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How Many Sones is a Quiet Range Hood (What is Sones Rating for a Range Hood)

How Many Sones Quiet Range Hood

A quiet range hood can make for a pleasant, conversational gathering as everyone enjoys the freshly prepared meal right off the stove. Or loud, noisy range hood can get in the way of conversation, embarrass the hosts, and make for a downright unpleasant gathering as everyone yells over your six sone hood. Typical range hoods produce between 3 to 7 sones of sound. We’ve done the research and found a few range hoods that produce the least amount of noise. 

These are the highest rated range hoods with lowest sones ratings in 2024: Cosmo 5MU30 30 in (best rated) the Broan-NuTone BCSEK130WW(most quiet), and the Hauslane Chef Series Range Hood.

How Many Sones is a Quiet Range Hood

Typically, a quiet range hood is between 5-13 sones depending on their design, power, and size. The three hoods we found in our research are between 1-4 sones, depending on how high you’ve set the fan.

First of all, what are sones? Sones are a measurement of how a particular sound is perceived by an average listener. Sones, along with decibel measurements, are usually provided by the manufacturer so you can make the most affordable choice for your kitchen and range. 

The best rated quiet is the Cosmo 5HMU 30 inch under cabinet range hood that is convertible to a ductless model with a carbon fiber filter kit.
It’s made of 430-grade stainless steel and uses a three-prong plug for easy installation.

Push-button controls make it easy to adjust fan speed, with the highest fan setting producing just 7 sones.

It is a great, affordable, and very quiet range hood choice.

If you need something quieter than that, go for the Broan-NuTone Range Hood.

How Loud is One Sone 

A sone is a measurement of the perception of sound. A typical television at normal volume might produce four sones. On the other hand, decibel ratings measure the amount of sound pressure produced by an object.

One of the more versatile range hoods we came across in our research was the Hauslane Chef Series Rangehood. On its lowest settings, it produces 1.5 sones, while on its highest setting it produces up to 3.5 sones. 

This range hood is for the culinarian that loves to cook up homemade recipes. It is a professional steel-grade quality range hood. 

How Many Sones is Quiet 

Range hoods typically vary in the number of sones emitted depending on whether or not you have your fan turned all the way up to capture smoke and other odors coming from your range, or you have it turned down after cooking up a hearty meal.

Normal conversation is about 9 sones and a lawnmower is nearly 90 sones. So, 3.5 sones is not loud at all, especially for a professional range hood that comes with all the goodies.

It features a self-cleaning steam hood. The powerful ventilation system Hauslane is known for ensures a nice-smelling kitchen free from carcinogens that is easily adjustable. Its sleek button design makes it extremely easy to clean the control panel until push button models. 

However, quality and quiet come with a price.

Converting Sones to dB 

Sones can be converted into decibel ratings, and manufacturers usually rate their products in decibels or in sones. For example, the Broan-NuTone F403004  produces around 1.5 sones.

Out of all of the range hoods we researched, this range hood is the most affordable. At 1.5 sones, it is the quietest and most affordable range hood.

The range with the lowest decibel rating is the Broan-NuTone Rangehood. It is fashioned from stainless steel and can be ducted vertically, horizontally, or used without a duct with a separately sold carbon filter. It comes with an overhead light. 

The quietest range hoods are not going to be much louder than your normal television at a reasonable volume, or even a quiet night in a suburban neighborhood. 

Quietest Range Hood Decibel Ratings 

Range hoods come in various sizes, designs, and the amount of power that the fan can put out at its fastest speed. This is known as maximum hood speed or CFM. 

The winner is the Cosmo 5MU range hood because of its affordability, design, and easy installation. Coming up in second place is the Broan-NuTone range hood, and finally the Hauslane Chef Series Rangehood. All three range hoods feature reusable filters, which really cuts down on costs.

1. Cosmos 5MU

It’s the best midrange range hood.

This range hood unit typically produces 7 sones  It is sleek, stylish, and works for houses that don’t have air ducts through the use of a carbon filter.

The push-button control system makes it easy to use and the reusable filter really stands out with this range hood. 

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2. Broan NuTone

It’s the most affordable option for those looking for a quiet, affordable, and sleek range hood.

The Broan NuTone range hood is versatile and has four installation configurations as well as an option for homeowners without a duct for ventilation.

At its economical price, modern design, and quiet operation – 6.5 sones, it is a great choice for budget conscious homeowners. 

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3. Hauslane Chef Series

The final product we researched and reviewed is a wall-mounted rangehood that is made for culinary enthusiasts and for professional applications.

At its highest setting, it emits 1.5 sones, while at its quietest setting it emits 3.5 sones.

It has great suction power and eliminates any leftover air particles, some of which are carcinogenic, from the air.

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What is a Typical Sones Rating for a Range Hood?

Typical sones rating for range hoods vary depending on the power of the fan and your needs. Typically, you will want a fan that emits 6 sones or less at about 200 square centimeters. One sone sounds like a running refrigerator. 

Most range hoods are between 6-13 sones, which is around 56-58 decibels. It is important to choose the right range hood for your cooktop or range because not all hoods are efficient when used with different types of cooktops or ranges such as gas oer or electric. Electric ranges require much less power than gas ranges.

The range hoods that we researched are versatile enough to handle demanding ventilation needs. Read also our article about the Best Quietest Range Hood in 2024 

Is 65 dB Loud for a Typical Range Hood?

65 decibels is quite loud for a typical range hood. 65 decibels translates to about 13 sones. Most range hoods operate between 6 and 13 sones, depending on their power output. So, it is possible for some range hoods to get a bit noisier than normal if there’s a lot of need for ventilation.

What Sones Rating Range Hood

Final Thoughts About How Many Sones Is a Quiet Range Hood 

The Cosmo 5MU30 range hood is our overall choice for most consumers as it has great functionality and affordability. It emits about 7 sones during operation. 

Once again, the Broan Nu-Tone Range Hood, at 1.5 sones, is the most affordable and quiet. It is not as pricey as the other two choices, and offers similar functionality. It’s perfect for people who are on a tight budget.

The Hauslane Chef Series Range Hood is for a kitchen that needs heavy ventilation, and it is also wall-mounted. It is a more professionally-oriented range hood and six-speed setting enable it to run between 1.5-3.5 sones depending on how high the settings have been switched on. 

If you are wondering how many sones is an extremely quiet range hood, some range hoods emit only one sone. But then again, and as always, do some research and base it on your needs. A one sone rating range hood will not be able to ventilate your kitchen well.