How to Mount Acoustic Foam Temporarily without Damaging Walls 2022 (How to Hang Sound Foam?)

Mount Acoustic panel Temporarily Damaging Walls

People who live in a rental apartment or studio try their best to find out how to mount acoustic foam temporarily without damaging walls. If you, too, are confused about the same, we are here to help. In this guide, we will help you with how to hang sound foam without a single scratch on your pretty walls. Here, we will not suggest conventional ways of hanging the acoustic foam because they cause much destruction to the walls. 

Short on time? The best way to mount acoustic foam temporarily is by using T-Pins and Stick on Velcro. These products are our favorite because they cause no damage to the walls and support the sound foam longer than other methods. 

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How to Mount Acoustic Foam Temporarily Without Damaging Walls?

1. T-Pins


One of the most uncommon yet helpful ways of hanging acoustic foam on walls without causing any damage is surely the T-Pins.

These are small pins with a flat head and comparatively longer needles.

It is their ‘T’ shape from which the pins get their name. 

You can easily attach the sound foam with T-Pins by following the steps below:

  • Attach cardboard to the acoustic foam back using T-Pins.
  • Flatten the pins.
  • Hang the sound foam with the help of the pinhead without using glue.

If you follow these simple steps, you can easily learn how to hang acoustic foam without damaging walls. It is also recommended that you use no-mark sticky hooks while hanging the acoustic foam using T-pins. The sticky hooks provide additional support and are a great substitute for adhesive glues.

If you use this method, then you can easily install the sound foam without creating any holes or mess in the walls. 


  • Easily available
  • They come at an affordable price
  • Requires no special skills for installation 


  • You may want to use sticky hooks for even better support

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2. Stick-On Velcro

Runner Up

Another great way of attaching acoustic foam to walls in 2022 is by using Stick-on Velcro.

When you install the sound foam using velcro strips, you can easily remove it from the wall later when needed, and that too without leaving a single mark.

This is the reason why so many people who live on rent opt for this method. It also comes at a very low price. Velcro strips are available in both online and offline stores. 

Even though it is available at cheap price, we recommend you go for the moderately priced ones. When you choose the cheap velcro strips, there are chances that your sound foam might peel off after a few months.

Buying an expensive strip once is far better than replacing the cheap strips multiple times in a year. 

Stick-on velcro seems to work fine for most people, but it won’t stick for long if you place it on a slippery wall. That is why it is always wise to choose a rough surface for hanging acoustic foam without glue.

If you are looking for a cheap and temporary method of installing soundproof foam in your apartment, then get your hands on the fine stick-on velcros! Read also: Best Acoustic Panels For Home Studio & Theater 2022


  • Readily available 
  • It can be bought for a very cheap price
  • It easily comes out without damaging the walls


  • Not great for slippery walls

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3. Glueing CD

Last but not least, you can glue a CD at the back of the acoustic foam to hang it.

This method is suggested by most experts whenever they are asked how to stick acoustic foam to the wall without any damage.

Hence, we are counting on it too. You can attach the CD to the foam using a strong adhesive and then hang it by passing the thumbtacks through the CD holes.

Doing this is super easy and takes little time.

Even though this idea seems weird and uncommon, it is quite popular among those confused about how to hang up sound foam without harming walls.

Once you have bought the right CDs and adhesives, the entire process of hanging the sound foam is very easy.

Learning how to attach the acoustic foam to walls using CDs won’t take much time. All you need is a little practice and once you have mastered the skill, you can hang it easily without any professional help whatsoever. You may also want to read: Best Adhesive For Acoustic Foam 2022 and Temporary Soundproofing: Removable Sound Barrier


  • A cost-effective way of hanging soundproof foam
  • Provides good support 
  • You can do it yourself


  • It can look messy if not done properly

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How Hang Sound Foam

How to Hang Sound Foam Temporarily?

If you thought that using a strong adhesive and making holes in the wall are the only ways of attaching a soundproof foam, then by now, you already know it is not so.

We hope this article has helped you learn how to install soundproof foam without damaging the walls. In this ‘how to hang sound foam‘ guide, here are the top 3 solutions to conclude the article.

In short, T-pins and Stick-on Velcro are the best options in 2022. Even though CD is also a good option, we prefer the other two methods because of their easy uses and reasonable prices. 

Soundproofing can help you sleep and relax without getting bothered by unnecessary noises. 

It’s easy to learn how to hang sound foam temporarily or how to soundproof a house using wall paint and curtains. You can also hire interior decorators who can help you choose the best soundproofing items and then you can buy all of them online.

Furthermore, as an acoustic foam absorbs unwanted sounds, your music system will give you a better sound quality than ever. So, now that you know how to mount acoustic foam temporarily without damaging walls, when will you do it? Do share with us!