Quiet Ergonomic Keyboard 2022 (Best Silent Ones Reviewed & Compared)

Quiet Ergonomic Keyboard

Keyboards are naturally tactile and clicky and they tend to make a lot of noise. However, in the past decade, we saw many silent keyboards that were a relief for many gamers but still, the non-ergonomic design was an issue. However, it’s 2022 and we have many excellent quiet ergonomic keyboards available on the market that offer the best bang for the buck. 

In a hurry? The Corsair K68 keyboard is the quietest mechanical ergonomic keyboard on the market. The Logitech K780 and Ergo K860 are also decent options if you prefer branded keyboards. Lastly, if you’re eyeing a budget-friendly silent ergonomic keyboard then Fellowes Microban and Perixx Periduo-406 are the ideal cheap choices. 

Quiet Ergonomic Keyboard: Quick Comparison

BEST RATED Corsair K68 Ergonomic Keyboard
  • Type - Mechanical
  • Wired
  • Cherry MX Red Keys
  • RGB-Lighting
  • Wrist Rest
  • Spill-Proof
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RUNNER UP Logitech K780
  • Type - Standard
  • Wireless
  • Full-Sized Quiet Keyboard
  • Matte-black Exterior
  • 24 Months Battery timings
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CHEAP & QUIET Fellowes Microban
  • Type - Split Keyboard
  • Wired
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Wrist Rest
  • Hot Keys
  • Cheap
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Logitech Ergo K860
  • Type - Split Keyboard
  • Wireless
  • Pillowed Wrist Rest
  • Quiet Keycaps
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS
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Perixx PERIDUO-406
  • Type - Membrane
  • Wired
  • Unique Ergonomic Design
  • Rigid Build Quality
  • Built-in Scroll Wheel
  • Wrist Rest
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Best Silent Ergonomic Keyboards 2022: Reviews

1. Corsair K68 Mechanical Keyboard 


Corsair K68 Mechanical Keyboard is arguably the most satisfying ergonomic keyboard that you could find on the market.

Features like mechanical Cherry MX red keys that are known for their quiet operation really make it ideal for all the geeks that are looking for a quiet ergonomic keyboard. 

Furthermore, this mechanical keyboard from Corsair is featured with spill-proof technology that will take care of all the fluids that you’re going to spill on the keyboard down the line.

And the RGB lighting effect behind each key further adds to the beauty of the keyboard. 

This keyboard is really quiet and can hardly be heard in a room. Moreover, the plastic wrist rest also provides ergonomic posture to the hands that can support your wrist for long-hours.

It’s a shame that the manufacturers didn’t attach a foamy-wrist rest with this keyboard but, for this price, we don’t think that anyone should be complaining about that. 

And considering that it is specifically designed for gaming, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Corsair K68 Mechanical Keyboard is one of the best silent ergonomic keyboards that money can buy.

Its linear and quiet Cherry MX Red keys are incredibly fast and offer the desired performance in fast-paced games. 

Moving on, the full-sized keyboard layout with a number pad on the side coupled with multimedia hotkeys makes it ideal for office use as well.

With the rigid build quality and a reasonable price tag, Corsair K68 Mechanical Keyboard offers the best bang for the buck and if you decide to buy this keyboard, you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

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2. Logitech K780

Runner Up 

If you’re after an ergonomic keyboard that is silent and offers the most satisfying clicking experience then Logitech K780 is the answer to all your wishes.

It is an excellent keyboard from Logitech that features a flawless build quality that ensures that this quiet ergonomic keyboard will serve you for a very long time. 

Featuring big round keys with just the perfect gap between the keys, Logitech K780 offers a satisfying typing experience that is quite hard to find in keyboards these days.

The linear and quiet keys are easy to access and if you’re stuck making assignments then this keyboard will come in handy because its ergonomic design shields our body from getting fatigued. 

Logitech K780 comes with some modern features like multi-device connectivity that allows the user to connect the keyboard to up to 3 devices at a time. Whilst multitasking, this feature can really come in handy.

Furthermore, as for the noise, Logitech K780 isn’t advertised as the quietest keyboard but, during testing we found this keyboard to be one of the quietest options available on the market that features an ergonomic design. 

Furthermore, Logitech K780 is not a full-sized keyboard which means that you won’t be getting a number pad on the side of the keyboard and also, you won’t find a palm or wrist rest either but nevertheless, it is still a great choice.

Regardless of its layout, the features and the whisper-quiet typing experience that this keyboard has to offer is extremely hard to find these days and that’s why we really recommend our readers to take a closer look at this one. 

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3. Fellowes Microban

Cheapest & Quietest Split Ergonomic Keyboard 

Split-keyboards are generally the most ergonomic keyboards that you could get your hands on but, they’re not quite at all.

Luckily, we found Fellowes Microban keyboard that has the desired combination of quiet keys and a split ergonomic layout. 

Fellowes is a reputable name in the industry and they’re quite famous for manufacturing top-notch ergonomic products for home and office use.

Fellowes Microban is an example of their finest work. Featuring a split-layout, this ergonomic keyboard is not only a suitable choice if you have to work long hours but also, its pin-drop silence when typing is another reason why you should buy this keyboard. 

Moreover, Fellowes Microban features a retro design with a handful of multimedia hotkeys on the top panel. After looking at the keyboard, we could safely say that it is specifically designed for office use only.

In case if you decide to play some games with this keyboard, we’d bet that you’d go out of your mind in a second because the strange layout of the keyboard isn’t much gamer-friendly. 

As for the build quality, the keyboard is quite rigid and designed in a way that is going to last for decades. Also, the large wrist rest at the bottom of the keyboard is also a good touch and it really adds to the value of the product. 

The most interesting perk of this keyboard is that it is extremely cheap and you won’t have to pay much to get your hands on this ergonomic split keyboard. Working on a tight budget? Fellowes Microban is worth a look. 

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4. Logitech Ergo K860

Best Cordless Ergonomic Keyboard 

Logitech has always emphasized manufacturing ergonomic peripherals and they’ve managed to introduce some excellent user-friendly keyboards on the market.

Logitech Ergo K860 along with Logitech K780 is the finest example of the best ergonomic keyboards that you could get your hands on.  

The Logitech Ergo K860 features linear keys that are whisper quiet and an excellent option if you’re eyeing to buy an ergonomic keyboard with silent keys.

Furthermore, featuring a split-layout and a pillowed wrist rest attached at the bottom of the keyboard, Ergo K860 is an enthusiast’s dream. 

Keyboards with split keyframes are often regarded as the best ergonomic keyboards but they also tend to be quite loud. Fortunately, Ergo K860 is an exception as its keys are optimized to reduce the noise levels. 

Moreover, Logitech Ergo K860 is wireless and you could plug it in with a USB receiver. Also, this cordless ergonomic keyboard is compatible with Bluetooth connectivity which means that it can be paired up directly with devices that features the Bluetooth option.

Furthermore, Bluetooth connectivity is a luxury that only a few high-end keyboards could support. 

Finally, the build quality and the design of the keyboard are pretty impressive, and seeing that Logitech manufactured this project, there shouldn’t be any concerns about the quality of the product.

However, Logitech Ergo K860 is extremely expensive and you’ll have to pay a decent sum to get your hands on this bad boy. 

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5. Perixx PERIDUO-406

We’ve seen all kinds of weird tech over the years but Perixx Periduo-406 with its complex design seems like an alien technology to use.

Featuring a split layout with a weirdly placed scroll wheel in the middle coupled with hotkeys, Perixx Periduo-406 is definitely the weirdest ergonomic keyboard we’ve seen to date. But in a good way.

Aside from an unusual design, this quiet ergonomic keyboard has all the excellent features that you look for when you’re buying a keyboard.

It features low-profile keys that are naturally quiet its gigantic palm rest at the bottom further adds to the value of this keyboard. 

Having a palm or wrist rest with your keyboard can significantly improve your posture and reduces the chances of muscle injury down the line if you’re spending long hours in from of your computer. 

Furthermore, specification-wise, there’s nothing extraordinary about this keyboard, except its design of course. Also, this keyboard comes with a mouse as well which is also a good perk to have. 

Lastly, Perixx Periduo-406 is pretty inexpensive and you won’t have to pay much to get your hands on this keyboard. In short, this keyboard is pretty good and very quiet.

If you’re looking for a cheap ergonomic quiet keyboard then Perixx Periduo-406 is second to none.

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What is Ergonomic Keyboard

Naturally, keyboards are manufactured with the rigid build quality and qwerty layout with hard keycaps to make them more reliable.

However, they can be not so user-friendly and very often the main cause of fatigue. Fortunately, manufacturers have introduced ‘’Ergonomic Keyboards’’ on the market that are built for the comfort of the user.

Such keyboards use low-profile keycaps and most often, they come in split-style keyframes to offer a natural posture for users. Also, wrist or palm rests are also included with some keyboards to increase the comfort level. 

Ergonomic Keyboards are trending worldwide and many top-notch manufacturers like Logitech, Razer, and Corsair have introduced many ergonomic keyboards on the market. 

If you’re tired of using the same hard-wired keyboards then moving over to an ergonomic keyboard would be a very wise choice. 

Types of Most Quiet Ergonomic Keyboards 

Ergonomic keyboards come in all sizes and shapes but when you’re eyeing to buy the combination of ergonomic and silent, things tend to get a bit complication.

Nevertheless, here are a few types that of keyboards that you must consider before buying the quietest ergonomic keyboard. 


Membrane keyboards with low-profile keycaps are often the quietest ergonomic keyboards. Logitech Ergo 860 and Perixx Periduo-406 are the finest examples of membrane keyboards with low-profile keycaps. 


Mechanical keyboards are generally quite loud and a person can get fatigued quite often. However, Cherry MX Red keycaps are the quietest mechanical keys that you could find out there.

And if you get a wrist rest with such a keyboard, you’ll get yourself a decent mechanical keyboard that is reasonably ergonomic and also the quietest. 

Best Silent ergonomic review

Final Words About Best Silent Ergonomic Keyboards On The Market 

Buying a quiet ergonomic keyboard will surely make your life easier and it’s a known fact that less fatigue means a higher quality of life.

And while most ergonomic keyboards are quite expensive, there are a few exceptions like Fellowes Microban and Perixx Periduo-406 that offer the best bang for the buck. 

But, if you’re looking to buy the quietest ergonomic keyboard that offer the best performance and durability, we really suggest taking a closer look at the highly rated Corsair K68  and Logitech K780