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Best Quiet Hair Dryer 2024: Quietest Blow Dryers On The Market Reviewed & Compared

best quiet hair dryer

Imagine yourself trying to tiptoe your way out of the room, planning a surprise for your husband with a cute blow dry and touch up,  looking ravishing and serving him breakfast in bed. Everything seems to be going according to the plan until you turn on your loud hair dryer! ROARrrr is the sound that makes him jump out of the bed! That is the moment when you regret not having one of those best quiet hair dryers now available on the market. 

Research says that any noise that is more than 85 decibels causes high risk to your hearing.

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Quietest Blow Dryers 2024: Quick Answer

In a hurry? The best and quietest professional hair dryer on the market is the highly rated BLACKBIRD Ionic Quiet Hair Blow Dryer. If you want something more affordable, go for the 1875w No Noise Hair Dryer by Jinri.

Best Quiet Hair Dryers 2024: Reviews

1. Professional Series BLACKBIRD Ionic Silent Hair Blow Dryer with Diffuser

Quietest Professional Hair Dryer

Mint has incredible dryers, but we picked on Professional Series BLACKBIRD because of the ultra quiet operating nature.

As such, you can use it in various locations that demand a noiseless environment.

Other than the extreme quietness, the dryer is lightweight with a handle at the center. 

This makes it stress-free to carry for a long time while having the best grip. Unlike the dryers with low-power motors, the Series BLACKBIRD runs on a professional DC Johnson motor that delivers strong airspeeds.

Since the dryer boasts a dedicated ionic generator that emits plenty of ions, your hair will feel healthy, soft, and frizz-free.

This is an advantage over the competitors with weak ceramic coating. Even more, the dryer produces infrared heat, which dries hair from the inside out so you’ll have soft and healthy hair.

If you value great quality dryers, this one has a lifespan of over 1000 hours to meet professional salon quality demands. It comes with a diffuser and two concentrator nozzles.


  • Has powerful motor for quick drying
  • Emits millions of ions per second
  • Features a lifespan of over 1000hours
  • Dries the hair from inside out
  • Lightweight and comfortable to handle


  • It is quite expensive

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2. 1875w Quiet Hair Dryer By Jinri

Best Value Quiet Blow Dryer

Jinri is another brand with great hair dryers.

For this type, you’ll like the two-speed settings comprising low and high speeds and three heat levels that you can adjust from hot, cool, and warm to experience varying hair drying times.

The 1875 watt salon motor enhances quick drying with low chances of damaging your hair.

The dryers settings are located on the handle, so you’ll have quick access and tuning for excellent outcomes. Still, the dryer has the tourmaline technology, which reduces static while delivering more sleek and shiny hair.

Other than the ergonomic design that lets you work for extended hours, the dryer comes from great-quality matte materials, improving the lifespan and making it easy to operate.

It also has a diffuser and controller, so you’ll get varying styling needs you require for your hair drying.

Finally, this dryer is lightweight and super quiet. You can carry it anywhere and dry your hair at any time. Plus, you’ll be sure that it won’t disturb the environment since it is a noiseless dryer.


  • Easy to operate thanks to the ergonomic handle and accessible settings
  • Features tourmaline technology for sleek and shiny hair outcomes
  • Ergonomic design and quality finish
  • Quiet


  • The power cable could be longer

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3. Professional Ionic Quiet Hair Dryer

Most Affordable

Are you shopping for a powerful ceramic blow dryer?

Think about this Professional Ionic Hair Dryer that adds up as an affordable dryer worth your investment.

It is super quiet and very fast to meet your hair drying demands.

You’ll carry it with you thanks to the lightweight nature. Still, the ergonomic design is an advantage in accessing the settings with ease and holding it for long hours without fatigue.

Since it is compact, be ready to fix it in your bag while on the move.

It features iconic and ceramic technology to eliminate frizz and dryness from the hair. We understand that all hair is not created equal, and with this dryer, you’ll get shiny and quick-drying hair outcomes thanks to the powerful motor. In addition, the two diffuser nozzles let you achieve perfect hair. Every. Day.

Since it is an energy saver, you don’t need to worry about alarming bills. Plus, this super quiet hairdryer comes with a one-year warranty and no manufacturing defects.

If you are on a budget and looking for an affordable dryer, this one is a great option!


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Ergonomic handle for fatigue-free use
  • Delivers frizz-free hair
  • Very affordable


  • The switch is a bit touchy

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4. Lee Stafford Blow Dryer

If you are into style and smartness in your beauty appliances then this 1875 watts Lee Stafford Blow Dryer is the best quiet hair dryer for you.

With its sleek and smart body, this unit comes in pink colour tones, a cute fit with your other pink beauty accessories.

One amazing feature of this hair dryer is the fact that it can dry your hair faster than any other dryer in the market.

Not only that, but it is fitted with a grill nozzle that is infused in Coconut oil, hence the air flow carries nourishment that you never enjoyed before. A true luxury system that is high quality and low maintenance. 


  • The hair dryer is very lightweight and easy to carry in hand carry as you travel around
  • It comes with 3 heat settings and high performance control buttons for comfortable styling
  • The design has a sleek nozzle that offers precision throw of heat to the roots to the tips of the hair


  • It does not come with a big range of accessories or nozzles for styling

This hair dryer is almost soundless and looks perfect as a gift for your lovely lady. Its long lead makes it very convenient to be used in rooms where the electric connections are far placed.

Travelling individuals will find it very easy to carry in back packs or while the need arises for an urgent blow-dry at a stop over while driving long distances.

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5. Ion Whisper Quiet Lite

When it comes to the perfect hair dryer, we usually prefer the ones that help us add perfection to our hairstyle.

This blow dryer works well with all types of hair, not only cleaning the hair from the dampness but adding volume to it as well.

This 1875 watts Ion Whisper offers you a package deal you simply cannot resist. With more than one temperature settings, you have the choice to select the heat as per your ability to handle it.


  • It is almost silent, with only a whim of sound while it operates powerfully drying your hair to the ends in less time
  • It comes with lint filter and two nozzles for the perfect styling of hair
  • It is very light weight
  • It has a good grip and comes in a smart shape


  • The size of this dryer is wide which is not the best choice for travelling

While most hair dryers offer heat controls for drying and styling of hair, this unit exclusively offers a cold shot system as well.

This enables a user to dry out the hair without damaging them due to frequent usage.

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Silent Hair Dryer FAQs

What is the quietest hair dryer on the market in 2024?

Appliance companies of this era have invested billions into designs and functionality enhancement procedures to bring out hair dryers that are noiseless and faster than their earlier versions.

The quietest blow dryers on the market are the BLACKBIRD Ionic Quiet Hair Blow Dryer and 1875w No Noise Hair Dryer by Jinri.

Is hair dryer good for health?

While almost all the researches in the past have emphasized on the bad impacts of heat-drying the hair, numerous studies have now proven that the process of air-drying is as much harmful as the other.

In fact, controlling the heat and using the hair dryers from a calculated distance can actually render good impacts for the hair making them shinier and healthier then exposing them to the direct sunlight and dry air for drying.

Why are hair dryers so noisy?

Hair dryer machinery involves a set of blades that rotate to push out heat from the air that is sucked in from the side vents given on the head of the hair dryer.

The process of suction, rotation of the blades and the hot air venting, all cause an increased noise while the machine operates. If you really love peace and quiet then read our article about Best Quietest Clothes Dryer 2024.

Final Words About Whisper Quiet Hair Dryers

That’s it for now. Hope you found this article helpful and will get the most suitable blow dryer for your needs and budget. When it comes to hair, there should be nothing but the best for our crowning glory!

To conclude the article – if you want nothing but the best and can afford it then go for the quietest hairdryer – BLACKBIRD Ionic Quiet Hair Blow Dryer.

On the other hand, if you want something cheaper, go for the highly rated 1875w No Noise Hair Dryer by Jinri.