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Best Most Quiet Blender 2024: Silent (Quietest) Blenders Compared & Reviewed Reviews

best quiet blender

You can’t have a great day without a great morning — which is why all of us have our private morning rituals.

Once you get out of bed and start preparing yourself for the day ahead, it’s the little stuff that gets you in the right gear — having a hot cup of coffee, skimming your favorite news websites, making a quick breakfast and juice, and blending yourself a tall, cool smoothie or a cup of hot soup.

All of this is supposed to be relaxing — something that brings you into your comfort zone. But that last bit isn’t going to work out great if you’ve got the same issue that plagued our kitchen for years; extremely loud blenders.

Yep, anybody’s idyllic morning can quickly be shattered by the thundering roar of a bad blender — especially if it wakes up your family and neighbors. But does that mean you need to settle for something less than the cold, fresh drink you deserve?

There’s no reason you should! That’s why we’ve decided to create an up-to-date guide on the quietest blenders you can find in 2022. To some degree, all of the appliances on this list use sound dampening tech to lower their decibels.

And if you’re looking for a TL:DR: the best quiet blender on our list is the BlendTec Professional 800. We’ve used a bunch of criteria while ranking our top picks — and you can see the factors we’ve taken into account in our buying guide below. You can also check the top air fryers or the best quiet bread machines.

best silent blender

Top 3 Quietest Blenders in 2022

Before we start dissecting the pros and cons of each of the blenders we’ve tested, take a look at our three best picks right away:

BlendTec Professional 800 — Top Pick


  • High-quality sound enclosure
  • Extremely versatile
  • Decent warranty


  • Not the most affordable price

BlendTec Professional 800 Review

If you’ve been in the market for a blender before, chances are you’ve heard of BlendTec. And if their name sounds like just a high-quality blender manufacturer, that’s because they are. This specific focus on one type of household appliance seems to have paid off, as they’ve managed to produce the quietest blender on the entire market.

Plus, it’s worth noting that BlendTec is known as an extremely socially conscious company, as they donate their blenders to all kinds of charities, especially those for kids.

But enough about the company. Your main question here is whether this is a very quiet blender. And the answer is a resounding yes.

We’ve tested it with all kinds of different foods as well — it handles frozen fruit, other frozen fruit, crushing ice, and just about anything hard and crunchy we were able to throw at it; all while still maintaining a decently low noise level.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re making frozen drinks late at night or a deliciously fresh nut butter early in the morning — this blender makes almost no sound at all. And honestly, the fact that it’s cheaper than the next two blenders we’ll recommend is an added boon, because it still manages to be just as great as both of them.

From our experience, it’s just as powerful as any commercial blender you’d see in a halfway-decent restaurant or bar. And it’s still quiet as hell.

Of course, just like any other manufacturer, BlendTec has its own proprietary “stealth blending” technology that reduces the whizzing noise of its blenders. To tell you the truth, we don’t know much about the industrial design that goes into a blender — but it’s safe to say that noise is mostly reduced by an additional sound shield that encloses the glass jar you’re actually blending in.

Still, whether their marketing chooses to be straightforward or fancy and complicated — spoiler alert, it’s the latter — BlendTec has still made one of the best quiet blenders in the market. Yep, we can confirm that you can actually have a normal conversation right next to this model without the need to communicate in sign language or yelling.

According to the BlendTec specs, the maximum sound this bad boy can make is about 67 decibels — which is great, considering the typical blender goes up to 90 dB.

And it’s quite versatile — as we’ve mentioned above, we’ve used it for a bunch of different stuff. Cold cake and pancake batters, smoothies, delicious ice cream; we’ve made it all. When you order it online, you even get a neat BlendTec cookbook with a bunch of recipes for cocktail mixes and other appropriate frozen treats.

We’ve also used its 3.8 hp motor to grind up various solids, such as hard nuts. If you ask us, though the blender’s blades are sharp and the motor is decent — most of its great performance comes from the five-sided jar patented by BlendTec.

In practice, the powerful motor and the pentagon-shaped jar manage to create a vortex that constantly pulls all ingredients down and re-blends them, instead of letting the mixture get wasted on the sides. As a result, the blending and processing is always even.

Of course, when you’re buying such a pricey home appliance, it’s important to make sure you’ve got a decent warranty. And BlendTec offers a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is neat if you’re going to use it daily.


Seeing as this is our best pick, there’s really only one downside — although it’s a more affordable quiet shield blender than the other ones on our list, it’s still not for everyone’s pocket. At around $800 for a new model, you really have to be an avid blender-user if you’re going to invest in this one.

After all, there are plenty of blenders for under $100 — however, they really don’t give you the same level of performance, and you won’t find a very quiet blender for that kind of money.

Plus, if we’re going to be nitpicky, this is a pretty heavy blender; don’t expect to move it around your kitchen all the time. But this can be a boon as well; when you’re blending stuff at high speeds, it won’t move or vibrate.

So, the BlendTec Professional 800 is a sleek, digital blender that’s got 11 different speeds, six programmed cycles, and quiet efficiency. It’s dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to do much work to clean it. And despite its hefty price tag, it remains our best choice for a very quiet blender in 2022.

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Vitamix Quiet One — Premium Choice


  • Great for smoothies and frozen fruit
  • As quiet as they come
  • Top choice in bars


  • Commercial-grade quality that comes with a commercial-grade price

Vitamix Quiet One Review

Yeah, any blender aficionado would be surprised to see a list of the quietest blenders in 2022 without a Vitamix model. If you’re not familiar with the brand, they’re one of the oldest players in the market; they’ve been making blenders since 1921.

And if you’re looking for a good quiet blender for vegetable and fruit smoothies, you’ll find the Vitamix Quiet One to be your number #1 choice. In fact, bars and restaurants all around the world go to Vitamix for their blender needs.

Yes, this is very much a commercial-grade blender, not really intended for the average home. But you may still want to go with it, considering the fact that it’s actually a few decibels quieter compared to our top pick above.

Just like the BlendTec model, the Vitamix Quiet One has a noise-proof enclosure that magnetically seals around the jar inside. It passes the can-i-talk-next-to-it test smoothly.

And speaking of smoothies, you should know that this model was made for smoothies. But that brings us to its biggest downside: while it’s an excellent choice for frozen drinks and smoothies, it’s not really great at processing tougher food or hot soups.

This is the main reason why we haven’t chosen it as our top pick — while making the occasional frozen drink at home is all well and good, we don’t expect the average person to buy a commercial barman’s blender for their kitchen counter. Grinding nuts, pureeing vegetables, making soups — unfortunately, the BlendTec 800 does all of that better.

Of course, if you’re after a quiet blender for making smoothies, this is the best model you can find. But, you’ll also have to deal with its limited 3-year warranty. And that’s just for individual components — the blade assembly and container are only covered for a year.

And this isn’t the general policy for Vitamix blenders; just like most other residential models, they tend to come with a 10-year warranty. However, as we’ve said, this is a commercial blender — we’ve seen it in more restaurants, smoothie shops, and bars than home kitchens. Seeing as they get used a lot more every single day than household blenders, manufacturers provide a shorter warranty.

This wouldn’t be such a bad thing in and of itself, and our testing has shown the blender is as great at what it does as advertised. However, we still haven’t reached the biggest issue, and that’s the price.

These days, one of these Vitamix models goes for around $1000 — sometimes more. And while someone equipping a bar might see this as a reasonable investment, we’d be hard-pressed to say the same for people looking for a household blender.

The short warranty period, coupled with a lack of versatility, means that this is a very quiet blender — albeit one too expensive for the average home. That said, someone who’s been using Vitamix models for years might want to see what’s the best they have to offer — and this commercial bar blender is definitely it.

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The Summit by Hamilton Beach — Editor’s Choice


  • Smart digital features
  • Great versatility
  • Power


  • Not as quiet as our other top picks
  • A bit harder to clean

The Summit by Hamilton Beach Review

If you’re looking for one of the only blender brands that are older and more respected than Vitamix — Hamilton Beach would be practically the only choice. This is why their mystically named “The Summit” is our second runner-up.

We’ll tell you the gist of it right away — it’s an excellent commercial-grade blender with plenty of versatility and power. And of course, it’s one of the quietest blenders in 2022; certainly making little enough noise to make it onto our list.

But we’ll start off our in-depth review with the stuff that stood out about The Summit the most. Unlike our other choices for the quietest blender, this is a smart, very much 21st-century kind of blender.

Sure, it’s got about as many pre-programmed blending cycles as the rest of the premium choices here. But, it’s also got a memory card which you can use to quickly add your own custom programs. And if that’s too fiddly for you, there’s even a USB port for updating and downloading your drink profiles.

Unlike the memory card, which was a bit of a chore to use, we found the USB option a very intuitive and easy way of customizing your blender profiles.

However, while it’s definitely modern — we have to point out that our testing has shown it’s louder than the blenders that sit higher on our list. Despite the manufacturer’s claims that it’s the quietest blender on the market, the other models simply do a better job in this regard.

Plus, there are some reports that the bottom of the blades can rust after a couple of months of extended use. In all honesty, we haven’t used it for more than a few weeks, but we’ve noticed no such thing. The only problem we had was that the shield enclosure simply didn’t manage to dampen the sound as well as the magnetic seals on our other blenders.

Still, it’s a heck of a lot quieter than the average $100-blender. And unlike Vitamix, it’s not solely usable for frozen drinks and smoothies; it’ll do just fine in a non-commercial setting as well. Just like most other blender manufacturers, Hamilton Beach has its own proprietary design — in this case, it’s the Wave-Action System that supposedly pushes any mixture towards the blender’s blades. Though we don’t recommend filling it to the brim with the food you’re prepping — leave some space for fluids as well.

Now, we arrive at the truly great part — the Summit model from Hamilton Beach has a lifetime warranty; at least on the motor drive coupling and the stainless steel blade, which would be the hardest to replace anyway. And the rest of the parts are covered with a standard commercial three-year warranty. This isn’t ideal, but it’s the best you’ll get for a bartender’s blender.

We have to point out that, in practice, the blender jar on the Summit was harder to clean than on our other top blenders. The deep metal grooves that connect the pitcher to the motor frequently remain damp — if we had to guess, this is what’s causing some of the corrosion issues a couple of users have reported.

So, what’s the bottom line here? The Summit is a decent quiet blender with smart features, cavitation control, automatic shut-off, and a bunch of other neat stuff. Still, these don’t necessarily make up for the fact that it’s a commercial blender with a hefty price. But if you don’t care about the money and you want something that’ll make creamy, smooth drinks — this is the ideal appliance for you.

Just make to dry it thoroughly so you don’t have problems with rust!

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WantJoin WZ-K90 80-Oz Blender


  • Oversized pitcher with plenty of space
  • Decent noise reduction hood
  • Great dual-direction blades


  • Not easy to clean

WantJoin WZ-K90 80-Oz Review

Our fourth honorable mention goes to the clunkily-named WantJoin WZ-K90 80-Oz model. And besides having the name of a Star Wars droid from the prequel trilogy, it’s also got a few other things going for it — such as its well-designed blades, powerful motor, and an anti-noise mechanism that’s halfway decent.

Now, in our experience, this is an excellent model if you want the mid-range stuff — at a little over 200 bucks, it’s not the most expensive blender in the world, but it’s still quiet enough. And its powerful motor does a fine job spinning the blades quick enough to dice up ice, vegetables, and fruit.

So, why didn’t we choose it as our top pick? There are a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s simply not as effective as the other three blenders we’ve reviewed above. It’s got a less powerful motor, but that’s not really noticeable in practice. At the end of the day, the main problem is that it’s just not as quiet as our top three picks.

Still, it’s quite a bit more affordable. And from our experience, the very large pitcher is more suitable for prepping food and making soups — the 80-oz volume is more than enough to hold any kind of ingredients.

The advertising makes it seem more exciting than it is in practice, though; for instance, the pulse function is just about as powerful as the ones we’ve had on our average household blenders.

We’ve used this WantJoin model to crush frozen fruits, walnuts, and ice — and it’s done a decent job, but not as smooth as the likes of BlendTec and the rest of our reviewed blenders above.

Though, there are some neat quality-of-life features. For instance, as important as the sound enclosure is for a quiet blender, this one is quite bulky and large; which is why it’s a good thing that you can actually remove it for a more hassle-free operation.

The bottom line is: for $200, it’s just fine. And if you’re not crazy about blenders and don’t want to spend anything more than that, this is the best quiet blender for that kind of money.

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Quietest Blenders in 2022 Buying Guide

quietest blender

Before we get into the details of the quietest blenders in 2022, the first question is: should you buy one at all?

Well, naturally, if noise reduction is the most important feature of a blender for you — absolutely!

Though, bear in mind that most household quiet blenders have smaller motors in order to produce less noise — the average quiet blender has a 500-watt motor, and a more compact design. That’s why these blenders are the best for vegetable smoothies and cocktails; they do their finest work with the softest ingredients. Fibrous vegetables and ice are something you’ll have to pay extra to be able to process — at least if you want the blender to be quiet as well.

Apart from smaller motors, quiet blenders also have more rubber insulation — and a typical enclosure lid or a sound dampening hood. Naturally, the most expensive models in the market can provide you both: they have all kinds of sound insulation, but coupled with an incredibly powerful motor.

Apart from that, the top 2 blenders and their peers by price tag also come with other advanced features: more speed settings, self-cleaning functions, touchscreen navigation menus, self-timers, etc.

In terms of price, you can expect a cheap, low-power quiet blender to cost $150 at the very least. However, if you want more power with the same low noise levels, you’ll have to dish out as much as a thousand dollars. There are even models that cost several thousand, but almost no residential household has a reason to buy one of them — so we left them off the list.

While you consider the blender models that you want, here are some of the things to keep in mind.

Motor Power

Naturally, a more powerful motor makes more noise — and though there are plenty of clever designs that reduce that noise as much as possible, that’s the brass tacks. And a less powerful motor usually means not being able to make stuff like nut butter, crushed ice, and other food prepping work.

The only way to have both is to increase your budget — high-quality blenders have more insulation around very powerful motors.


At the end of the day, you don’t want to give a ton of money for a blender — only for it to be a chore to clean every single day. The relaxing ritual of a quiet morning blend we’ve mentioned in the beginning will definitely be disrupted if you can’t wash it in the microwave.

Instead, we recommend finding blenders that have self-cleaning settings — though, in practice, those can rarely get the job done completely. Ideally, the pitcher and the individual removable parts will be dishwasher-safe. That makes cleaning much, much easier — you don’t have to spend a ton of time soaking them in warm water and then rinsing them.

If a blender has none of these but you’re still thinking of buying it, at least make sure that its blender jar is wide enough — that will make it simple to clean by hand.


You’ve noticed that we’ve spent quite a lot of time discussing the warranties on the different models we’ve tested and reviewed here. The reason for that is simple: like most other kitchen appliances, your blender is something you use almost every single day. And that means it’s more susceptible to malfunction.

This wouldn’t be much of a problem with the low-range, cheap models. However, if you’re going to invest up to a thousand dollars in a blender, you want it to have a warranty that ensures you’ll get a return on your investment even if something goes wrong.

Various Features

Now, we didn’t pay much attention to the smaller features and accessories that come with each blender — we talked a lot more about their noise reduction capabilities and general manufacturing quality.

This is, in part, because every manufacturer includes different accessories and various bells and whistles. However, we also didn’t get into that because the specific secondary features you want in your blender entirely depend on how you intend to use it.

The blenders that were designed with smoothies and cocktails in mind will have more stuff that’s useful for bartenders, for example. Basically, the elementary features a well-made quiet blender needs to have are some speed controls and a pulse button. Though, the pulse button does create quite a bit of noise in a short time period — so be mindful of that while you use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quietest blender for smoothies?

There are plenty of different blenders you can choose from above — and a lot more that we haven’t covered in detail. However, as you’ve seen, the BlendTec 800 is pretty much our ideal choice. It’s not the most powerful model, or practically the quietest — but it’s got the best relation of price and quality.

If you want something pricier, but quieter or more powerful, there are other models from Hamilton Beach and Vitamix. For instance, while we’ve only covered the Summit from Hamilton Beach, they also have the excellent Jamba Appliances lineup.

Is Nutribullet blender quiet?

In short — no, quite the opposite. The main reason people think that the Nutribullet is a quiet blender is because it’s quite compact; much smaller than all the other blenders we’ve tested for this guide. However, it has an incredibly powerful built-in motor, that stresses its tiny components quite a lot.

The result is one of the loudest blenders you can find on the market. In standard conditions, it produces around 100 decibels of noise. And though it’s practical and effective, it’s far from the category of great quiet blenders.

How do you reduce noise in a blender?

At the end of the day, you may still be stuck with a loud blender. In that case, we recommend putting a soft towel beneath your blender when you’re using it — that’ll reduce the amount of noise it produces by a considerable margin.

Alternatively, you could find some sort of rubber or silicone mat — or buy a separate enclosure box for the blender. And if you can manage it, there’s always the option of just doing your blending the night before and putting your smoothie in the fridge.

How Can A Blender Be Quiet?

There are plenty of different methods that manufacturers use to ensure there’s as little noise coming from their blenders as possible — especially if they’ve got a powerful engine. Rubber is the most useful insulating material in this regard, and it does a great job of dampening noise. On top of that, most quiet blenders have a protective shield around the jar, whose main job is to block out the whirring noise.

Wrapping Up

We hope that our guide will be useful for you if you’re looking for a quiet, yet powerful blender. Remember, the quietest blender among those we’ve tested is the BlendTec 800 Professional — but depending on your budget and needs, other choices will be fine as well.

However, if you know what you’re looking for, and you can live with a blender that doesn’t have to act as a food processor at the same time; there are plenty of other great options on our list as well.

Just remember that no blender is completely silent — the sound dampening enclosures and other noise reduction features can only do so much. Even if you do spend a lot of money on the quietest blender in 2022, we recommend buying rubber mats to place underneath it. There will be a lot less whirring, buzzing, and shaking coming from your kitchen early in the morning!