How To Make Keyboard Quieter (Yes, Even Loud Mechanical Keyboards)

How To Make Keyboard Quieter

Really distracted by the unnecessary and disturbing noise of your keyboard? You can’t properly concentrate and want to get rid of it as soon as possible? Especially when you’re using a mechanical keyboard that is quite loud by nature. If yes, then you’ve landed at the right place.

In a hurry? The two very best methods to make the keyboard quieter (yes, even your noisy mechanical keyboard) are O-Ring Rubber Keyboard Dampeners and Halo Clear Quiet Switches.

How To Make Mechanical Or Regular Keyboard Quieter

1. O-Rings 

One of the best methods to silence the keyboard either regular or mechanical is by using these easy and portable O-Rubber Rings by Sumind.

They are made of silicon with very good elasticity and are quite strong. They’re very simple and effective. 

These highly rated O-rings keyboard noise dampeners are mostly applied on the bottom of the keyboard keys to reduce the keyboard noise and give the keys a fascinating soft bottom out, also they are good for fixed seal, oil seal, guide ring, dust seal, rotary seal, hole seal, water seal, shaft seal, etc.

These O-rings are specifically approx 8mm/0.3 inch outer diameter and 5mm/0.2 inch in inner diameter and 1.5mm/0.06 inch in thickness. 

They are flexible and durable and can satisfy you for a long time. They are very inexpensive and can be used to diminish the sound which is established by mechanical keys bottoming out.

Installation is really easy too. For the wider keys like the space bar, backspace, and return you might need to double the amount to have a good similar typing experience similar to the single key. 

2. Halo Clear Quiet Switches

Are your keyboard keys too loud? Don’t worry!

Another great method by which we can eliminate their disturbing loud noise is by installing these high quality Halo Clear Quiet Keyboard Switches.

It is smooth, consistent, and super satisfying. It will give your keyboard a tactile feel like never before. 

It will give your keyboard a tactile smooth and precisely weighted feel. These switches come preloaded and offer a satisfying pop during activation. 

It is a firmer spring and has a feel to it, which allows you to get an experience of really steady typing with less sound effect. 

So they are best for your office environment so consider these as a go! 

Because the heavy tactile switches are a huge hit over the years so these Halo Clears are the nice, heavy, and original version. They are perfect for hot-swap compatible barebone kits.

3. Synthetic Super Lube Oil

Another very excellent method of making your keyboard silent is by using this popular synthetic oil.

This helps to give you a better sound than before and makes your keyboard quieter. 

It also works to improve the feel of your keyboard. It will give you a smoother switch while typing and also decrease the friction while pressing the keys and reduce the scratchiness.

It protects against friction, rust, wear, and corrosion as well. This synthetic lube oil will increase productivity leading to smoother typing with less unwanted noise. 

It lessens the tactile bump of your tactile switches. Also, there will be less noise for the switches and less pin sound from the spring while you are typing on the keyboard. So by lining those pins carefully you can reduce the sound of your noisy keyboard. 

It is very efficient for the cross-shaped stem switches. It has no smell to it and because it has a high viscosity, it remains where it is applied. Make sure to dust off your switches with a brush. 

Linear switches are sustained more with lubrication. It adds consistency and smoothness to the switches and takes them to another level. But it is not preferable for the clicky switches so you can try other recommended methods to reduce the noise your keyboard makes.

4. Sound Dampening Foam 

Last but not the least, another method you can use for noise reduction of a keyboard is by putting the sound dampening foam in the mechanical or regular keyboard.

This noise absorption material is good at sound suction. 

It is a batch of two foam pads that are assembled to help absorb the noise with minimal impact.

Each pad has a large surface area that allows it to give a good noise reduction.

It has a high density so adding a little weight to the keyboard prevents the keyboard from sliding while typing. It is one of the best ways to improve sound quality and reduce vibration. 

It has soundproofing traits and is also quite budget-friendly. It makes your typing sound less high-pitched and makes it a more low-frequency sound.

You will also notice that while adding this acoustic foam to the keyboard the spring vibration and as well as the metal plate vibration will be reduced significantly. 

So adding foam to the keyboard will greatly modify your sound quality. And it is so easy to install.

Just open your keyboard, cut the foam accurately to the size of your keyboard and then just put it inside the keyboard and close it. And to some extent, your problem is solved. Read also best quietest mechanical keyboards & switches 2022

How To Type Quietly

So, I am confident now that you are aware of the ways of how to dampen the sound of your loud keyboard. But, there are other practical applications by which you can decrease the noise level. 

The first way is simply typing slower. If you are disturbed by your colleague’s fast and loud typing then you can suggest them to slow down.

By conveying your message to them, they might accept your suggestion. By this, not only the sound will be reduced but furthermore, your keyboard will last longer. 

Another method of typing quieter is by using a cloth or sheet. If your typing skills are really good and you know the exact keynotes then you can use a transparent cloth or plastic sheet on your keyboard and start typing. 

There will be an effective reduction in the sound, and your parents, elder sister or brother will maybe not complain again while you are busy with your game. 

Final Words On How To Silence Mechanical Keyboard

So, now you know the best ways how to make the keyboard quieter, even your loud mechanical keyboard. In conclusion, the two best solutions on the market in 2022 are the O-rings and the Halo Clear Quiet Switch. Enjoy the silence!