Green Glue vs Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV): Differences (What’s Better)

green glue vs mass loaded vinyl

Green Glue vs Mass Loaded Vinyl: what are the differences? Which one is the best soundproofing product and what makes it better than the other? Both MLV and green glue are used to keeping noise out of the room, studio, office, car or pretty much any space. 

Read on to find out the differences and similarities between green glue and MLV in terms of effectiveness, thickness, application, ease of installation, materials they are made of, and price.

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Green Glue vs Mass Loaded Vinyl: Quick Comparison

Green Glue
  • Size: 5 gallon
  • Viscoelastic dampening compound
  • Absorbs sound of every frequency
  • Very versatile in its use
  • Easy to install
  • Very affordable
  • Doesn’t have good heat resistance
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Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • Thickness: 0.125”
  • Size: 40sqft
  • Dimensions: 48” x 120”
  • Density: 1 lbs/ft2
  • It’s made of mass loaded vinyl material
  • Durable
  • Odorless
  • Effectively blocks out noise
  • Has good heat resistance
  • It’s expensive
  • Not the easiest sound deadening mat to install
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Green Glue vs Mass Loaded Vinyl: Differences


Both green glue and mass loaded vinyl are effective sound blockers as they prevent outside noise from coming inside.

They block sound transmitted through the air thanks to their high densities. Not only do they block airborne noise, but they also dampen noise from vibrating surfaces.

So you can enjoy better acoustics in your home, and also block the outside noise from disturbing your peace.

Mass loaded vinyl is a mat and comes in a sheet form, so you can install it on the interior surfaces of your car, home, or office as a sound dampener. Doing this will give you great results and effectively improve the quietness inside.

Green glue on the other hand is a viscoelastic substance in fluid form. Applying it on the meeting sides of two hard surfaces helps to absorb any vibration that seeks to pass through, and also dampens airborne noise.

Being in the form of a fluid, you can also use it to fill up cavities and space through which sound can pass through.

Both products are equal in effectiveness as they dampen sound equally and give you a quieter interior.

Green glue however does the job better as it seals spaces that are out of the reach of mass loaded vinyl. It also does a great in low frequencies.

The difference is little, but it’s there nonetheless. So for the best performance, and a quieter room, green glue would be your best shot.


Thickness plays an important role in the effectiveness of soundproofing material. The thicker the material, the better it would be at absorbing sound.

It’s worthy to note that thickness isn’t the only factor that determines effectiveness.

Green glue gives you a thin layer of thickness per application, and you can make it as thick as you want since it’s in the form of a fluid. So depending on what you want, there is no limit.

MLV on the other hand is in the form of a mat and has a thickness of 0.125” with a density of 1 lb/ft2.

This is good enough to block out noise to a great extent, and greatly improve the interior acoustics of your car or home.

So in terms of thickness, there is no loser as both products perform can be made equal here.


Mass loaded vinyl has no limitation in its application as it’s in the form of a mat. It can be applied in your car, in your home, your studio, and also in your office.

Wherever there is a need to reduce outside noise from coming in or to reduce the inside noise from going out, MLV would suffice.

It isn’t the case with green glue due to its form. Green glue can only be applied to rigid building materials for it to be effective and to hold better.

The application should not be done on plastic surfaces, glass, or between soft layers. This limits the application of green glue to only hard surfaces and it’s not good to use in your car.

So in terms of application, mass loaded vinyl wins as it can be used in almost every place you need noise reduced.

Ease of Installation

Mass loaded vinyl has good density and thickness, and so won’t be able to cut it with your regular scissors.

You would need to use a utility knife in cutting the sheet into the desired shape and size. Its weight would also be a problem if you want to place it vertically as it may keep falling so cutting it into smaller pieces is more ideal.

Green glue on the other hand is easily applied using a caulk gun making it the easiest of the two products to install. 

Materials They Are Made Of

Mass loaded vinyl is made using PVC and either calcium carbonate or barium sulfate.

MLV is viscoelastic and can dampen noise and vibrations easily. It has good heat resistance levels, meaning you can use it in hot weather without reducing its integrity.

It’s odorless and causes no inconvenience to the user in any way.

Green glue is a viscoelastic dampening compound that converts sound energy to heat. It absorbs sound traveling through walls as well as sound traveling through air.

It’s great with the absorption of low frequency sounds so when used in your home, you will enjoy better acoustics as you play your sound system. Green glue isn’t heat resistant and has low odor.

So if you need a product that can withstand heat more, and is odorless, mass loaded vinyl would be perfect for you.


Mass loaded vinyl has been around for longer and costs more than green glue. So if you are a shopper on a budget, your best option would be green glue.

Green Glue Review

Green glue is a viscoelastic noise dampening compound that effectively reduces airborne sound and vibrations through surfaces.

Its fluid form allows its use in spaces that mats can’t reach, making it even more effective in such situations as it seals off completely.

Those who are new to soundproofing would benefit from its ease of installation and cheap price.

The fluid form however restricts its use only to hard surfaces, so its application is limited.

Even though its odor is mild, some users may find it uncomfortable.


  • Easy to install
  • Cheap price
  • Effectively dampens sound


  • Can only be used on hard surfaces

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Mass Loaded Vinyl Review

Mass loaded vinyl is another effective sound dampener that actively blocks both airborne noise and vibration through surfaces.

It has good thickness and density; two factors that ensure its high performance.

You can use it on every surface as it has no limitations, and its good heat resistance makes it perfect for use even during hot weather.

Mass loaded vinyl is a bit expensive soundproofing material, so if you are tight on a budget, it may not be the best option for you. 

In that case, green glue would be a better option to you instead of MLV.


  • Effective noise dampener
  • Good heat resistance
  • Can be installed on all surfaces
  • Odorless


  • It’s a bit expensive

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diifference mlv green glue


Green Glue vs Mass Loaded Vinyl: And The Winner Is…

As you just saw yourself, both MLV and green glue are very effective in dampening outside noise, and in preventing external noise from getting inside.

If you are tight on a budget but want to improve internal acoustics, green glue is the best option for you.

But if you need an odorless product with good heat resistance, mass loaded vinyl is the best option for you.

Go for the highly rated TMS Mass Loaded Vinyl or Noise Grabber Mass Loaded Vinyl by Soundproofing MLV.

Alternatively, if you prefer green glue, you can get it  in a 5 Gallon Bucket or in Smaller Tubes.