Best Quiet Vacuum Cleaners 2020: (Almost Silent!) Reviews

best quiet vacuum cleaner

The first word that comes to our mind when we talk about one of the most popular home appliances – vacuum cleaner is LOUD, and it’s one undeniable truth! Almost every vacuum cleaner, which was patented in the past, has had a roaring kind of noise when it operates.

But worry not, we have found and reviewed the most quiet vacuum cleaners on the market so you can say ADIOS to that annoying noise. Let’s get to it.

Quietest Vacuum Cleaner 

  1. Electrolux EL4021A Silent Performer 
  2. Miele S2121 Olympus
  3. Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaner

Best Quiet Vacuum Cleaners 2020 that are Almost Silent: Reviews

Electrolux EL4021A Silent Performer

This model takes the first place because of its amazing features. It is super quiet, while efficiently removing debris, dust, and pet hair from the carpet as well as other rough and difficult to clean surfaces.

It has a HEPA filter that leaves your surroundings 99% free of airborne pollutants. It offers 3-1 nozzle choices for all types of surface cleaning.

The best part is the fact that it is easy to clean being bagless with a canister attached to simply empty into the bin and set it aside after cleaning.



  • The decibel output is only 65 dB
  • It is very lightweight weighing around 10 pounds
  • It comes with a sound softening nozzle
  • HEPA Air Filter
  • Easy speed control
  • Comes with dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery nozzle for perfect cleaning


  • It needs more storage space due to wider design
  • The dust canister needs periodic washing

If you have small children at home, or just want to say No to a loud and deafening vacuum cleaner, a good choice is the Electrolux EL4021A Silent Performer Bagless Canister Vacuum with 3-in-1 Crevice Tool and HEPA Filter.

It is soundless and can tackle the daily cleaning easily. This vacuum cleaner certainly won our hearts, and it will win yours too.

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Hoover Commercial CH32008 Hush Tone Canister Vacuum

The Hoover vacuum cleaner is designed to be amazingly sound free.

It is lightweight, has one-touch operation, and is ultra-fast when it comes to picking up dirt from the floor.

Its HEPA filter bag is known to capture 99.97% of the dust and even pollen off the surfaces.  



  • The maximum sound generated is only 62 dBA

  • It is extremely lightweight going at 10.75 pounds
  • It has a larger capacity (9.5 quarts)
  • Stylish grey and orange design

  • Extra long cord for perfect reach across the room



  • It is not suited for deep pile carpeting

In contradiction to its size, the weight of this vacuum cleaner is very convenient. The canister style resists topple and a person can easily move around with it without worrying about it tossing over with every pull. This Vacuum cleaner is perfect for household as well as commercial use like for offices.

If you are looking for something which is cost effective with better functionality, then Hoover Commercial is the perfect choice for you.

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Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is the third best vacuum cleaner in the market.

You can see the class company’s logo, that is, a smiling face on the vacuum cleaner.

The noiseless output, combined with an amazing suction power makes it one of the favorite vacuum cleaners for many people all around the world.

It is in fact one of the highest-performing and most quiet vacuum cleaner you can find in the market.

This model contains an Airo Powerbrush, that is used to remove the stubborn pet hairs easily and efficiently from the low-pile carpet as well, whereas, the activated charcoal filters will, and can offer unparalleled control from the odor.


  • The sound output is only 74 decibel when used at the highest power
  • The lengthy cable cord allows one to cover larger areas without having to change switches every now and then
  • Comes with a 3-stage micro-fresh filter systems that keeps the dust, odor and allergens at bay
  • The presence of the Airo Powerbrush makes the removal of pet hair a lot more easier
  • Can be used both on the floors and carpets
  • Light-weight


  • At times, cleaning the deep pile carpet can be a struggle

This model is quite popular because of its powerful suction power, and friendly design. The Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaner should be your ultimate choice if you have a large house because the long cord can make cleaning a lot easier.

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Why is a Vacuum Cleaner so Loud?

This is technically because of the amount of air pressure that the machine requires to pull something in from its nozzle into its internal bag. The suction process involves a strain on the machine processing, hence results in a sound that ranges from a medium to high roar.

How Many Decibels is a Vacuum Cleaner?

The normal vacuum cleaners had a decibel noise of somewhere around 74-90. Any constant sound that is at or 85 decibels  is what according to multiple researched can cause hearing loss.

How much less sound can you expect?

Considering the researches and dangers of high sound, manufacturing companies have succeeded in bringing the sound to a minimum level. The newer versions or the quieter ones usually have the decibel levels as low as 72 and less.

What are the features of a good vacuum cleaner?

  • Suction power

  • Power consumption

  • Edge cleaning ability

What kind of maintenance do vacuum cleaners need?

Bagless vacuums need proper cleaning occasionally, while those fitted with filters need a replacement every few months.


And the most quiet vacuum cleaners are…

Taking into consideration all the pros and cons of all the above three Vacuum Cleaners, I would strongly vote in favor of the quietest vacuum cleaner in 2020 – the Hoover Hushtone Cleaner.

One basic reason is the fact that it does not only support household use but can easily be used commercially i.e. in larger setups. Then of course, the hushtone is an added advantage.

The second best quiet Vaccum Cleaner is the Numatic Henry, as it has the ability to pick up properly after my pet! It offers a strong suction feature that grabs the fine hair out of carpeting and other fabric surfaces and is almost silent when doing it.

The Electrolux Bagless Canister requires twice the maintenance than these two, so I rate it third.

While my choice is based on my research an needs, all three of them are the best among many with some excellent features. Figure out what kind of a vacuum cleaner you would be needing and buy your favorite quiet vacuum cleaner from the above list of three.

Enjoy Quiet Vacuuming! Ciao

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