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Quiet Door Knob & Silent Door Latch (+How To Quiet A Loud Door)

Quiet Door Knob

Irritated by a noisy doorknob? Every time you close or open the door an undesirable noise pierce through your ears and scares you. If yes, then your worries are heard! Because here you’ll find the top quiet door knob and silent door latch. Plus, we’ll even discuss methods of how to quiet a loud door. Ready?

In a hurry? The best quiet doorknob and silent door latch is Copper Creek Door Knob and Door Security Slide Latch.

Best Quiet Door Knob

One of the best methods to avoid the squeaky doorknob is by getting the quietest Copper Creek DoorKnob.

This chic delicate modern privacy door knob is available in six different colors that can fit and match any door.

This silent door knob gives a perfect equilibrium between excellent protection and quality.

The satin stainless steel finish is inviting, resists smearing, and it grants great sturdiness.

It also has nickel-plated bolts, adjustable latches, and screw alignment adaptors for simple installation.

It contains solid steel rose liner with an auto screw alignment feature. Also, it has a solid steel chassis with an auto screw alignment feature with solid brass cylinders. 

It has steel adjustable latches with a square drive. Copper Creek DoorKnob holds a solid steel latch face with the availability of round corner, square corner, or drive-is.

Best Silent Door Latch

Another method to silent the door is by installing a quiet door close latch.

The best silent door latch is Door Security Slide Latch

This Cranach door slide latch lock is quiet and two times stronger to keep you secure and private.

It will give extra security to the bedrooms, bathrooms, cupboards, and other indoor doors.

This silent door latch set has used the latest electroplating and polishing technology to guarantee a perfect long-lasting.

It is upgraded with more reliable performance and strength. Use a power screwdriver and drill to mount this door slide latch. 

It is brushed with a nickel finish which improves its eroding resistance, intensifies the wear protection and hardness.

It also shields the metal surface and has a great insulation performance.  

It is small, but it will hold your door tightly and make doors close quietly.

How To Quiet A Loud Door Knob Or Latch

1. Door Knob Lubricant

First method of making doors close quietly is by using these smart straw sprays lubricant.

It will stop the squeaks, loosens the rusted parts, frees the sticky mechanism, and pushes out the moisture. 

It will remove any grease, gunk, gum, sticker residue, dirt, and other sticky stuff from your doorknob or door latch and multiple surfaces. 

It penetrates the stuck parts, removes the moisture, and lubricates nearly anything. 

This door knob lubricant is a high-value solution that can be used in a variety of maintenance demands such as in workshops, homes, and even factories. 

It also acts as an eroding inhibitor that gives a shield against moisture, and even other corrosive elements to prevent rust. 

It will penetrate to exempt all the stuck corroded parts like nuts, bolts, valves, and locks. 

It will also remove the corrosion and stain. 

So no need to worry about the squeaky door. This is very easy to use. With just one spray it will diminish the noise that is coming either from your doorknob or door latch. 

2. Use A Door Cushion Silencer

One of the easiest methods to stop the door from making noise is by using these door latch covers

The door latch silencer allows quiet entry and exit without any bang.

It is an amazing design with 100% polyester and made of fabric with the availability of four different colors. They are made of solid colors and suitable for most of the home decorations. 

It is thick enough to keep the door tightly shut and prevent the door from getting closed up accidentally. 

It also prohibits the door from getting locked up by the wind or anything. Toddlers /children/adults won’t get locked up. 

It is great for a nursery, school, library, day spa, and late night. 

Both sides are fitted with strong elastic straps which ensures great adaptability and provides a quiet doorknob.  

It is stretchable, sturdy, and very easy to use. You can hang on a doorknob when not in use. 

3. Take A Look At Door Knob

If all above is not working, then it is time to open up the doorknob and assess each part and look for any debris accumulation or rusting. 

If the dirt is collected, then use water wipes to clean every part entirely and then spray it with the smart spray lubricant to reduce the noise.

Also, check either all the screws are okay or they are rusted. If they are rusted,  then it is time for you to replace the old screws with the new set. 

There is also a possibility that by you the doorknob is used many times. If used quite often, then might be the screws of the doorknob are loosened due to which the noise is coming, so to make it quieter, you need to remove it and then place it back again. 

After tidying up, reassemble the doorknob and set it back, and now test for its noisiness. 

You will see that the sound is now greatly improved and the pitch noise is not there anymore. Related: How to Seal a Garage Door from the Inside

how to Silent loud Door Latch


So, there you go! The best quiet doorknob and silent door latch is Copper Creek Door Knob and Door Security Slide Latch. You can either install one of these or you can even look for ways on how to quiet a loud door that is mentioned above, and say goodbye to your loud door.