheel kit, and comes with an electric start for added convenience.

Since portability is a big selling point here, we decided to take this model of a camping trip to test it out.

There is no special fault in these generators that we must mention and we can only guess based on other people’s reviews who have already used this product and have experience.

The most common complaint the users made was problems with easy turning on of the generator or sometimes sudden turnoff. In case of any troubles, you can count on their warranty policy and other terms and conditions.

Like mentioned before, this model comes with an electric start, which is great because the last thing you’d want to do outdoors is use pull starts.

This great keyless generator can get all your appliances like refrigerator, light, and TV running with just a push of a button. We tried the generator at home too, so we can vouch for it.

With a 4-gallon gas tank and 223cc engine, this machine can last up to 11 hours at half load. It is quite impressive performance as compared to the previous model we mentioned.

Its unique features and perfect performance is what makes it a great choice! Other interesting features are low-oil shutdown, overload protection, and auto-voltage regulator.


  • Electric start button
  • Powers a host of appliances safely
  • 11 hours run time


  • Availing the warranty could be a problem

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Is It Possible to Make A Quiet 4K Generator Virtually Silent?

Adjust the Pipe Positioning

The loud noise of the generator can be due to a common reason of horizontal pipes. Horizontal pipes are the cause because due to this position the sound waves travel directly in the direction of some object.

Usually, the instruction manual of the generator instructs you to face the exhaust of the generator away from your house or rest of the buildings but there is a chance that your neighbors at home of campsite complain about that.

To solve this problem face the exhaust pipes upwards. A more vertical direction ensures that it is not facing any object directly. Hence reduces noise.

Add Mufflers

You get mufflers in the package of generators usually but if you feel that they are not working properly then you can ask the company for the replacement by contacting their service providers or you can contact the nearest hardware store to ask for the best mufflers for your generator.

Water Bucket Trick

You don’t need to adjust permanently in this method rather you make changes in its functioning. As water is a sound insulator, the noise from the machine is directed towards a bucket of water to reduce noise. 

To make this work, connect a hose to the exhaust and have the other end drop into a bucket filled with water. You can change the position of the generator to a higher place to avoid entry of water into the exhaust pipes.

You can also do so by punching a hole in the bucket where the hose reaches the top.

However, this method cannot dampen the noise production by vibration but it is quite effective to reduce noise from exhaust pipes.

What Can A 4000 Watt Generator Run? 

Essential Appliances

A 4000 W generator and easily keep your essential appliances going in case of a power outage. These important appliances include light bulbs, a water heater, ceiling fan, humidifier, sump pump, furnace fan blower, window AC, well water pump, and space heater.

It is important to focus that the total power consumption must not exceed 4000 watts otherwise it may cause overloading and damage the engine. What so many appliances you use the total power must be 4000W for safe use.

Kitchen Appliances

It is really important to keep the appliances in the kitchen running in case of a power outage, and that is what a 4000W generator can easily manage.

The important kitchen appliances a 4000 W generator can run include dishwasher, coffee maker, refrigerator, electric kettle, electric can opener, fryer, rice cooker, microwave, deep freezer, and toaster.

These are the most important appliances that a 4000W generator can run other than that there is a long list of other appliances that a 4000W generator can run.

Bathroom & Laundry Appliances

A 4000W generator has enough capacity to run curling iron, clothes dryer, hairdryer, washing machine, iron, shaver, vacuum cleaner, and many other appliances that you use in bathroom and laundry and it is necessary for day to day life.

A 4000W generator comes in handy in case you have a power breakdown and need to use any of this appliance. 

Entertainment Appliances

If you have power break down and feeling bored because all your appliances are off then you need a 4000 watt generator that can keep all your appliances from TV to mobile phones running and you can enjoy any sort of medium of entertainment you’d like!

Power Tools

There are various power appliances that a 4000W generator can run, for example, air compressor, chainsaw, circular saw, electric drill, pressure washer, and many more.

Whether you can run all these at the same time you need to know the power consumption of each appliance in your home.

It is also important to know whether your generator has enough of the number and type of outlets required to run a heavy power appliance such as air conditioners.

The outlets required for low-wattage products is much lower than high wattage appliances.

Keep in mind that did not expect this small machine to run your whole house similar to a normal power supply run. It is just a backup plan in case of power breakdown.

These quiet 4000W generators have the only capacity to keep the normal flow of your life going. If you want a backup that can supply power to the whole house and run all the appliances then you may look for a standby model and not a portable one.

Those are far higher in price and need an expert to install.

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Quietest 4000 Watt Generator

Final Thoughts On Low Noise 4000W Generators

So, now you know about our top picks, it’s time to choose your own. If you ask us, the Pulsar PG4000iSR and Westinghouse iGen on the #1 and #2 spots would be our recommendations in 2022, even though they are a bit costly.

They offer considerably longer runtimes, going from 15-18 hours, while not creating an excessive level of noise. Scroll through our list of the quietest 4000 watt generators to accurately weigh the pros and cons of each option.

But with that being said, we don’t think any product in this list is “bad” in any way as they all have their fair share of pros and cons.

Which product are you planning to pick? Hopefully, this article will be enough for you to get an idea about the most quiet generators on the market and you are all set to buy a new one according to your requirements and choices.

Hope you have a great experience with any of the almost silent generators you buy.