Noico vs Dynamat: Differences Reviewed (What’s Better?)

noico vs dynamat

Noico and Dynamat are two names that will come up when you are looking to purchase a sound deadening mat for your car. But what differences exist between these two products and what makes one a better choice over the other?

Read on to find out the winner in this Noico  vs Dynamat battle and how they both compare in terms of effectiveness, materials they are made of, dimensions, thickness, preparation, ease of installation, and cost. Ready? Let’s go!

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Noico vs Dynamat: Quick Comparison

  • Thickness: 0.08”
  • Mass per unit area: 0.7 lbs/ft2
  • Product dimensions: 21.5” x 11.5” x 2.8”
  • Butyl rubber and asphalt-based
  • Easier installation
  • Effective in noise cancellation
  • Cheaper
  • Not great insulator of heat
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WINNER Dynamat
  • Thickness: 0.067”
  • Product dimensions: 21” x 13” x 3.5”
  • Mass per unit area: 0.45 lbs/ft2
  • Made of butyl rubber
  • Odorless
  • Very effective in noise cancellation
  • Good Insulator of heat
  • Durable
  • Pricier
  • Harder to install
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Noico vs Dynamat: Differences and Similarities


The effectiveness of a sound deadening mat is an important factor to look into when making a purchase. This is what will tell you which mat better keeps the noise out. The thickness and the materials they are made of are factors that contribute to the effectiveness of a mat.

Noico is thicker than Dynamat and so it is expected that it better deadens the noise. This would be the case if both mats were made using the same materials but as Dynamat is made purely of butyl rubber (a great sound deadener), Dynamat absorbs the noise best and provides your car with better acoustics. 

Dynamat also has a greater tolerance for heat and so its effect is not hampered by hot weather. You can drive under the sun without the discomfort that comes from the smell of burnt rubber.

Noico reduces the noise in your car by a great percentage, but as it is of butyl with an asphalt layer, its effect is less than that of Dynamat. It’s not heat resistant and produces a rubber smell when you drive in the sun due to the heat.

So in terms of effectiveness, Dynamat wins.

Materials They’re Made Of

Both Noico and Dyamat are made using butyl rubber, which offers great sound deadening properties together with heat resistance. But unlike Dynamat, Noico also has an asphalt layer.

Asphalt is not as good as butyl rubber as it has a poor heat resistance and lesser sound deadening properties.

So in terms of materials that they’re made of, Dynamat wins as it has the best materials.


The dimensions of a product are very necessary as it will help you know how much you need to completely soundproof your car. Size matters and will prevent the waste of products and ultimately waste of money.

Both Noico and Dynamat offer similar coverage of 36 sq. ft. the only difference being their dimensions.

Noico has dimensions of 21.5” x 11.5” x 2.8”, while Dynamat has dimensions of 21” x 13” x 3.5”. It’s clear that even though both offer the same coverage, Dynamat is a bit longer.

So when it comes to saving costs by purchasing less, Dynamat is the call to make.


Product thickness is a very important aspect of a sound deadener’s effectiveness. The thicker the mat, the better it would be at absorbing noise.

Noico is thicker at 0.08” against Dynamat which measures a thickness of 0.067”. This makes Noico the winner and the best choice if mat thickness is important to you.


As with all mats, the preparation for installation is pretty much the same. Both products require a clean surface, free from grease. Installing on a clean surface lets your mat stick better, and gives you a more beautiful finish.

Ease of Installation

Depending on the ease of installation of a product, you may need to spend extra money to have a professional fix it for you. That’s why user-friendly products are important.

Noico is user friendly and you can definitely install it yourself without external help. Dynamat is a bit more difficult but not anything too complicated. 

So in terms of ease of installation, Noico wins.


Dynamat is more expensive. While Noico is a brand that gives you good performance at a lower price due to the addition of asphalt.

So if you’re a buyer that requires an affordable sound deadening mat with no compromise to quality, Noico is the best option amongst the two.

Noico Review

Noico mats are butyl based with an asphalt layer included.

This gives it good sound deadening properties, and at a thickness of 0.08”, it’s pretty effective at keeping the noise out.

Its thickness doesn’t add much weight to your car leading to increased fuel consumption as it weighs only 0.7 lbs/ft2.

So you can benefit from the thickness without having to pay for excessive weight.

The addition of asphalt, however, reduces the sound deadening and heat resistance properties of Noico.

When compared to butyl, asphalt isn’t as good in keeping the sound out and this makes Noico come in second to pure butyl based products like Dynamat.

Due to its poor heat resistance, it tends to melt in hot weather and produces a rubbery smell in your car.

This limits its use to areas of cold weather conditions otherwise the ride would get uncomfortable. When it comes to a great product that is also affordable, Noico is a name that will pop up.


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Self-adhesive
  • Has good thickness


  • Produces a rubber smell in hot weather

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Dynamat Review

Dynamat is butyl based and one of the best sound deadening mats you can find.

Even at a thickness of 0.067”, it performs wonderfully in ensuring the acoustics of your car is optimum, and provides heat resistance too.

Unlike other mats made of asphalt that emit odor with use in hot weather, Dynamat is odorless and allows you to enjoy it comfortably.

It’s a very effective product and reflects heat, but it comes at a high price.


  • Completely butyl based
  • Odorless
  • Very effective sound deadener
  • Heat resistance properties


  • It’s expensive

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review difference noico dynamat


Noico vs Dynamat: And the winner is…

So there you have it. After reading this review, you have all the necessary information to decide which sound deadening material is better for your needs.

Noico is the best choice for car owners who are on a tight budget, have smaller spaces to use the mats on, and live in areas of cold weather.

Dynamat, on the other hand, is for users who want nothing but  the best, need or want the heat resistance and high noise cancellation butyl gives.