How to Reduce Treadmill Noise in An Apartment & Make It Quieter (Soundproofing Treadmill)

How reduce Treadmill Noise Apartment

Treadmill noise can be one of the most annoying noises in your apartment. It is also very distracting, making you less productive when trying to work or study. Fortunately, there are ways on how to reduce treadmill noise and make it much quieter.

Are you looking for how to significantly reduce Treadmill Noise in an apartment and make it quieter in 2022? There are specially designed quiet treadmills such as the highly rated NordicTrack T Series 6.5 Treadmill that is ultra quiet. Alternatively, you can use a shock absorbing treadmill mat such as Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat.

How to Reduce Treadmill Noise in An Apartment & Make It Quieter (Soundproofing Treadmill)

When the treadmill is making noise when running, and neighbors can hear the thud of every step, it is no fun. It can also be annoying trying to watch TV with all that noise coming through the wall from next door. 

To block out those noises and reduce treadmill sound in an apartment, we recommend a specially designed quieter treadmill or soundproofing treadmill.

1. Get a Specially Designed Quieter Treadmill

If you are looking to reduce treadmill noise, even more, it is best to get a specially designed quieter running machine. Most treadmills have the option of increasing the belt stiffness for better performance and less energy use, but this can also increase treadmill noise. 

A softer felt material may be added under the top layer of rubber on your running machine.

This will reduce the noise and vibrations that come from your treadmill as you run on it, but be careful not to make the belt too soft, or else it may slip during use. 

The NordicTrack T Series treadmill is designed to absorb more noise and vibrations from running on a treadmill with its Quiet Endurance design.

This treadmill also has an increased cushioning system, which greatly reduces impact as you run on it and reduces the stress placed on your joints during use.

2. Noise-reducing Soundproof Treadmill Mat or Anti-Vibration Pads

One way to reduce treadmill noise and the vibration is by placing a soundproofing and shock absorbing treadmill mat underneath your running machine. There are many different types of mats that can be bought for this purpose, but we recommend using a high-density foam soundproofing treadmill pad as it will help the most with reducing the amount of noise you hear from other rooms. 

Make sure to place the treadmill mat in between your running machine’s feet, and make sure that you do not use any anti-slip materials on top of it since they will likely cause problems with your stability when using your treadmill.

Another way to help prevent treadmill noise is by preventing vibrations through an insulated treadmill cover. A number of reasons can cause these vibrations, but the most common are uneven flooring and improper footing on your running machine’s feet. 

You can reduce this type of sound with an anti-vibration pad or mat that securely attaches to your treadmill surface, which will help spread impact as you run and reduce the vibrations that come from running on a machine.

The best rated anti-vibration pads on the market in 2022 is the 4 Pack of Anti Vibration Pads 4″ x 4″ x 7/8″ Rubber/Cork Vibration isolation pads.

Best Treadmill Mat To Reduce Noise

Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat is a great shock-absorbing treadmill mat.

It has a high density of foam which can help with absorbing noise and vibrations while also being resistant to water damage, so you do not have to worry about mold on your floor.

Treadmill Making Noise FAQ

The most common reason a treadmill makes noise is that it needs to be lubricated. Treadmills have parts that rub together while the belt runs, and without proper lubrication, these parts will wear out after time, causing them to make noises when in use.

Furthermore, if you are running on your treadmill at high speeds or for extended periods, the belt can wear out, and it will cause a loud noise. Read also: Best Quiet Treadmill 2022 and Best Quiet Under Desk Treadmill for Office & Home

Treadmill Shakes When I Run?

If your treadmill is shaking or wobbling, check the feet of the machine for stability. If they are loose, tighten them using an Allen wrench (included with most treadmills). Also, look at the track to make sure it is not bent—this can cause the shakes. If it is, you will have to call a service technician for help.

Noisy Treadmill Motor?

If the noise is coming from the motor, you will likely need to call a service technician for help—this can be caused by anything from vibration in the machine’s frame to an imbalance issue with one or more of its parts.

Treadmill Motor Belt Squeaking?

Treadmill motor belt squeaking is another common treadmill noise. If your machine makes a squealing sound when you run on it, it could be time for a new motor belt to stop the noise – or even just some lubrication along the track of the machine.

Treadmill Making Knocking Noise?

If the noise is coming from somewhere other than your feet, such as a knocking sound when you run, it could be caused by issues with the structure of the treadmill. You will need to call a service technician for help – this can sometimes be an easy fix or something that needs more involved repair work.

NordicTrack Making Noise?

Check the belt – if you hear an odd sound coming from there, try tightening or loosening the tension to see if that helps. You may also want to check your roller adjustment, which can be done by turning the machine off and pressing down on it – if you hear a clunking noise, the rollers are too high.

Peloton Apartment Noise?

If you are using a Peloton bike and the noise from your workout is bothering others, there are some things that can help. For instance, consider wearing headphones to listen to music or an audiobook – or even just turning up the volume of whatever you are listening to! You could also look into soundproofing for more effective workouts with less noise.

Can You Put a Treadmill on The Second Floor?

It is possible to put a treadmill on the second floor, but it is not recommended. You can try placing your treadmill on hardwood floors or carpeting the stairs if you want to avoid complaints from neighbors below and above you. But keep in mind that this may cause problems of its own, with vibrations through your home affecting wall finishes and structural integrity.

If you want to put a treadmill on the second floor, use carpet runners or foam padding from top to bottom and place towels underneath it as well. This will reduce the impact of noise through your apartment. Read also: Best Quietest Rowing Machine for Apartment 2022 and Best Quiet Punching Bag For Apartment 2022

Quieter treadmill Soundproofing

Upstairs Neighbor Treadmill Noise Reduction

Soundproofing a treadmill is important to reducing the noise level of your apartment and making it quieter for everyone around you. Here are some of the ways for upstairs neighbor treadmill noise reduction: 

  1. Use a thicker carpet on your treadmill. It will reduce noise levels when in use and help absorb vibration energy from the machine so that less of it reaches your floor.
  2. Get treadmill shock absorber pads. These pads fit under any model to reduce vibrations—which in turn reduces the thumping sounds above.
  3. Place special sound-absorbing tiles on the ceiling, which will help absorb noise traveling through the floor or air.
  4. Ensure that you are using thick treads on your shoes when running or walking upstairs because this will reduce the amount of sound energy transmitted through your apartment’s flooring.
  5. Use rubberized treadmill mats to help absorb vibration noise in an apartment building.  This will help reduce the walking sound in your apartment and make it quieter for everyone around you.
  6. Install a treadmill with an incline feature, which will require your neighbor to run more slowly and for less time.
  7. If you are using a folding treadmill, make sure that it’s propped up on something like carpet padding when not in use. If you do not, it will sit on the floor like a piece of furniture. This makes for inefficient noise reduction and sound transfer through your apartment.

Is It Okay to Have a Treadmill on The Carpet?

Whether or not it’s okay to have a treadmill on carpet depends upon the type of machine you are using and how often you will be running on it. Some treadmills can sit directly onto hardwood floors without causing too much vibration noise through your apartment, but these machines tend to be more expensive than other types (i.e., folding treadmills, non-folding treadmills).

If you are using an upright or folding treadmill in your apartment, then yes, you can use rugs underneath the machine to help absorb some of the vibration energy. This will reduce the walking sound in your apartment & make it quieter for everyone around you.


Soundproofing a treadmill can be very beneficial when trying to make your apartment quieter. To effectively and efficiently soundproof an apartment, proper materials are required. NordicTrack T Series 6.5 Treadmill and shock absorbing treadmill such as Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat are tools that will be able to reduce treadmill noise in your apartment successfully.