How to Soundproof a Door 2020 (Apartment, Bedroom, etc)

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how to soundproof a door

Living in a noisy neighborhood can be daunting especially if you work from home, or easily get distracted or annoyed by unwanted sound. Soundproofing your doors can truly make a difference by blocking out noise. But what are best ways to soundproof your interior or exterior door in ? No matter if your bedroom or […]

How to Soundproof a Wall (Cheaply & Effectively 2020)

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soundproof wall cheap

It is an annoyance most of us experience throughout our lifetimes. A loud neighbor that blasts his TV set at the loudest volume, heavy traffic next to your home, people on the floor above you stomping their feet like tap dancers. Thankfully, there are many ways to do some cheap and effective DIY soundproofing in […]

Soundproofing Existing Interior Walls (Best Ways 2020)

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how soundproofing existing wall

External noise inside your home can cause a wide range of physical and psychological side effects. These include sleep impairment, inability to focus, and all the physical consequences that come with mental distress. One of the best solutions to decrease noise levels within any structure is soundproofing a wall that’s already been built. In this […]

How to Make Heels Quieter (Stop Loud Clicking Noise)

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how make heels quiet

If you want to know how to make heels quieter, you’ve arrived at the right stop! It’s not just about disturbing others. At times you could get annoyed with the clicking sound of your own heels, especially in the office environment! So, why deal with all that noise when you can actually curb it? Let’s […]

How to Soundproof Windows (Three Best Ways)

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soundproofing windows

If you found this article you’re probably having noise problems. Perhaps you live on a busy street with lots of loud traffic, or there are barking dogs in the neighborhood. So, how to soundproof existing windows? We will look into both cheap and expensive solutions in this in depth guide and will answer the most […]