How To Make A Lawn Mower Quiet (Lawn Mower Muffler Silencer)

How To Make Lawn Mower Quiet

If you’re looking at how to make a lawn mower quiet this year using a muffler silencer etc, this article is just for you. The small muffler can at least help keep an engine’s noise tolerable. However, the muffler can break over time, or the gasket seal may fail to muff the air flowing out of the engine’s exhaust port. As a result, the engine would become noisier.

Short on time? You can get a quiet muffler silencer or if just get a new and quieter lawn mower. The best rated lawn mower in 2022 is the highly rated Greenworks G-MAX 40V. Another great alternative is the electric lawn master by LawnMaster. It’s very affordable too.

How To Quiet Lawn Mower Noise

1. Quiet Muffler

The blade or motor of a lawn mower makes the majority of the noise, and there isn’t anything you can do about it unless you want to invest in a new engine. 

There are, however, a slew of other problems that may be causing the obnoxious noise. Read also: is a lawn mower too loud for baby

 We can begin by inspection of the mower muffler. We should expect the muffler on our lawn mower to get filthy, worn out, and cracked over time. I discovered a broken muffler at the pinch seam of one of my lawn mowers when testing it.

You can start by buying a good quality muffler this year.                          

If you’re handy, a tin can and some screws can be used to make your own custom muffler. But this year we don’t recommend it because they won’t last long and you’ll have to replace the muffler all over again.

  • Allow the engine to cool down first. When the engine is running, the exhaust pipe becomes extremely hot. At this point, you can’t operate on the muffler.


  • Determine the location of the muffler in the exhaust pipe.


  • Check the muffler for damage. Examine the surface for any cracks. Check to see if it has rusted as well. Constant condensation is the primary cause of this. Replace the muffler with a new one if it has rusted or broken.


  • Remove the old gasket from the exhaust port by peeling it away. Scratch some debris and delete it. Replace the exhaust port gasket with a new one. Return the exhaust pipe to the exhaled position and tighten it.

2. Work On The Deck

Despite the fact that there aren’t many options for quieting the deck, this will help minimise shakes, rock ping sounds, and blade noise. 

Covering the deck with sound-deadening material similar to what we use to soundproof vehicles is the best way to solve this issue. 

Dynamat is the material I suggest. It can seem pricey in comparison to other goods, but it is very reliable, so it is well worth the investment.

Since it’s self-adhesive, you won’t need to use any extra spray adhesive to secure it to the deck. We can begin by chopping it down to size. After that, simply cover the deck with the material and you’re finished!

Dynamat is a high-quality sound-deadening agent on the market. It assists in isolating the cabin of your car from all unnecessary noises. In contrast to other materials on the market, it is more expensive.
It does, however, play an important role in providing an acoustic atmosphere for your car’s stereo system.

If you don’t have a budget constraint, Dynamat can be used in your cabin.

It is imperative that you visit your retailer and inquire about sound deadening. Sound deadening materials will keep you safe when driving and will be well worth your money.

If we want to go for a cheaper alternative, I suggest Kilmat would kill the lawn mower sound. This is the best alternative on a tight budget.

3. Buy A Quieter Mower

An electric lawn mower is noticeably quieter than a gas-powered lawn mower.

They have a better lawn mower exhaust and make less mower sound.

Mowers with smaller engines are often much quieter than those with larger engines. 

If none of the other approaches listed above have worked for you, it’s best to replace your current lawn mower with a smaller electric one if you don’t mind spending some money. 

I wanted to replace one of my older lawn mowers with an electric one a few months ago. I chose the Greenworks 12 amp electric mower, and I must say, it is significantly quieter. I’m not sure what the decibel level of this electric mower is, but I believe it’s around 70 dB, compared to around 90 dB for normal gas mowers.

LawnMaster MEB1116K Electric Lawn Mower is another great option and it’s very affordable too.

Check out our article about the Quietest Lawn Mower in 2022 and Quietest Riding Lawn Mower 2022.

4. Install Engine Silencers On Your Lawn Mower

It isn’t the exhaust that makes a small engine noisy. There are a number of other factors that contribute to the noise. The noise comes primarily from the cylinder and valve train. 

When exhaust gases are expelled from the combustion chamber outside of the combustion process, they enter the exhaust manifold at high pressure and at a high rate.

If these gases are released into the atmosphere without being controlled, they produce an unbearable amount of noise.

A ‘silencer’ is installed in the exhaust system of a vehicle to suppress that intolerable vibration.

In layman’s terms, a silencer directs the flow of high-pressure exhaust gases and releases them into the atmosphere in a way that produces the least amount of noise.

The noise produced by the valves in the head is considerable. Autos are quiet for a variety of reasons, including the fact that the motors are housed in an enclosed compartment and the exhaust is routed 15 to 20 feet through a catalytic converter and muffler.
We recommend using Briggs & Stratton.

This is a super quiet lawn mower muffler. This will be the best purchase you will make for yourself.

A cheaper alternative would be Oregon Muffler which is good on pocket and on performance.

Much of the noise generated by small air-cooled engines is            ‘mechanical’ noise transmitted through the engine block’s external   surfaces. Many people have tried and failed to quiet small generator engines by installing larger mufflers or even piping exhaust through an automotive muffler.

Sound-reflective or insulating enclosures are usually needed to effectively silence these small utility engines. The spinning blade of a lawn mower creates air turbulence, which adds to the noise. Similarly, many piston-engine aircraft have no muffler because the propeller generates a significant portion of the noise, and silenced exhaust has no impact overall.

5. Protect Your Ears

Your lawn mower makes a lot of noise, which is bad for your ears. Many people I know are partly deaf as a result of noisy machinery noise.
You can use earplugs or earmuffs to prevent this from happening to you.

I strongly advise wearing earmuffs because they completely cover a person’s ears and provide more effective noise reduction. 

Since mowers can go beyond 20dB at times, we recommend to use a good quality earmuffs, saving money here would not be a good idea this year.

Most people don’t notice any warning signs (such as ear pain or ringing) until their hearing has already been impaired. And if you think your ears can simply adjust to the noise, you’re mistaken. If loud sounds no longer disturb you as much as they once did, you’ve already lost some hearing.
These cancel even high frequency noises and are comfortable to wear, and do not cause irritation even after wearing them for hours. You can call them lawn mower silencers also.

Alternatively, you can also use earplugs to block out the loud lawn mower noise.

They’re really cheap, even the very good quality ones. Read also: Best Hearing Protection For Lawn Mowing 2022 

Lawn Mower Muffler Silencer

Final Thoughts About How To Make A Lawn Mower Quieter

So now you know how to make your lawn mower quiet.  Replacing it with a new, quieter one or installing an extra muffler are the two most common solutions.

You can also soundproof the blades by covering them with sound-deadening materials.

If you’re the one who’ll be using the lawn mower, you should probably invest in some earmuffs, as the mower will still be very noisy, and you risk losing your hearing over time. A lawn mower muffler silencer never goes out of style.

To avoid all such problems, we highly recommend you to buy Greenworks lawn mower. It’s gaining popularity because of its electric function. 

And if one already owns a lawn mower and does not want to buy a new one, we suggest you buy a good quality quiet lawn mower muffler in order to suppress the sound coming from the lawn mower exhaust. This is a super quiet lawn mower muffler.

Lastly, if you are someone who has no desire to spend too much to resolve these issues, buy earplugs. Cheapest of all solution, won’t hurt your pockets, won’t hurt your ears either.