How To Fix A Squeaky Box Spring (Stop Noisy Creaking)

How Fix Squeaky Box Spring

Really bothered about how to fix squeaky box springs? This will not be a headache anymore! There are many ways by which you can stop this noisy creaking sound. Just by using some tools at your home, you can get rid of this squeaky box spring in minutes! To eliminate this problem, you first need to identify the underlying cause understand it, and then find a solution to erase the trouble.

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How To Stop Box Spring From Squeaking And Making Noise

Many thoughts must be flooding your mind with a question and worries that how to stop a squeaky box spring? Why does my box spring squeak? Are there any ways to fix a creaky box spring? Here, the mystery is solved. There are ways by which you can fix your loud box spring without worrying about your bills.

1. Repairing loose joints

If your box spring is making noise due to loose joints, then the bolt method will work wonders for you.

All you need are some screws or bolts, a screwdriver or wrench, and some washers.

Give a quick glance at your bed frame and look at what type of threaded fasteners your bed uses.

Usually, bed frames use either bolts or screws. Your job is only to tighten up all the joints! If there are bolts then use a wrench and if you see screws then accordingly use a screwdriver to fix your creaky box spring.

If still, your box spring makes a noise then add washers between the bolt and the frame to make a stiff powerful connection. 

Furthermore, to hamper future squeaky sound you can also use cooking oil or any other lubrication to those joints and fix this issue.

2. Fixing the distance between the creaky box spring and the wooden bed frame

If the reason for a loud box spring is the distance between the box spring and the wooden bed frame, then you can solve this problem by using a roll of cork and some lubricant or synthetic grease.

Search for empty spaces from where this creaky box spring moves and scrape against the wooden bed frame.

Then cut the cork roll into the sheets and fill those gaps between the wooden slats and the bed frame.

This cork will bind and tighten any loose areas and will decrease the strains on any tight spots, and clear the squeaky sound of the box spring.

You should also use a lubricant such as a wax candle to grease the wooden bed frame as it helps to reduce friction or tension in between the box spring and the wooden frame.

Even synthetic grease can be used for this purpose. By this, you will be able to fix any loud box spring in no time! 

3. Wood Glue

You can also use wood glue to fix your loud box springs.

All you need is to fix the cardboard with the glue to the slats. 

Stand the box spring on end and squeeze a generous amount of glue between every slat and the cardboard.

Do not worry about the glue. If it runs, let it. It is there to evenly scatter the weight and significantly support the mattress between slat. 

Removing it can consequently reduce the life of your mattress. If the cardboard is torn, install a new one.

4. Use of a Buffer

Another efficient way to fix a squeaky box spring is by using a buffer for a mattress.

An essential item you can use is plywood, specifically Birch Plywood Core.

Plywood is very economical and adds toughness to a worn-out mattress.

The considerable profit is, that it not only increases the life of a mattress but also prevents us from spending money on the new mattress.

It is very easy to install and only little compensation or service is necessary; just some wood measurements are needed.

This item will not only support your sagging mattress but also can hold the weight without any problem. 

5. Repairing Broken Boards

Repairing broken boards can also be helpful in fixing our problem.

If by any means you find a broken wood it can easily get repaired by bridging the crack with a brace cut from another board. 

First, squeeze a handsome amount of wood glue on both sides of the break.

Then attach your brace with a couple of screws on each side.

Before securing the broken board two things must be kept in mind that the screws should be long enough to insert,  ¾ th or more into the ‘bottom board’, but should be short enough to poke out from the backside.

Then locate the brace on the inside of the part you are repairing, so that it can be strengthened with the real dimension of the squeaky box spring.

Why Do Box Spring Squeak And Creak

There are many reasons that cause a box spring to squeak and creak. Some of these reasons are mentioned below:

There are three possibilities that can loosen your bed frame bolts with time. These include low temperature, heavy weight, and persistent movement leading to an unstable and squeaky structure.

Metal bolts usually get affected by the temperature shift, be it metal bed frames or wooden bed frames.

This is because the wood usually shrinks due to heat. This variation in the wood can cause it to rub against itself and generate a sharp sound hence leading to a creaking box spring.

Moreover, due to heavyweight and regular movements, the legs of the bed start to scrape against the floor, which produces friction in between creating an irritating sound.

Sagging Mattress 

Another reason is your sagging mattress. Sooner or later all mattresses start to fall off, exclusively innerspring mattresses.

The innerspring mattresses usually contain metal coils, which over time, due to constant pressure wore out and start to produce friction against each other. This motivates a loud box spring.

Coil and Wooden Panel

Amongst all, the coil and wooden panel in a box spring are considered to be one of the relevant reasons for squeaky wooden box spring.

Springs usually disintegrate with time and when one metal rubs against another metal it causes a non squeaky box spring to make a noisy sound. Despite, the noise does not generate from the internal parts of the box spring.

Another common reason is uneven bed legs. As soon as you shift or move the bed the unequal bed legs rub against the floor. Whenever unequal bed legs touch the floor, this leads to a creaking sound from the box spring.

In some rare cases, a noisy box spring may also have a broken board too.

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stop noisy creak box spring


There are countless ways to fix your squeaky box spring. But the top two solutions are Whirlpool Washer Shipping Bolt Kit and Manton Cork Roll.

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Now that you know how to fix a squeaky box spring you can say goodbye to loud creaking noise.

So take all the preventive measures and get ready for a relaxed and comfortable good night’s sleep!