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Noise Cancelling Headphones For Dogs 2024 (Best Doggy Headset & Earphones)

Noise Cancelling Headphones For Dogs

Dogs are well known for their loyalty, unconditional love and general adorableness, and their keen sense of smell is well-documented. Their sensitive hearing, however, is something that gets much less attention. Their ears need protection from loud and disturbing noises, therefore we have compiled a list of top noise cancelling headphones, headsets & earphones so your doggy gets proper protection from unwanted noise. Bye-bye anxiety caused by thunder, fireworks and other scary sounds.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick peek at the top rated dog ear headphones on the market in 2024. Your best options are the Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs, CrittEar Earbuds, and Happy Hoodie For Dogs Grooming & Force Drying Miracle Tool.

If reducing your dog’s anxiety during the thunder, fireworks, gunshots or other loud sounds is the reason you’re looking for noise cancelling headphones then use Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Jacket together with the headset or earphones for the maximum calming effect.

Best Doggy Headphones & Earbuds: Quick Comparison

WINNER Mutt Muffs DDR337
  • Sound reducing
  • Comfortable and spacious
  • Available in many sizes and 4 cute colors
  • Not bulky
  • Movable straps
  • Fits the curvature of dogs’ heads
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GREAT FOR ANXIETY Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Jacket
  • Special design applies gentle, pressure to calm anxiety, fear & over excitement
  • Great for fireworks, thunder, travel, vet visits etc
  • Recommended by thousands of vets & trainers
  • Backed by science: Dr. Temple Grandin & other leading behavior scientists have studied ThunderShirt & found that it effectively calms dogs
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AFFORDABLE Happy Hoodie for Dogs
  • Protects against loud noises and high pressured drying
  • Provides gentle compression with swaddling effect
  • Superior elastic fabric
  • Endorsed by vets
  • Durable, fast and convenient use
  • Machine washable
  • Economical
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Noise Cancelling Headphones For Dogs & Dog Earphones 2024: Reviews

1. Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs

Best Rated

Mutt Muffs are the top rated dog headsets, best for protecting your dog’s hearing in loud environments which can be dangerous for them.

They help pups to keep calm in anxiety inducing situations and protect against hearing damage as well. 

These dog ear headphones fit comfortably on your doggy’s head and are made of foam to provide maximum protection from noise.

You can choose the right size depending on the circumference of your dog’s head measured at its largest point so that your pup gets the size that fits them best and receives the most effective coverage against noise.

These vet endorsed headphones fit dogs of all shapes and sizes as the movable straps can be adjusted to fit each dog’s particular head size.
The unique design of these headphones also allows them to fit each pup as per the curvature of their head.

If reducing your dog’s anxiety during thunder, fireworks and other scary loud noises is the reason you’re looking for noise cancelling headphones then you should use Mutt Muffs together with Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Jacket for maximum effect.


  • Noise suppressing
  • Wide ear seal
  • Comfortable design
  • Manufactured with high quality foam
  • Moveable straps
  • Fits dogs of all sizes


  • Quite pricey

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2. Happy Hoodie For Dogs

Best Budget Option

Originally designed to be a groomer’s aid to keep dogs calm when getting bathed and blow dried, the Happy Hoodie doubles as a great tool to protect pups from everyday noise as well.

The expandable fabric is designed to fit dogs of all sizes and provides a comforting sensation to your precious friends. 

The Happy Hoodie can also be used as a neck and ear warmer if you live in a colder climate or if you have a dog that suffers from noise phobia, general anxiety and hematomas.

While it may not be as effective in noise cancellation as some of the other options we’ve mentioned, it’s a pocket friendly choice and easy to use.


  • Soothing and calming device
  • Effective for dimming out everyday noises
  • Durable, easy to use
  • Soft, expandable fabric
  • Budget friendly


  • Not suitable for long time use in very hot climates

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3. CrittEar Calm 

Best Earbuds for Dogs

These earbuds for dogs are made by CrittEar and sold in packs of three.

Another vet endorsed product, the Calm earbuds for dogs can be used in a variety of situations such as traveling, attending gatherings and parties, and walking through the park. 

These earplugs were especially created for a canine’s unique ear canal, and suitable for pet owners with dogs of any size.

By blocking out excessive sounds, these dog earbuds work as a perfect solution for calming anxious pups and helping them feel relaxed. 

The CrittEar Calm dog earbuds are made in America and available in all sizes from extra-small to extra-large so dogs of all stature can benefit and be protected from unwanted environmental noises. 


  • Licensed noise suppressing technology
  • Especially configured to fit canines’ ear canals
  • Made of special low resilience polyurethane
  • Approved by veterinarians 
  • Made in America


  • Extra-small and extra-large not available in 3-pack

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Dog Headset Buying Guide

Right Size and Fit

It’s essential to measure your dog’s head size properly before investing in any one of these. 

To ensure you get the best use out of any doggy headset you buy, measure your dog’s head at its largest point and then choose the right size as specified.

The product you eventually use should be a snug fit, but should not hamper your dog’s movement in any way. Read also: Best Earmuffs for Dogs 2024.

Benefits of Doggy Headsets

Headsets have a multitude of benefits for your canine friends. They provide them with a feeling of safety, comfort and security from loud noises such as heavy rainfall, traffic noises, or thunder. They can act as tools for calming down anxious pups and can help to prevent long term hearing damage. 

Additionally, they can be used to help your dog feel comfortable in out-of-the-ordinary situations such as traveling, long car rides, visits to the vet and groomers.

Finally, they can also be used to keep long hair out of the way while eating or drinking.

Can Dogs Use Human Noise Canceling Headphones

While human noise canceling headphones may seem like they fit certain breeds of dogs, it is not recommended to use this as a means of blocking out noise for your pet. 

Firstly, dogs’ ears are shaped differently than human ears, so while the size may be right, there’s no guarantee that wearing human headphones is comfortable for them. That’s why specially designed mutt headphones or earbuds are recommended by vets. 

Secondly, dogs hear different frequencies than humans do and so a product that’s exclusively meant for us, may not do the trick for our loyal friends.  

Doggy Headset Earphones

Final Thoughts About Best Headphones & Earphones For Dogs

We hope you find the right noise cancelling headphones or earphones for your dog. This list contains [year]’s top doggy headset choices, so you’re likely to find something to fit your and your best friend’s requirements.

The Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs, CrittEar Calm Dog Earplugs, and Happy Hoodie For Dogs Original Grooming and Force Drying Miracle Tool all offer certain advantages and one of these is sure to suit your pup.

If reducing your dog’s anxiety is the reason you’re looking for noise cancelling headphones then you use Thundershirt Doggy Anxiety Jacket together with the headset or earphones for the maximum calming effect. It’s very effective and recommended by thousands of vets and dog trainers. It’s calming effect is even backed by science.