Best Silent Hamster Wheels 2018: Four Quietest Wheels Reviewed

Rodents are a great choice when it comes to choosing the perfect pet for your home. People around the world prefer to have hamsters as pets as they are not only cute but also easy to keep.

These cute little creatures are quiet and can be regarded as the cleanest of animals to keep as pets. They train easily and can become a cuddly and affectionate pet for your children.

All they really need is a space big enough to run as they are highly active at night; in fact, they can run up to 5 miles. Research shows that hamsters that are not provided with running wheels either suffer from obesity or die.

One common complain that does give second thoughts to a pet parent about keeping a rodent is the high squeaking sound of the running wheel. You can easily solve that problem by purchasing a quiet hamster running wheel.

What Are the Quietest Hamster Wheels in 2018?

Did you know that wild animals like hamster wheels too? See for yourself!

Best Silent Hamster Wheels Reviews

Wodent Wheel

This wheel offers not only a peaceful night’s sleep to the pet keepers but also caters to one big need of a rodent pet keeper – the scratchy nails issue.


With kids in the household, parents have to keep a look out for abrasions and scratches that can be harmful for them as they hold the pets.


The Wodent Wheel nail filer insert automatically files the nails while your hamster runs every night, keeping you safe from the itching and scratches.



  • It has a 12 Inch diameter – perfect for a Syrian hamster
  • Comes with Nail-o-Matic nail trimmer
  • Tail shield in included



  •  Expensive


This ultra silent wodent wheel is easy to fit into the cage and its axle designed to fit and is covered with plastic to avoid hurting the pet as it runs. The nail trimmers are easy to clean and replaceable.


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Silent Runner

Another popular hamster wheel that is completely soundless is the Silent Runner. This pet exercise wheel is easy to attach within a cage. It is uniquely designed in a way that it does not have any axle that may cause tail entanglement or injury to the pet.

This quietest of all wheel is a closed unit with bean shaped openings for easy ride and exit of the hamster.



  • Texture for easy grip and easy run inside the wheel
  • High quality ball bearings to enable zero noise and smooth movement
  • Availability of multiple sizes to cater all sizes of rodent pets
  • Easy to setup due to its sturdy base and does not fall over with hamster running movement



  • Not the cheapest option

Overall, this Silent Spinner hamster wheel is completely silent; this is because it is equipped with stainless steel ball bearings of top quality. The interior is black, which is usually liked by the pets as the research shows.  

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Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel

This quiet Kaytee spinner comes in high quality plastic material, with smooth surface inside the runner. The wheel is easy to fit into any cage as it comes with a stand as well as a fiber-tie to fit it onto the cage sidewall.

This super quiet Kaytee wheel can let you pet run miles every night without disturbing your sleep. Its high quality plastic surface keeps your pets nails from locking into the floor fabric, which is a usual problem with many other wheels.


  • It comes in four colors
  • Multiple sizes to cater to all types of rodents
  • Easy to fit
  • open on one side for easy access of the pet
  • easy to wash and clean
  • Cheap price



  • The stand is lighter and can topple down if the pet is bigger and heavier

A lot of reviews suggest that the newer version of the product is not as smooth in movement as the older one. If you are looking to buy this quiet wheel, then do check it before you purchase it.

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Love Hamster Wheel

This cute coloured hamster wheel is the perfect choice for kids who have hamster pets. It is easy to install and comes with the complete guide.

The design of this quiet  wheel is one-piece which wades off the chances of the rodent getting its feet pinched between two plastic layers. It is heavy in material and offers a smooth and non-slippery run for your hamster.



  • Light in weight
  • Easy to Fit
  • Comes with a stand
  • 3 point seamless buttons on the surface



  • The screw threads can run flat with longer use


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When it comes to picking the perfect soundless wheel, Silent Runner is the top scorer. Not only is this hamster wheel strongly and durably built, it offers textured runner inserts that help a rodent run more swiftly and without slipping.

Silent Spinner is a cheaper alternative if you’re on a budget. It’s a good-quality quiet hamster wheel that is inexpensive.

It comes in large sizes, perfect for people who like to keep hedgehogs or more furry rodents as pets. 

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