Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds 2022: Reviews & Guide

best noise cancelling earbuds

Have you heard about noise pollution and how it affects us? Noise pollution is a kind of noise that is considered as a nuisance. A noise that would endanger human health such as Industrial sources, defence equipment, agricultural machines and so much more. It’s basically everywhere, involved in our daily lives.

I heard about active noise cancellation and it inspired me to do more research about it and find out which is the best noise cancelling earbuds available on the market in 2018.

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Reviews of the best noise cancelling earbuds 2018

TaoTronics Wireless Earbuds



  • It has everything that I ever needed.
  • It is very lightweight at .53oz or 15grams
  • It also charges for only 2 hours and you could use it for 9 good hours and you connect it via Bluetooth.
  • The design is really cool making it a very comfortable sport headphones with adjustable silicon buds and magnets that prevent the headphones from sliding off when it’s hanging around your neck if not in use.
  • The best thing about this is that it has a splash proof build (coating) that prevents the earphone from getting wet when exercising and rain.
  • Very affordable



  • The sound quality is good especially the noise cancelling feature but the max out volume is not that loud for my liking but hey I think it’s much good for my ears than the louder ones!
  • It comes in different colors to choose from but the price differs in each color.


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V4.1 Wireless In-Ear Sports Earbuds


  • This one connects to Bluetooth devices even from ten feet away!
  • The battery is enough for daily use that could last up to 7 to 8 hours.
  • This one is a good choice for someone who wants to start an entry-level mobile    Bluetooth headset.
  • The frequency response is 20-22kHz and can charge for only 1-2 hours and on standby for 240 hours.
  • It is also sweat proof so you never have to worry about it getting damaged when you’re working out.



  • It would be better if it has different colours to choose from. It does have different colours available in the link but you’d be disappointed to see that those are different models. Thus, different features.


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Shure SE425-CL Sound Isolating Earphones


  • The Shure SE425-CL is  a bit more expensive than all of  our other top picks but then this gorgeous has a dual high-definition micro drivers
  • This one has a microphone as well and the wire is formable that ensures secure placement over the ears.
  • The sound quality of this version is so much better and crisp compared to the older models (SE215-K and SE315-K).This one is really good when listening to music as well.



  • It can also be converted in wireless with it’s Bluetooth cable (RMCE-BT1) but it is sold separately which is a real bummer.



Frequently Asked Questions 


What to look for when choosing noise cancelling earbuds?

You should know the difference between “noise isolating” and “noise cancelling” earbuds before you choose one. Did you know that there are Noise Cancelling Earbuds for Dogs as well?

The “noise isolating” earbuds block out noise by creating a seal around your ears so the only thing you can ever hear is the music. It is much more of a physical thing. On the other hand, “noise cancelling” earbuds use a Digital Signal Process(DSP) technology, it cancels out the soundwaves from ambient noise which makes the “noise cancelling earbuds” the best choice.


What is the difference between noise cancelling earbuds and the regular earbuds?

The difference between the two is that every regular earbuds or earphones emit sound waves but the noise cancelling earbuds will lessen the sound waves that goes directly into the earbuds.


Is it worth buying noise Cancelling earbuds?

I don’t see the point of buying earbuds if I can still hear everyone in the background so yes, it is worth it. Especially if there isn’t much price difference. There are even brands/models that are so much more expensive even without the noise cancelling feature.

Why would you even choose that if you can get the best in the same or lower price? Read also: Best Noise Cancelling Headphones That Block Out All Sound 


Are noise canceling earbuds safe to use?

Yes, absolutely. Regular earbuds send sound waves to your eardrums but these noise cancelling earbuds are so much safer because the earbuds send little cancelling waves to your eardrums making less energy going into your ears which means less potential damage.


Can you sleep with noise Cancelling earphones?

Yes, you can, though it might not be the most comfortable option when sleeping on the side. If you’re looking for earbuds especially for sleeping you might want to check out this guide instead (link here.)


Do noise Cancelling earbuds block out sound?

Noise cancelling earbuds emits a low amplitude ambient noise that filters out the noise outside so you hear silence in place of that noise. So it does not necessarily block out the sound, it cancels it out. Read also: Best Safety Noise Reduction Ear Muffs 2022

Best noise cancelling earbuds: Conclusion


The winner is the Taotronics earbuds because it has everything I would ever want in a noise cancelling earbuds with a price of a winner, of course. I can get all the features that I want – bluetooth connection, sleek magnetic design,sweat and splash proof for my gym workouts, long battery life with short charging time and a price that can beat every brand/model out there. I mean, what more can I ask for? This noise cancelling earbuds is fit for my lifestyle and my budget so after testing mostly all of the brands and models, this one is by far the best.  


MQOUNY Bluetooth earbuds are my second pick because it has all the features the Taotronics earbuds has with a built-in microphone as well but a little bit more expensive. I like it but I’d still choose the Taotronics mainly because it is so much more budget friendly than the MQOUNY one. I am also in love with the design of this one, it is very sleek and classy with a taint of red very tempting. If I haven’t found the Taotronics earbuds, I would definitely choose this one as my best because if you are not on a tight budget then MQOUNY  Bluetooth earbuds offer better quality for a still reasonable price.