How To Make Your RV Air Conditioner Quieter (RV AC Noise Reduction)

how to make rv air conditioner quieter

Your RV Air Conditioner is definitely your best asset when it comes to seeking solace from the harsh summer heat. Although these air conditioners provide an excellent atmosphere with cold and purified air, some of them can be really loud and noisy. So, let’s find out how to make your RV AC quieter.

RV Air Conditioner loud sound commonly occurs due to the AC’s mounting bolts and rubber cushions. This noise can easily be reduced by inspecting the mounting bolts for tightness and by checking the anti vibration pads to see if they need to be replaced. Or you can just buy a new and quiet RV aircon.

How to make your RV air conditioner quieter & reduce RV AC noise

1. Inspect the mounting bolts for tightness

One of the primary reasons for the noise might be that your air conditioner is mounted too tightly. When it is mounted too tightly, the air conditioner can transmit the vibrations in your RV quite easily through the walls and frames.

The noise gets even louder if you put the AC on full operation. To resolve this issue, inspect the mounting screws of your AC and loosen them a bit in case they are too tight. 

In addition to the tightness of the screws, remember that any loose screws or bolts can also displace the component and cause loud noise.

It is recommended that you start trying with this simple solution because if this the only reason then only loosening of the bolts will get you rid of the noise. If the problem persists move on to the next solutions mentioned below.

2. Inspect the AC’s rubber cushions

You might be aware of the fact that your RV air condition comes with anti vibration pads. These rubbers cushions are meant to absorb the vibrations from components of your air conditioner when AC is operating.

When these cushions get old, they become hard and unable to perform their job in absorbing the vibrations and you will get to hear loud noises when you turn on AC.

So, if your Air Conditioning unit has worn-out rubber cushions then replace them immediately to reduce the noise of your Air conditioner.

3. Invest in an RV AC silencer (AKA noise reduction kit)

The most effective method of reducing noise. In your RV air conditioner is installing a silencer. This kit brings down the noise significantly.

It reduces the sound by almost 8-10 decibels. It is recommended to go for this kit only if you have completely inspected your air conditioner and couldn’t find any other visible problem and it is still making loud noises.

This kit muffles the noise with the help of thick cotton lined inside the duct system of your unit. Some noise reduction kits can also improve the airflow in addition to reducing the noise. These kits are quite easy to install and you do not need an expert for getting them installed. You can install them quite conveniently using the guide book that comes with it.

4. Replace your RV aircon with a quieter one

If despite using all the above-mentioned methods you are unable to get rid of the noise then we suggest replacing your loud RV AC with a quiet RV air conditioner will be the best choice to make. We recommend the highly rated ICON Brisk Aircon.

Your unit has probably completed its expected lifespan and the newer variants have much better noise muffling capabilities.

There are various AC’s in the market with the minimum sound at affordable pricing that can give you relief and get you rid of your noise air conditioner noise problem that had deprived you of your sleep.

Maintenance to keep your RV AC quiet

1. Clean the air conditioner filters

If the air filters of your air conditioner haven’t been cleaned in a while, then it greatly affects the cooling quality.

You must clean them regularly in order to keep your air conditioner working properly.

These filters inside your RV Roof air conditioners are present inside the RV below the air distribution bezel of the Air conditioner unit.

If the filters are pretty worn, it is recommended to replace them with new filters such as the Wadoy RV AC Foam filter which can be found by clicking here.

2. Clean the evaporator coils

Once you have decided to do some maintenance work on your RV air conditioner and started with cleaning the air filters, the next natural step would be to clean the evaporator coils.

These coils would be visible as soon as you remove the air filters. It is another important part of the air conditioner that requires regular cleaning.

Analyze it fully with the help of a flashlight and check if it has dust accumulated in it. Carefully remove any dust with the help of a soft bristle vacuum attachment.

The Nu-Calgon evaporator coil cleaner is the best in the market in 2022.

3. Clear the Condenser Coils

In case it is possible for you to go on the roof of your RV, you must also work on cleaning the outside condenser coils of your AC.

You will need to remove the shroud on the AC, which is normally attached with the help of multiple screws.

When the shroud is removed blow out debris from condenser coils with the help of some condensed air.

Remember the right way to do this is to blow air from inside out (you need to remove shroud for this purpose).

This process must be removed every once a year for better performance of your RV air conditioner.

The Frost King Coil Cleaner is an excellent option to clean your coils.

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rv ac noise reduction

Final thoughts on RV Reducing AC Noise

So, that’s how to make you RV air conditioner quieter. The noise of your RV air conditioner can easily disrupt your day to day lives, which is why it’s time to get rid of them by using the methods outlined above.

We recommend that you start with implementing simpler methods and if you are unable to reduce RVAC noise enough then it is always recommended to hire an expert to get the job done.

You can simply start with inspecting the tightness of the bolts and inspecting the rubber cushions of your air conditioner. If there is a problem in these two sections you can easily fix it by tightening the bolts and replacing the aircon anti vibration pads with better ones.

In case of an older AC that just doesn’t stop making noise no matter how many repairs you have done to it, the best thing you can do is replace it with a new, quieter model. Buy a quieter RV air conditioner and make your life easier!