Mass Loaded Vinyl: MLV Soundproofing Works?! [+Alternative]

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mass loaded vinyl MLV

Hey, guys! In this article, we’ll be speaking about MLV commonly known as Mass Loaded Vinyl. What is MLV, and MLV STC rating, what are the top mass loaded vinyl alternatives and much more. Is it even an effective sound blocking material? Older buildings, in particular, have issues with sound transfer through ceilings and floors. […]

Best Quiet Dehumidifier 2020: Reviews & Comparison

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best quiet dehumidifier

Having some trouble with high humidity around your household ambiance? Tired of water stains on your home walls or ceilings and also the presence of musty smell? Worry not! Why endure it if you can take action to control the situation: all you need is the perfect dehumidifier. Introducing more advanced products available on Amazon, […]

Best Acoustic Blankets: Do Cheap Sound Blankets Work?

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If you want to build your own home studio where you can record and produce audio any time without shelling out to a professional studio, this article about the best sound blankets is something you shouldn’t miss out. In this article, we will look into how well do these acoustic blankets actually work and whether […]