Dynamat vs Lizard Skin: Differences Reviewed (What’s Best?)

dynamat vs lizard skin

Dynamat vs Lizard Skin: what are the differences and which one is the best sound deadening material for your car? Both of them provide your vehicle with better acoustics as they reduce the outside noise by filling up parts of your car, and they can be used in other places too.

Differences between Dynamat and Lizard Skin such as their forms and your choice of one over another would be largely based on your budget and the extent to which you need outside noise and vibrations to be dampened. Read on to find out how both products compare in terms of effectiveness, installation, thickness, preparation, and price.

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Dynamat vs Lizard Skin: Quick Comparison

WINNER Dynamat
  • Thickness: 0.067”
  • Temperature resistant -650F to 3000F (-540C to 1490C)
  • Doesn’t react with water and mineral oils
  • No odor is produced during use
  • Great in keeping noise out
  • Long-lasting product
  • Unlike most mats, it can be used in hot weather too
  • Very effective product
  • Dimensions: 18” x 32” x 0.067”
  • Mass per area: 0.45 lbs/ft2
  • Quite expensive
  • Harder to install than Lizard Skin
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CHEAPER Lizard Skin
  • Effective in dampening noise and vibration
  • Easy to install
  • Improves your car’s acoustics
  • Non-toxic
  • Thickness of 0.60” after 2 coats have been applied
  • Cheaper
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Dynamat vs Lizard Skin: Differences


When preparing to install Dynamat, it’s relatively easy as compared to that of Lizard Skin.

What you have to do is clean out the surface you intend to install the mat on and cut the mat with the necessary tools to the desired shapes and sizes. Besides, you are not forced to complete the installation before taking some time off.

Preparing to install Lizard Skin, on the other hand,  is more difficult. It requires that you remove everything from your car’s interior to avoid spray stains on them.

The stains are hard to remove and so your car’s interior could be ruined. Also, once you begin with the Lizard Skin application, you have to finish before you can stop.

No breaks in between. You would also have to apply the deadener on the entire surface of your car as it doesn’t give you room for part application.

So in terms of preparation, Dynamat wins as it makes your job easier and is more flexible.

Ease of Installation

After the easy preparation for the installation of Dynamat, you will be faced with a laborious process of actually installing the mat.

The thickness of the mat makes it harder to cut and you will also need tools to cut it into the desired shapes and sizes. After cutting the mat, the rest of the installation is easy. What you have to do is to install it over the portion of your car that needs soundproofing.

With Lizard Skin, installation is easy after the preparation process. The tools you need are an air compressor powered gun to spray the sound deadener over the entire surface of your car and as you might imagine, it can get messy if not done right.

So in terms of ease of installation, Lizard Skin wins as it is a very easy process from start to finish.


Thickness is an important factor to consider when looking at the effectiveness of a sound deadener. Dynamat has a thickness of 0.067” which makes it very efficient in keeping the noise out of your car especially when compared with other mats. 

Lizard Skin, on the other hand,  can have a thickness of up to 0.60” after two coats have been applied. This would have given it an advantage over Dynamat but the thickness of the material is not the only factor to consider when looking at the effectiveness of the product.

The type of material also plays a role and that is why even at less thickness, Dynamat still performs better than Lizard Skin. 

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Dynamat is very effective in keeping outside noise out of your vehicle because of the nature of its material and the thickness too. This makes it capable of reducing the noise by as much as 10 decibels. 

It’s heat resistant and odorless when in use unlike most mats in the market. Its durability is not questionable, making this product not only a perfect choice for noise cancellation but also a long-lasting one.

LizardSkin is also a very good choice to keep the noise out of your car especially due to its thickness. It, however, performs less than Dynamat due to the nature of its material and so in terms of effectiveness, Dynamat wins.


Dynamat is a brand that gives you only the best but at a higher price. Lizard Skin also gives you premium products but at a cheaper rate. So if you are on a tight budget, your cheaper option amongst these two products is Lizard Skin.

This review of Dynamat vs Lizard Skin was mainly between Dynamat Xtreme and Lizard Skin 50115 Sound Control.

The reason for the choice of Dynamat Xtreme is because it’s their most popular and most likely their best product. It weighs less and is four times more effective in sound deadening when compared to Dynamat Original.

Apart from its use in your car, it’s also effective when used in floors, rear decks, roofs, as well as in under-hood installations.

Dynaliner: this is another product from Dynamat and it’s effective in keeping the noise out. For best results, apply over Dynamat Xtreme.

Lizard Skin 50115 Sound Control is chosen for this review because of its great effectiveness as compared to Lizard Skin 50100 Ceramic Insulation. While the Sound Control is fire resistant and effectively cancels out noise, the Ceramic Insulation further improves its action.

The Ceramic Insulation is meant to be applied on top of the sound control for improved insulation so as to keep heat out of your vehicle.

Dynamat Review

Dynamat is a brand that is always at the top when car soundproofing is mentioned.

It has proven to be very effective at keeping the noise out and as a mat, it has an edge over spray deadeners. 

It has other uses too apart from its application in your vehicle including soundproof home theaters, cancel vibrations, and also in your home and office. So you can be sure of better acoustics indoors every time.

The downside is its high cost. But when you consider that it can dampen the sound by up to 10 decibels, you’ll see that it is totally worth the price.


  • Effectively soundproofs your car
  • No odor is produced during use
  • Long-lasting 
  • It can be used in other places apart from your car


  • It’s very expensive
  • Installation isn’t easy

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Lizard Skin 50115 Sound Control Review

Lizard Skin is a new name when it comes to soundproofing but it has made a name for itself for being very reliable when it comes to keeping external noise out of your car.

As a spray, it allows you to apply it everywhere in your car for better acoustics and vibration cancellation.

Applying this product is very easy with the use of a spray gun and it adheres to your car’s interior so that you can have better acoustics as you enjoy your ride.

For better results, you are advised to use Lizard Skin 50115 Sound Control together with the Ceramic Insulation and a Top Coat. While the Ceramic Insulation will keep the heat out, the Top Coat provides the spray with a glossy finish so that your car looks beautiful still.


  • Durable product 
  • Produces no odor during use
  • Very effective in reducing outside noise
  • It’s heat resistant 
  • Easy to install


  • Less effective than mats 
  • Easy installation comes with the use of special equipment

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difference review lizard skin


Dynamat vs Lizard Skin: and the winner is…

And here you have it, all you ever needed to know about both products. Now you can make the best choice according to your preferences using the knowledge you now have.

in conclusion, Dynamat is the best pick for those who really want to keep the noise out, while Lizard Skin is perfect for you if you also want to keep external noise out but are on a tight budget.

Both products are good options for sound deadening for your car, but if you want the best result, go for Dynamat.