How To Quiet A Noisy Window Air Conditioner (Soundproof AC Unit To Reduce Noise)

How quiet noisy window air conditioner

Your Window Air-Conditioner which helped you get through the summers cool and fresh is now becoming quite noisy. Is it time to give it up on garage sale and get a new one? Well, depending on why exactly your AC is making such noises, it really could be time to shop for a new quiet AC or else you can soundproof the AC unit yourself with dome simple DIY. So here are some simple tips and tricks which you can try to reduce the noise coming out of your air-conditioner.

In a hurry? The Supplying Demand SBUHD Universal Air Conditioner Sound Blanket does an excellent job of isolating AC compressor noise and it can be fitted on most AC units on the market. The Brinmar SBLHD (#0035H) Compressor Sound Blanket for Large Compressors will suit your needs better in case you have a large size compressor. 

The highly rated Midea U Inverter Quiet Window Air Conditioner is a perfect choice if you decide to replace your existing noisy window AC unit. Senville SENL-09CD Split Air Conditioner with its whisper quiet operation (25dB) and energy efficient consumption is another great option.

AC Noise Reduction: How To Soundproof & Insulate Around Window AC

DIY Window Air Conditioner Insulation 

1) Use Sound Blankets

Sound blankets are specially designed blankets that contain layers of sound absorbing material that muffle the sound which passes through them.

Now, an AC might be creating abnormal noises for a variety of reasons.

This includes dirty filters, loose panel fittings, vibration at mounting area, deteriorated fan or compressor.

While most of these issues can be fixed with the help of an experienced AC service technician, there are some critical parts like the compressor and its internal components that are not so easy to service.

In such cases, the compressor can be snugly covered with a sound blanket in-order to reduce the noise it generates.

There are some sound blankets that are specifically made for isolating AC compressors which might come in handy if you do not want to do too much DIY. 
The Supplying Demand SBUHD Universal Air Conditioner Compressor Sound Blanket is one such product that is made to suit a wide variety of AC compressors.

You can use a measuring tape to get the overall size of your compressor and see if it can fit the blanket on to it.

In case your compressor is larger, you can go for the Brinmar SBLHD (#0035H) Compressor Sound Blanket for Large Compressors which is made a tad larger to fit those bigger capacity AC compressors.

Once the compressor is muffled, you may still want to isolate the noise coming from the outer window unit.

For this purpose, you can get the Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet – Sound Dampening Blanket – Soundproofing Sheet

This sound blanket looks similar to your sleeping blanket and can be used to cover the whole outside window unit. This will significantly muffle the noise coming out of the AC unit.

When you are trying to isolate the entire unit, it is critical to make sure that you leave enough air gaps to allow the AC units to release heat.

2) Get A New Quiet AC Unit

Sometimes you may come to realize that you can do only so much to muffle the AC noise.

Well, to be true, buying a brand new specially designed quiet Air-Conditioning unit will likely be better for you than going the DIY way.

Thanks to recent technological advancements modern AC units are much quieter and efficient than they used to be.

You can choose a super quiet window AC unit to replace your existing window unit or can consider going for split ACs which are better in terms of noise management.
One such capable window AC which has a super quiet operation is the Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner.

It is feature rich and designed to be easily window mounted.

Instead of trying in frustration to fix your current window unit, you can simply get this great unit and have a peaceful sleep. Check out our article about the Best Quiet Window AC in 2022

In case you are willing to go for a Split type AC, then the Senville SENL-09CD Mini Split Air Conditioner with its whisper quiet operation is definitely worth your consideration. We also have an article about the Best Quietest Ductless Split Air Conditioners.

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3) Reduce Vibration

There are two areas where rattling noises are generated from the AC – loose internal components such as coils and AC mounting points.

Over the period of time, the internal components of the AC unit may begin to get loose. This causes them to constantly vibrate against themselves or the internal panel walls of the AC. 

In order to fix this in the best way, it is better to call a trusted technician as an improperly done DIY project can go wrong and cause even more noise, malfunctioning, or worse, injury.

But in case you’re willing to do it yourself, you can start by turning off the AC and removing the outer panels of the external AC unit to access the coil area.

Here you must find two coils touching each other or against the panels. You might also discover debris which you should promptly remove and also loose or fallen nuts which you need to locate and fix back on their original position.

Now you can use a one-sided foam tape to cushion the surfaces which vibrate with one another in order to eliminate any rattling noises.

A good quality one-sided foam tape like the Frost King R734H Sponge Rubber Foam Tape works just fine and lasts for a long time.

4)  Mount Properly

The holes for mounting the whole external unit will slowly become larger due to vibration over time.

This might cause the spread of vibration in the whole unit.

In order to fix this, use larger size bolts instead of the original ones and use rubber or a Mass Loaded Vinyl layer to provide an anti-vibration cushion for the AC unit.

Also, do make sure that the External AC unit is not mounted in an inclined manner as this will cause the internal moving parts to experience eccentric load and thus result in noise and also deterioration. 

You can get a variety of anti-vibration mounting pads or simply cut the MLV sheet and rest the mounts over it to reduce vibration. 

What Causes Window Air Conditioner Compressor Noise

Any Air Conditioner including specially made quiet ones will generate some level of noise during operation. This noise is bound to increase over the period of usage.

Regular servicing and proper maintenance go a long way in slowing down the increase in noise level over time.

While there are several causes for AC compressor noise, dirty filters, and improper mounting are the most common.

As dirt keeps accumulating on the filters the compressor has to work extra hard to suck in air. Hence, cleaning the filter is a simple yet crucial activity that needs to performed regularly to avoid complications.

Also, improper mounting causes the blades inside the compressor to experience an eccentric load which in-turn causes the joints to get loosened. 

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Unfortunately, if the compressor is having a severe noise issue like loud banging or buzzing, it’s likely time to get your compressor replaced.

There are other factors too which may cause a peculiar noise from your AC unit.

  • Buzzing – Electrical issues like improper wiring, weak motor or a faulty capacitor
  • Hissing – Leakage from the air-filter, ducts, the expansion valve or the refrigerant coils
  • Squealing – Wear in bearings or belts in either the compressor motor or the fan motor
soundproof AC unit reduce noise

Final Thoughts About Air Conditioner Sound Proofing

In conclusion the easiest and most effective way is to simply get a new specially designed quiet AC like the Midea Window Air Conditioner or the Senville Split AC. It’s not the cheapest solution though so if you’re on a tight budget it may not be an option.

If you want to quiet your noisy windows air conditioner in a more affordable way then getting a ready-made AC compressor sound blanket like the Supplying Demand SBUHD Universal Air Conditioner Compressor Sound Blanket to provide a sound barrier for the AC unit is an easy and effective way of reducing the noise level.

You can also use the Brinmar SBLHD (#0035H) Compressor Sound Blanket for Large Compressors to soundproof a large noisy compressor

A sheet of sound absorption blanket like the Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet – Sound Dampening Blanket – Soundproofing Sheet can be used to create a soundproofing fence.