Quietest 140mm Fans 2022 (Best Silent 140mm Case Fans)

Quietest 140mm Fans

Finding quiet 140mm fans with the top-notch build quality and reliable performance can be a headache. And with hundreds of vendors offering so-called ‘silent ones’, it can be a difficult task to pick the right one. However, after many hours of research, we found the quietest 140mm case fans for PC enthusiasts that desire a sound-less rig. Keep reading to find our top picks that are noiseless. 

In a hurry?

Noctua NF-P14s Redux and Be Quiet! Silent Wings 3 are our top recommendations if you’re looking for highly optimized high-end 140mm case fans. Also, for budget-orientated gamers, Arctic BioniX F140 and Uphere 140mm are also a decent options. Lastly, Noctua NF-A15 may have ended at the bottom of our list due to its unattractive exterior, it is also perfectly capable of providing efficient airflow while keeping the noise levels on the down-low. 

Best Quiet 140mm Case Fans: Quick Comparison

BEST RATED Noctua NF-P14s Redux
  • Connector - 4pin
  • Wattage - 2.4W
  • Noise Levels - 25.8dBA
  • Max Speed - 1500RPM
  • Anti-Vibration Mounts
  • Type - PWM
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RUNNER UP Be quiet! Silent Wings 3
  • Connector - 4pin
  • Wattage - 3.6W
  • Noise Levels - 15.5dBA
  • Max Speed - 1600RPM
  • Funnel Shaped Inlets
  • Type - PWM
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  • Connector - 3pin
  • Wattage - 12 Volts
  • Noise Levels - 25dBA
  • Max Speed - 1800RPM
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing
  • Type - PWM
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uphere 140mm Case Fan
  • Connector - 3pin
  • Wattage - 3W
  • Noise Levels - 23dBA
  • Max Speed - 1000RPM
  • Advanced Hydraulic Bearing
  • Type - Fixed Speed
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Noctua NF-A15 PWM
  • Connector - 4pin
  • Wattage - 12V
  • Noise Levels - 19.2dBA
  • Max Speed - 1200RPM
  • Flow Acceleration Channels
  • Type - PWM
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Quietest 140mm Fan 2022: Reviews 

1. Noctua NF-P14s redux


Noctua and their sound-less case fans have turned numerous heads over the past few years and their extraordinary performance impressed every PC enthusiast. 

The Noctua NF-P14s Redux also lives up to the expectation and offers efficient airflow with minimum noise.

Unlike most Noctua fans, NF-P14s features a dark greyish exterior which is very visually appealing compared to the brown and beige color scheme from Noctua. 

For those who prefer a clean setup with no RGB lights or flash components, Noctua NF-P14s Redux is recommended.

Furthermore, aside from its appealing exterior and rigid build quality, this fan is very capable of proving the desired airflow inside the case. 

At full throttle with 1500RPM, Noctua NF-P14s produces noise levels of 25.8dBA which are very ideal.

Most 140mm fans tend to hit >35dBa and the PC would often sound like a jet engine but, if you were to install a handful of Noctua fans in your rig, you won’t be disappointed with the performance. 

Furthermore, Noctua NF-PF14s is PWM-controlled which will allow you to customize the speed of the fan as per your likings and hence, adjust the noise levels as well. 

Finally, Noctua fans are quite reliable and they’re reasonably priced as well. They offer good airflow and in quiet mode, they will become virtually noiseless.

If you’re looking for good quality quiet case fans that will last a while then we really recommend taking a closer look at Noctua NF-P14s.

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2. Be quiet! Silent Wings 3

Runner Up

Be Quiet! Is a reputable manufacturer that offers extremely good quality silent case fans and be quiet! Silent Wings 3 is an example of their finest work. 

Making noise levels of just 15.5dBA on peak performance with a maximum speed of 1600RPM almost seems impossible but, this 140mm fan from be quiet!

Was able to offer the quietest computing experience. 

Furthermore, the performance of the fan is even better if you’re running an overclocked rig because of its excellent ventilation inside the case.

A couple of silent wings 3 installed at the front and at the rear of the case would be more than enough for all the heat dissipation.

Regardless of the case design, this fan would be able to offer the desired airflow and keep the internals cool in the most intense overclocked processing. 

The funnel-shaped air inlets are also a good touch to the fan and thanks to their unique design, the fan is able to dissipate more heat compared to other 140mm fans out there.

Moreover, the be quiet! Silent Wings 3 comes with a fluid-dynamic bearing that reduces the air friction and further decreases the noise coming out of the case fan. 

Compared to its predecessor, pure wings 2, Silent Wings 3 offer much better airflow inside the case and there’s barely any noise that would be displeasure for your ears. 

Aside from its stunning performance, the exterior and the build quality of the product are also very impressive, and considering that it comes with fluid-dynamic bearing, we could predict that this quiet 140mm fan would be your companion for a long time. 

Lastly, be quiet! Silent Wings 3 is a bit expensive than other products on the list but, if you genuinely require a quiet case fan then we really recommend considering this one as well because it is worth every single cent. 

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3. ARCTIC BioniX F140

Cheapest 140mm Silent Fan

Finding a cheap case fan that makes minimum noise at peak performance is almost unimaginable but Arctic BioniX F140 offers the noise-less treatment for only a handful of bucks.

It might also be the oldest 140mm fan on the list but due to its excellent performance and eye-catching design, BioniX is still quite popular among gamers.

Offering an airflow rate of 104CFM with a max speed of 1800RPM, Bionix F140 is a heavy-duty case fan that would blow all the heat from inside the case.

Usually, case fans spinning at 1800RPM are often very loud, and if you have a couple of them installed in your rig, the noise will drive you nuts.

However, Arctic BinoniX comes with a friction-less coil that only makes about 24dBA of noise at full throttle. 

Furthermore, the black-n-white color scheme of the fan makes it compatible with almost any type of chassis. It’s a pity that there are not RGB lights here but for this price, it would be a sin to criticize the limitations of this fan.

Compared to other quiet 140mm fans on our list, Arctic BioniX F140 offers the best ventilation inside the case, and noise levels of just under 24dBA are also acceptable.

In other words, BioniX is capable of offering the ideal airflow inside the case but, would it be able to handle overclocked rigs?

Well, you will have to get at least 3 or 4 fans to get the ideal temps when you’ve boosted everything under the hood. 

Another added bonus of BioniX F140 is that it features the PWM technology that offers the users to tweak with the speed of the fan.

If you’re just roaming around the internet watching cat videos, then we suggest keeping the speed under 300-400RPM because you’re not going to need it and, at this point, the fans are virtually sound-less. 

Finally, Arctic BioniX F140 would be a decent choice if you’re on a quest to find the best 140mm quiet case fans for your rig.

Moreover, the product is reasonably priced and reputable manufacturers like the Arctic are known far and wide for the firm durability of their products. 

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4. Uphere 140mm Case Fan

Best Minimalist 140mm Quiet Fan 

You’ve probably never heard of this brand before and believe us that we haven’t heard much about them but, their silent peripherals are turning some heads.

Uphere 140mm case fan is one of their masterpieces and the fact that it pops up on Amazon recommendations, we’d say that they achieved an amazing feat in a very short span of time. 

Uphere 140mm Case fan is a standard 140mm fan that can be installed in any case regardless of its design.

It features a hydraulic bearing for silent operations and with fans spinning at 1000RPM, the noise coming out of the fan wouldn’t exceed 23dBA.

However, the airflow of just 49CFM isn’t ideal at peak performance. 

Nevertheless, Uphere 140mm fan is far better than most 140mm fans on the market. Furthermore, the fan comes with pre-installed anti-vibration pads that play a vital role in reducing the noise of the fan.

Also, installing them inside a case is also quite easy, all you will have to do is line up the holes and put in the screws.

Unlike other 140mm fans where you’ll have to read how-to guides to understand how to properly install a fan. 

Moving on, this fan has the capabilities to offer decent ventilation inside the case and if you were to install a few of them inside your rig, we’re sure that they would be more than enough to meet all your ventilation needs.

However, if you’re running an overclocked Ryzen or 10th-gen rig then we think that Uphere 140mm fans wouldn’t be able to meet your expectations. 

The only downside of the Uphere 140mm case fan is that it is not a PWM controller. It has a fixed speed of 1000RPM. If you’re not into tweaking the speed of the fan quite often then buying a non-PWM fan shouldn’t be a problem for you. 

The exterior of the fan is quite appealing and the build quality is impressive as well and the fact that it costs only a few bucks, we would definitely suggest taking a closer look at this one.

Buying products from a new brand can be a bit risky but, we would never recommend something to our readers if we thought that the product is not legitimate. 

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5. Noctua NF-A15 

Quiet Bang For The Buck

For the second time on our list, Noctua silent case fans are regarded as the best silent case fans that you could find out there. B

ut, why is Noctua NF-A15 not featured on the top of the list? Well, the unattractive khaki and beige color scheme don’t seem to please many PC enthusiasts. 

Aside from its not-so-cool color scheme, the Noctua NF-A16 is a beast that is capable of offering excellent ventilation while keeping the noise on the down-low.

Similar to its predecessors and successors, NF-A15 features SS02 bearing which is the main reason why the fan is so quiet at peak performance.

The coil bearing is manufactured in a unique way to increase the aerodynamics of the fan and making it more stable.

The anti-vibration pads that come pre-installed with the fan further increase the stability of the fan and hence, increase the life-span of the product. 

Moreover, Noctua NF-A15 spins at a maximum speed of 1200RPM and noise levels of just above 19dBA at peak performance. To be honest, this much noise at full throttle is ideal for gamers that are looking for silent 140mm fans. 

Furthermore, one of the best perks of this Noctua fan is that it is PWM controlled which means that you can customize the speed of the fan and if you’ve installed a couple of them, you could also synchronize the speed of all the fans. 

The retro color scheme of Noctua fans might not be a good fit for most minimalistic and clean builds but, if you were to install this unique piece of technology in your battle station, you will not be disappointed with the ventilation and excellent airflow that this fan has to offer. 

In conclusion, Noctua NF-A15 isn’t a bad option either if you’re looking for suitable 140mm quiet fans for your rig.

The fan is quite quiet and the quality of the product speaks for itself and taking a closer look at this one is definitely worth it. 

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best silent 140mm case fan

Final Thoughts on Silent 140mm Computer Fans 

With hundreds of quiet 140mm fans on the market, narrowing it down to only a handful of products is a difficult task.

But, we pulled an all-nighter and found these fans to be the most durable and silent 140mm fans that you should consider buying. 

The Noctua NF-P14s and NF-A15 are excellent fans that offer superior cooling while Silent Wings 3 from Be Quiet! Offer the best bang for the buck.

Lastly, Arctic Bionix F140 and Uphere 140mm quiet case fan also deserve your attention and they’re also perfectly capable of offering the desired ventilation inside the case.