How to Make Heels Quieter (Stop Loud Clicking Noise)

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If you want to know how to make heels quieter, you’ve arrived at the right stop! It’s not just about disturbing others. At times you could get annoyed with the clicking sound of your own heels, especially in the office environment! So, why deal with all that noise when you can actually curb it? Let’s get to it.

How To Make Heels Quieter: Best Fixes t0 Stop Clicking Noise

Here are some very easy tips and tricks that will help you quiet all the clicking noise of your heels. 

1. High Heel Caps to the Rescue 

Best Solution

Most of the heels out there, such as stilettos, have pointy tips.

This becomes the reason for all the clicking noise.

The best solution in this situation will be high heel caps.

High heel caps are very easy to use and do not require any adhesive for fixation.

All you have to do is place them at the tip of the heel. Once you’ve positioned them right, they won’t slip off, and you can walk the way you want!

For those flattering black heels, go for the highly-rated GoGoHeel Quick Tips.

Alternatively, if you prefer clear heel caps, get the Solemates. The elegant design of these high heel caps not only helps in making your heels quieter but also protects them from damage. 

2. Gaffer Tape To Make Your Heels Quieter

Gaffer tape is known for its tensile and strong adhesive properties.

Ever thought of using it as a noise stopper for heels? 

Probably not but here’s how you can do it! 

Before you begin, make sure your heels are clean. Remove all the dirt and debris from the sole of the heel.

Now start adding layers of gaffer tape on the heel. For better results, make sure that the coating is thicker.

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3. DIY Rubber/Silicon/Cork/Felt Pad for Less Noise

If you are low on budget or want to try something on your own, then these DIY solutions will definitely help you!

From rubber foam to self-adhesive cork pads, you will find plenty of options out there. 

Some of these awesome materials are furniture pads, rubber foam, transparent rubber bumper, and cork pads

You can use different materials as per your requirements.

If you are looking for a stable all-weather product, then rubber foam will be the best option.

However, for walking on smooth surfaces and for dancing, felt and cork pads go a long way! 

4. Rubber Sole Pads

Rubber sole pads may help you when you have fixed the heel, but your shoes are still too noisy.

These pads not only prevent the noise of the heels as you walk but also keep the soles of your shoes safer. 

We recommend the highly-rated rubber sole pads by Makryn.

Suitable for both leather and high-heeled shoes, these rubber pads come with adhesive and can be easily applied on the sole of the shoes. 

For a complete noise reduction solution, we suggest you use rubber sole pads along with high heel caps. 

5. Gel Cushions  

If you aren’t the best of a walker, and always wondered how to stop shoes from making noise, then gel cushions will be the perfect choice for you!

Gel cushions have the same effect as high heel caps as they absorb all the sound and shock that heels produce. 

Gel cushions can also work well for ladies who like to wear oversize heels as these pads prevent your feet from sliding forward. Unlike high heel caps, these cushions come with adhesives and can firmly stick onto your heels. 

You can get the Fancy Feet Pads by Foot Petals. These gel cushions are reusable, you can put to use the entire collection of your shoes. Read also our article about how to stop shoes from squeaking on linoleum and hard floors.

6. Don Them Sound Booties 

If you do not want to do any customizations on your heels and want a perfect shoe silencer, then sound booties are what you should consider buying. 

These booties come with an elastic opening and are actually textile slippers. Since sound booties eliminate all the shoe noise, these are used on movie sets and music studios. 

If you are comfortable walking in your office building with a cloth on your shoes, then sound booties will keep all the shoe noise at bay! 

How To Walk Quietly In Cowboy Boots? 

If you love your cowboy boots but don’t like the way they sound, then here’s a simple trick that could help you! 

Rubber pads work great for cowboy boots. You can buy a well-rated set from Makryn. All you have to do is stick the padding on the sole of the boot, and you are good to go!

You can also cut a small part of the pad and stick on the heels for a complete soundproof solution.

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How Can I Make My Footsteps Quieter? 

Most of us don’t really pay attention to the way we walk. But there is a science behind it! This science can actually help you walk silently.

Now that you’ve known how to make your heels quieter, it’s time to get familiar with ways that will help you walk without making noise. 

Keep It Slow: Instead of pacing your walk, it’s good to keep your footsteps slow. Most martial artists prefer this technique across the world. This will also help you from tripping on the floor. 

Watch Where You Walk: You need to walk differently on different types of surfaces. Try to walk on the carpeting whenever indoors.  When in a city setting, try to avoid cobblestones, graveled pathways, and wooden floors as they make a lot of noise. 

Body Posture Is Important: Always try to keep your body posture upright while walking. This might be a little difficult when you’re wearing heels. Practice will help you in doing so. Also, when you walk in an upright posture, you look more confident.  

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Confidence Is The Key! 

Now that you are aware of all the best products and tricks to make loud shoes quiet don’t forget to walk with confidence! The way you walk may also affect the noise your heels produce. Walk it as you own it. 

Let your foot take the lead and not your heels. Not doing so may make more noise, and your shoes may collapse too. 

The best ways to make your heels quieter are high heel caps by GoGoHeel Quick Tips and Solemates but if you’re on a tight budget, try gaffer tape.

Follow these tricks, and nothing can come in your way!