Dynamat vs Second Skin: Differences Reviewed (What’s Best)

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Second Skin vs dynamat

Dynamat is a well-known name in the world of car sound deadeners. We decided to compare their most popular Xtreme version with Second Skin’s Damplifier to see which one performs better. We’ll be comparing them in a number of categories including material, effectiveness, installation, size, and price. By the end of the review, we’ll know […]

Kilmat vs Dynamat: Differences Reviewed (What’s Better)

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kilmat vs dynamat

Kilmat vs Dynamat: what are the main differences between these two and which one is the best sound deadening mat for your car? Both products are made using butyl rubber, and they reduce the noise from the engine and other external noise like traffic, thereby improving the internal acoustics of your vehicle. Your choice between […]

Dynamat vs Fatmat: Differences (What’s Better & Why)

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Dynamat vs Fatmat

Dynamat vs FatMat – what are the differences between them and which is the best sound deadening material for your car? Both products reduce outside noise so that you can have better acoustics, they can both be cut up into the desired shapes you need, and both can be used in different places. They, however, […]

Mass Loaded Vinyl: MLV Soundproofing Works?! [+Alternative]

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mass loaded vinyl MLV

Hey, guys! In this article, we’ll be speaking about MLV commonly known as Mass Loaded Vinyl. What is MLV, and MLV STC rating, what are the top mass loaded vinyl alternatives and much more. Is it even an effective sound blocking material? Older buildings, in particular, have issues with sound transfer through ceilings and floors. […]