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Quiet Pressure Cooker 2024 (Best Silent Pressure Cooker Without Whistle)

best Quiet Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers can be handy little contraptions and a blessing to have in the kitchen. Thankfully, the days of bulky, noisy pressure cookers are behind us. The best silent pressure cookers on the market in 2024 are those without whistles. Not only are they packed with features, but also ultra quiet, making meal prep a breeze rather than a chore.

Short on time? We’ve compiled a handy dandy list of the top five quiet pressure cookers on the market for you. However, if you’re in a hurry, the best quietest pressure cookers in 2024 are the Ninja FD401 Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker and Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Quietest Pressure Cooker: Quick Comparison 

BEST RATED Ninja FD401 Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker
  • Type: Electric
  • Quiet performance
  • 9 functions: Pressure cook, air fry, air crisp, steam, slow cook, yogurt, sear, saute, bake, roast, broil, dehydrate
  • Extra large capacity
  • 16.1 L x 14.57 W x 14.29 H, 1760W, 26.04lbs
  • Also available in 5-QT
  • TenderCrisp technology
  • Deluxe reversible rack
  • Digital display
  • Dishwasher safe
  • PTFE free, FDA approved ceramic coated cooking pot
  • Recipe book included
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RUNNER UP Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker
  • Type: Electric
  • Quiet functioning
  • 7 functions: Pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute, food warmer, and yogurt maker
  • Available in 3-QT, 6-QT, 8-QT and 10-QT sizes
  • Dimensions and weight vary according to size
  • Digital display
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy sealing smart lid
  • UL certified
  • Cooking progress indicator
  • Easy grip cooking pot
  • One touch cooking programs
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MOOSOO 15-in-1 Instant Pressure Pot
  • Type: Electric
  • Works quietly
  • 15 preset functions
  • Max 110kPa/15 PSI air pressure for canning
  • 6-QT capacity
  • 15.8” x 13.4” x 13.4”, 14.83lbs
  • Large digital display
  • Food-grade 304 stainless steel inner pot
  • High-temperature resistant
  • Smart timer function
  • Quick release button
  • Variety of accessories and cookbook included
  • Dishwasher safe pot, ETL certified
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Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Multi-Cooker
  • Type: Electric
  • Quiet performance
  • Sleek design
  • 3 functions: slow cook, saute and steam
  • Available in 4-QT, 6-QT and 7-QT
  • Dimensions and weight vary according to size
  • Glass lid and cool touch handle
  • Dishwasher safe removable parts
  • Steaming rack included
  • Automatic keep warm feature
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Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
  • Type: Induction and gas stovetop
  • Minimal pressure cooker sound
  • 7.6 liter capacity, 8.85lbs
  • 17.4” x 11” x 10.5”
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel with special tri-clad base
  • Cover lock indicator
  • Pressure regulator and steam release valve
  • Stainless steel steaming basket
  • Suited for regular, smooth-top, and induction ranges
  • Cooking rack and 64-page instruction/recipe book included
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Quiet Pressure Cooker Without Whistle 2024: Reviews

1. Ninja FD401 Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker

Best Rated

This top rated quiet deluxe pressure cooker is an entire kitchen in an elegant, compact stainless steel body.

With an 8-QT pot and a Deluxe Reversible Rack, the Ninja Foodi Deluxe Pressure Cooker offers extra large cooking capacity.

Its TenderCrisp technology lets you quickly pressure cook ingredients to lock in juices, then gives them a crispy, golden air-fryer finish.

The two lids allow you to seamlessly transition between cooking methods. When the pressure lid is installed, you can use the pressure cooker, steamer, slow cooker and yogurt functions.

With the hinged crisping lid, you can use the air crisp, baking roasting, broiling and dehydrating functions.

Preheating the Ninja is recommended for best results – simply add 5 minutes to the cooking time and allow the unit to come up to temperature before adding ingredients.

As a safety measure, the lid locks while cooking and does not unlock until pressure is released and the float valve drops down, signaling it is safe to open the lid.

Additionally, it is dishwasher safe and PTFE free, with the cooking pot being FDA approved and coated with ceramic for a high quality finish.


  • Quiet
  • 9 functions in 1
  • Elegant finish
  • High quality ceramic cooking pot
  • Dishwasher safe
  • TenderCrisp technology (slow cooks and maintains crispness)
  • 14 safety features
  • Up to 70% faster than slow cookers


  • Requires quite a large counter space – not ideal for smaller kitchens

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2. Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Runner Up

The Duo Nova has 7 appliances in 1: pressure cooker, sauté pan, steamer, slow cooker, rice cooker, food warmer, and yogurt maker.

To top it all off, it does all this very quietly. 

The 3-QT size is great for cooking rice, side dishes, or meals for up to 3 people. 6-QT is the perfect size for feeding up to 6 people.

8-QT is preferable for large families or whipping up big batches of prepared meals for the week, whereas 10-QT is Instant Pot’s largest pressure cooker, ideal for meals to feed a crowd or to stock the freezer with family dinners.

The easy-seal lid automatically seals your Instant Pot for pressure cooking, and releases steam with a simple, safe push of the quick release button.

10+ safety features and timed cooking programs safely do all the work while freeing up your time. Additionally, this no-mess instant pot is just as easy to clean as it is to use. 

Instant Pot Duo Nova’s one-touch Smart Program settings let you start cooking instantly. Just press a button for a variety of cooking functions, or simply keep your food warm.

The status bar feature helps you to keep track of your progress and a delay start function allows you to program the cooker so that your meal is always served fresh.


  • Quiet
  • 7 appliances in 1
  • 4 sizes available
  • UL safety certification
  • Easy to clean
  • Progress tracker
  • Delayed start feature
  • Functions as a sterilizer
  • Up to 70% faster than slow cookers


  • Certain accessories (such as steamer basket & slow-cook lid) must be purchased separately

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3. MOOSOO 15-in-1 Instant Pressure Pot 

Best Pressure Cooker + Canner Combo

With 15 preset functions, the MOOSOO 15-in-1 Instant Pressure Pot makes cooking very simple.

Under canning mode, the air pressure can reach a maximum of 110 kPa/15PSI which makes this 6-QT digital programmable electric pressure cooker perfect for canning. 

With options such as slow cooking, baking, yogurt making, searing and warming, this quiet pressure pot can easily and quickly handle a wide variety of foods from soups and stews, to oatmeal, veggies and rice.

The smart timer option allows you to preset and delay cooking time by up to 24 hours.

The central dial & LCD touch control greatly improve the accuracy of program selection and adjustment.

The MOOSOO electric pressure cooker has 11+ safety mechanisms (including overheat protection and anti-clogging safety device) along with ETL safety certification.

The food-grade 304 stainless steel inner pot is non-sticky, high temperature resistant, and durable. 


  • 15 preset functions
  • Operates quietly
  • ETL certified for safety
  • Overheat protection
  • Perfect for canning
  • Up to 70% faster than slow cookers
  • 2 years spare parts replacement and 1-year machine replacement service


  • Steamer and canning tool must be purchased separately

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4. Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Multi-Cooker

Best Sleek Design Pressure Cooker

The premium Cuisinart 6-QT 3-in-1 multicooker looks stunning on any countertop thanks to its stainless steel styling and makes cooking for family and friends as easy as pressing a button.

It operates so quietly in the background and minimizes the pressure cooker whistle sound to an extent that you won’t even know it’s there.

The three preset functions will sauté, steam, and slow cook any recipe to perfection. The convenient keep warm feature comes on once cooking is complete, so you never have to worry about food being served cold.

The removable cooking pot is nonstick and dishwasher safe for effortless cleanup.

You can easily switch between modes with a simple touch when a recipe calls for combination cooking. Cooking is accessible to all with the Cuisinart quiet pressure cooker steamer’s extra-large blue back-lit LCD display with easy-to-read time and temperature settings.

A glass lid with a cool-touch handle provides a clear view and makes handling comfortable.


  • Elegant design
  • Minimum pressure cooker whistle sound
  • Extra large back-lit LCD
  • Glass lid for a clear view
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Three preset functions
  • Keep warm feature


  • Largest size is 6-QT (not ideal for larger families or when cooking for bigger groups)

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5. Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker

If you’ve got the hankering for a good old fashioned stovetop stainless steel cooker that does the job with ease, then this one’s for you.

No display, buttons, timers or wires; this cooker is a sturdy, long lasting pressure cooker and steamer that works quietly and efficiently on any stovetop. 

The heavy-duty lid locks down during cooking, and an inner sealing ring keeps the steam in.

A cover lock indicator shows at a glance when there is pressure inside the cooker and prevents the cover from being opened until pressure is safely reduced.

This spring valve pressure cooker can release steam effortlessly with a quick cooling option. 

Stainless steel construction with a special tri-clad base provides fast, uniform heating. It also preserves flavors and nutrients, and even tenderizes lean cuts of meat.

A stainless steel basket attachment allows you to use this pressure cooker as a steamer as well. An accompanying booklet contains 75 recipes, ranging from basic soup stocks and stews to pot roasts and even desserts. 


  • Efficient and quiet
  • Simple to operate
  • Cover lock indicator to prevent accidents
  • Tri-clad base for fast, even heating
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Works on regular, smooth-top, and induction ranges
  • Steam release valve for “quick cooling”


  • Heavy duty lid may be difficult for seniors to handle

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Silent Pressure Cooker Without Whistle

Best Silent Pressure Cooker Buying Guide


The first thing you need to consider when buying a pressure cooker is whether you need an electric or stovetop one. Both types have quiet options to choose from. 

If your preference is for a full function pressure cooker that can also saute, steam, sear, slow cook etc. then you would be better off with an electric one. But if a stovetop cooker is what you are looking for then the options would be different.

Carefully consider your preferences before buying and once you have, you can’t go wrong with any of the choices on our list. Read also: Best Quietest Hand Mixer 2024 

Pressure Settings

Pressure cookers can be confusing sometimes, thanks to the multitude of options available. On some models, high pressure is the only option. Others offer both a high and low pressure setting. And one in particular even allows you to select a specific PSI.

How hot the contents get inside a pressure cooker depends on the PSI (pounds per square inch) of the pressure-cooker setting. Electric pressure cookers range from 1.5 PSI to 12 PSI, whereas stovetops can go up to 15 PSI. If you would like to cook at high pressure, when canning, for instance, then choose a pressure cooker that provides that setting.

While most recipes would require a high pressure setting, certains foods such as eggs, and sometimes vegetables and fish, need low pressure settings.

If you prefer to use the automatic settings, then ensure your cooker has those, but if choosing to cook on manual pressure and temperature, ensure that the range you require is covered by the model you choose.

Final Thoughts About Quiet Pressure Cookers Without Whistle Sound

The top rated quiet or silent pressure cookers without whistles in 2024 on our list are the Ninja FD401 Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker and the Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker.

Remember that the best option for you will depend on your needs, budget and preferences. The convenience and ease of a good pressure cooker, once you’ve chosen the one you prefer, will surely transform your cooking experience.

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