How To Make An Air Compressor Quiet (Reduce Noise Easily)

How Make Air Compressor Quiet

Annoyed by the irritating noise of the air compressor? You have tried a million ways to quieten it down but nothing seems to work, right? If yes, then here you’ll find how to make an air compressor quiet easily and effectively. Ready? Let’s do it.

In a rush? The most simple and effective methods to make an air compressor quieter and reduce the noise significantly are to cover your air compressor with a sound blanket wrap or put it in a soundproof box. Alternatively, you can just get a  quiet air compressor.

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How To Make Air Compressor Quieter

1. Air Compressor Sound Blanket

The easiest and most effective way to make your compressor quieter is to apply an air compressor sound enclosure.

And the best method is to cover your air compressor with a sound blanket wrap.

This universal design accommodates hundreds of different styles and shapes of a compressor.

By using the Brinmar Sound Blanket you can reduce the noise by 5 dB and decrease it by 40%.

It fits the maximum size compressor: 10” X 10” X 19” high. 

These sound blankets are very convenient, easy to be shipped, and get stocked on your shelves or in your van.

The two-piece style installs quickly, whether your air compressor is present in the compact space or not.

The sound blanket is securely connected with hook and loop closures which are sturdy and make the installation not that hard, but not smooth either. However, it is favorable and speedy.

It will well preserve your hearing and as well as your sanity! Check also: sound blanket for window air conditioner

2. Soundproof Box For Air Compressor

Another easy and cheap method to silence the air compressor is by using a foldable super dense noise absorbing SoundProof Box

This black soundproof box foam is treated with the 2” high-density acoustic egg crate foam which allows it to decrease any noise or air and also diminishes the echoes and reflections.

The inside dimensions after the setup are 12”(L) X 14”(W) X 16”(H) and the exterior size is 16”(L) X 16”(W) X 20”(H) which authorizes it to retain any equipment of any size.

The foam will not sag and will reduce 92.7% of the reverberation energy. So, before the installation please do read the instructions properly.
Alternatively, if you want to make a soundproof box by yourself at home then you must choose the correct and accurate acoustic foam for your DIY soundproof box.

The perfect choice will be these convoluted Egg Crate Panels

With the availability of eight different shades from charcoal to purple/grey, it will not only compliment your choice and air compressor but also greatly reduce the unnecessary noise.

These foam panels’ highest point reaches 1.5-inch height and the lowest point reaches 1.2 inch in height which makes them excellent for your artistic homemade soundproof box.      

3. Use A Quiet Air Compressor

Another very effective method is just to et a quiet BOSTITCH Air Compressor.

It is a six-gallon pancake air compressor that is very easy to be carried and maximizes its stored air.

With the high motor performance, without any worries, it can easily start in cold weather.

It is planned with an oil-free pump that recovers faster so that you can continue your activity. 

It not only promotes its long life but also you may not need any maintenance too. For your benefit, it is designed with a high flow regulator and couplers to increase air tool performance. 

This air compressor muffler kit noise performance is only 78.5 DBA which gives the confidence that it will give us a quiet performance. The 2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI supports swift restoration time. 

A 150 Max PSI makes it convenient to store more air and function like a big tank than the traditional 135 Max PSI compressor. 

Its lightweight construction makes its transportation from one place to another a breeze. 

But please add this information to your knowledge that it doesn’t include a hose or gun kit.

4. Mass Loaded Vinyl Insulation 

If all above is not giving you the efficient results that you want, then you can also use this noise grabber Mass Loaded Vinyl.

With the availability of the best quality in black, it acts as a soundproofing barrier to quiet the noise.

An odor-free and nontoxic MLV sheet can be utilized anywhere in the room, be it walls or floors they are very safe to use.

If we talk about the technical spaces then it is ⅛” thick, one pound per square foot, 4.5 feet wide by 2 feet long and it weighs 9 LB. I t is perfect for your DIY plans. 

You can either put it on the walls of the room where the air compressor is placed or you can even make a soundproof box from this mass loaded vinyl. 

It is very easy to cut, and yes it is a bit heavy so you’ll probably need one more partner to help you in making a soundproof box or insulating that particular place, and then installation can be done in minutes.

It is suggested that if you put three layers of this MLV then it will not only block the sound but also cut the sound from traveling and reduce the noise of the air compressor tremendously.

5. Oil Lubrication

Another alternative to quiet the air compressor is by doing the oil lubrication.

And these days Powermate Air Compressor Oil is getting popular among the people and is very highly rated.

It is a non-detergent air compressor oil that will start your compressor even if it is 10 degrees colder as compared to the synthetic blend compressor oils.

It will give you 50% better performance and strength even in -18 celsius temperature.

It keeps your pistons and valves cleaner due to which guards the air compressor against running out very quickly.

By using the synthetic air compressor oil, it serves 25% better execution and operates effortlessly in high and low temperatures, and assures all seasons performance.

You will feel like you are having a new compressor! The compressor will be quieter, builds pressure quicker, and begins so much easier.

The synthetic oil will flow instantly and it will stay cleaner for a  very long time.

6. Air Compressor Silencer Filter 

Last but not the least, another option you got is to replace your Air Compressor Silencer Filter

A notable volume of the bothersome high pitched sound ordinarily generated by the air compressor intake.

It is irritating and disturbing so replacing the intake muffle will act as an air compressor noise suppressor and will tremendously reduce the noise.

The Metal Air Compressor Intake Filter is extensively applied on the admitting port of the air compressor and can greatly decrease the noise level of the air intake.

If we talk about the technical features then the male thread diameter is 20mm and the male thread size is ½” PT. The material is metal plastic and it is black.

Weight is only 100g which shows that it is lightweight and can easily be installed. Although it is sharp around the edges it is well constructed and fits perfectly and reduces the air whistling noise. Read also: Quietest 20 Gallon Air Compressor 2022 

quieter air compressor way

Final Thoughts On Air Compressor Noise Reduction

So now do not be frustrated by this noise anymore! All these methods on how to make an air compressor quiet easily and effectively are mentioned earlier.

The top two air compressor noise reduction ways are to either cover your air compressor with a sound blanket wrap or put it in a soundproof box.

Alternatively, you can just get a specially designed quiet air compressor.