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How To Soundproof a Bird Cage 2024 (Easy & Affordable)

How To Soundproof Bird Cage

Birds make great additions to any household – they’re friendly (for the most part!), chirpy and cute. But our feathery friends also have strong personalities and can cause quite a ruckus sometimes, which disturbs everyone in the household. No worries – a little soundproofing magic is all you need to remedy that. Here we take you through an easy and surprisingly affordable step by step guide on how to soundproof a bird cage.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks for soundproofing products that can make a huge difference in your day to day life: Treetops Small Bird Habitat Acrylic Bird Cage, Universal Large Bird Cage Cover, and Large Sound Dampening Blanket.

Soundproof Bird Cage: How To

Birds are famously intelligent and expressive, but also very sensitive creatures. If your bird is perhaps being a tad noisier than you would like, we recommend that you follow this easy step by step guide to soundproof its cage and your surroundings.

1. Find the Perfect Acrylic Bird Cage

Before you go about making any changes to the layout of your room or house, it’s important to realize that the type of cage you house your birds in makes a big difference to the noise levels.

For this purpose, we recommend an acrylic bird cage such as the Treetops Small Bird Habitat Acrylic Bird Cage. We love this affordable, tried and tested, and well-loved cage for many reasons.

Firstly, acrylic helps to absorb noise due to its thickness. The clear appearance is pleasing, and it provides a clear view of your birds, unlike cages with metal bars which tend to look rather unpleasant. 

The Treetops Acrylic Bird Cage is also small and user-friendly, with removable parts for easy cleaning which is decidedly better than having to clean between the bars of cages iron cages. 

The side panels are made of wire, which provides sufficient ventilation as well as space for your birds to perch.

Acrylic bird cages made of non-toxic bird-safe material which is scratch proof. Even in the unlikely event of your bird pecking a small piece off, there aren’t any choking hazards. These cages are long lasting and durable, and therefore ideal for families with children.

Additionally, acrylic cages are versatile and adaptable, so with a little DIY you can easily add additional perches or wall mounts if needed.

2. Locate Your Cage in the Right Spot

Tuck your cage away into a cozy corner near a window. The birds’ tweeting will find an automatic outlet through the window and your bird will benefit from natural light and a view of the surroundings and the outside world.

Again, remember that birds are sensitive and need plenty of mental stimulation to be happy. So a strategically placed cage will help them by engaging their mind, as well you, by helping to manage the level of noise.

3. Additional Noise Protection on the Bird Cage

Once you’ve found the perfect acrylic cage and the perfect spot for it in the room, the next step is to add another layer of noise protection to the cage itself. There are a number of useful products you can use for this purpose. 

Bird Cage Covers

Our top recommendation is the Universal Large Bird Cage Cover which is great for night time.

Made of premium polyester, this soundproof bird cage cover is easy to install and clean.

It has a front flap that you can lift to check on your birds without having to remove the entire cover. 

This birdcage cover is made of 600D durable polyester fabric with an added water-resistant laminated under coating to keep your cage dry and clean.

The material is also puncture resistant, which makes it an additionally worthwhile purchase for its durability. 

Another good soundproof bird cage cover is the Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Good Night Bird Cage Cover.

This one is machine washable and made of 100% non-toxic, breathable material to protect your birds.

It aids in reducing distractions and providing better sleep for you and your bird.

Bird Cage Blankets

You also have the option to use a sound absorption bird cage blanket on your acrylic bird cage.

This one from Audimute is a Sound Dampening Blanket that absorbs (rather than blocks) sound and reduces echo and reverberations to help calm your bird.

This blanket comes with its own hanging hardware and metal grommets on both sides for easy hanging.

It’s also made of eco-friendly, recycled materials.

You can place them on the side or top of the cage, or even hang them on the walls closest to the cage (more on this later).

Another option for sound absorption is the US Cargo Control Large Sound Dampening Blanket.

Made of a durable cotton and polyester blend, this soundproof blanket can be used to cover your acrylic bird cage and considerably dampen noise from the surroundings.

It’s manufactured with 100% recycled cotton filler and has large grommets for easy hanging.

4. Soundproof the Room

In most cases, following the suggestions we’ve given above should be enough, but if you’re in need of even further noise control or you don’t fancy covering your bird cage, keep reading for more options.

Soundproof Curtains

Having soundproof blackout curtains on your walls is a good way to block unwanted sound from coming in.

A good option to consider is Moondream 3-in-1 Sound Insulation Curtains with Noise-Blackout and Thermal Insulation.

These curtains are made of polyester and have been shown to reduce noise levels up to four times. 

An additional benefit is that they block out 100% of the light and UV rays coming in, so heating and cooling costs are reduced as well. 

Similarly, the DWCN 100% Blackout Curtains are another good option.

These are made of polyester and lined with an additional blackout liner at the back, making them thick and heavy.

Despite being weighty, they’re easy to care for and machine washable. 

Soundproof wall panels

Soundproofing your walls with Acoustic Panels Soundproof Studio Foam dampens and diffuse mid to low frequency sound waves inside of a room and minimize interference from the outside.

Made of high-quality environmentally friendly polyurethane foam, these soundproof foam panels are easy to use, safe, durable and effective.

Another good choice for paneling is the LEIYER 12 Pack Self-adhesive Soundproof Foam Panels.

These high-density self-adhesive panels from LEIYER are convenient and easy to install and thick enough for sound minimizing but don’t look bulky and unpleasant.

Sound Absorbing Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings around the house and also contribute towards minimizing the sound reaching you in other parts of the house. 

This MAXTID Door Draft Blocker stops wind, dust, sound and light out from under the door.

It’s easily adjustable with a strong adhesive backing and can be taped to any side of the door. It’s also easily removable for efficient cleaning.

Soft rugs are also helpful in preventing noise from echoing around the house. This thick Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection SGH281A Modern Diamond Area Rug is made of polypropylene and is trendy and easy to maintain.

It’s also available in a variety of colors and patterns to complement the look of any room. 

Other Ways to Deal with Noisy Birds

Sometimes all you need is just a couple of soundproofing tweaks along with some techniques to help your bird manage its noisy outbursts.

One way to do this is to train your birds well.

Birds are intelligent creatures and just like any other pets, they need interaction and play time with their owners.

Spending quality time talking to them and providing them with toys and implements to enjoy themselves is an important thing for any bird owner to do.
Here are some of the most recommended and successful bird toys you’ll find: E-KOMG 13 Packs Bird Swing Toys and the BWOGUE 5pcs bird toys for small birds.

Additionally, you can train your bird to not be noisy by encouraging good behavior.

Experts recommend leaving a room when your bird is throwing a noisy tantrum and not returning until it has calmed down.

How To Soundproof Bird Cage

Soundproofing a Bird Cage: Final Thoughts

Using some of the suggestions listed above should certainly help if you want to learn how to soundproof a birdcage, which is an easy, affordable and convenient process. Remember to choose the right acrylic bird cage, bird cage blanket and soundproof bird cage cover that meets your needs.

Using the most highly recommended products such as Treetops Small Bird Habitat Acrylic Bird Cage, Universal Large Bird Cage Cover and Sound Dampening Blanket will go a long way.

Remember to mix it up and use the suggestions that are reasonable, within your budget and meet your birds’ needs. Happy soundproofing!