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Best Earbuds For Audiophiles 2024 (Audiophile Wired & Wireless Earphones Reviewed & Compared)

Best Earbuds For Audiophiles

The search for the perfect earphones can be frustrating for a music lover. We know you will settle for nothing but the purest sound quality. Hence, we have reviewed & compared the best wired & wireless earbuds and earphones for audiophiles in 2024 to help you make that high end decision. We found something for all budgets and needs.

Short on time? The best earbuds for audiophiles on the market are the highly rated Shure SE846. The second place belongs to the LG Tone Free HiFi Earbuds

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Best Audiophile Earbuds: Quick Comparison

BEST RATED Shure SE846 Wired & Wireless High End Earbuds
  • Four high-definition drivers
  • Three-way system configuration for dedicated low, mid and high frequency distribution
  • Adjustable frequency response
  • Detachable cable system
  • Convertible between wired and wireless
  • Sound isolating design (blocks up to 37dB of outside noise)
  • 8hr battery life per charge (total of up to 32 hours battery life on-the-go)
  • Integrated microphones for video conferencing and phone calls
  • ShurePlus Play app on iOS & Android
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RUNNER UP LG Tone Free FN7 - Best HiFi Active Noise Canceling Earbuds
  • Active Noise Cancellation & Echo Cancellation
  • Medical grade hypoallergenic ear gels
  • Hi Fidelity sound with built-in equalizer
  • 21hr battery life with fast wireless charging
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • IPX4 water & sweat resistant
  • Compact cradle
  • iOS & Android compatible app
  • 1.29” x 0.63” x 0.98”
  • 6.5 ounces
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BEST UNDER 100 Sennheiser CX 400BT True Wireless Earbuds
  • Wireless, In-Ear Bluetooth earbuds
  • High Fidelity sound with microphone
  • 2.32” x 1.33” x 1.67”
  • 0.423 ounces
  • 7mm dynamic driver
  • 20hr battery life
  • 4 ear adapter sizes
  • Built-in audio equalizer
  • iOS & Android app
  • Passive noise canceling
  • Available in black and white
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BEST WIRED BASN Professional In-Ear Monitor Earphones
  • High Fidelity sound
  • Over the ear fit
  • 6.46” x 4.76” x 1.77”
  • 1.12 ounces
  • Flexible memory wire ear hook
  • Low-resistance, tensile, high-strength wires
  • 360 degree rotation MMCX connector
  • Noise canceling
  • Available in brown and red
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BUDGET OPTION Aiwa Prodigy High-Fidelity Budget Audiophile Earphones
  • Hi Fidelity Sound
  • Dual-driver hybrid design
  • Noise-rejecting microphone and inline control
  • Tangle resistant 3.5mm wire
  • Ergonomic foam and silicone earbud design
  • 9.1” x 5.5” x 0.8”
  • 0.81 ounces
  • Sound range 15hz to 20khz+
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Best Earphones For Audiophiles 2024: Reviews

1. Shure SE846 Wired & Wireless Best High End Earbuds

Best High End Earbuds

This wired & wireless earphone & earbuds bundle comes at a lofty price point, but provides an unmatched sound experience and convenience that makes it worth every dime if you can afford it.

These are undoubtedly the best true wireless earbuds for audiophiles.

Additionally, they look chic, have a stellar build quality, top tier sound, and accessories for days.

The wired version is sound isolating with quad high definition micro drivers that provide extended high-end clarity and unparalleled low-end performance for a state-of-the-art listening experience.

The low-pass filter provides the deep low-end performance of a true subwoofer without sacrificing clarity or detail. 

It blocks up to 37 dB of outside noise for an immersive listening experience. The secure over-the-ear design ensures that the earphones stay in place and provide long wearing comfort. 

To easily transform your earphones into true wireless earbuds, simply use the true wireless adapter and voila – you now have over-the-ear earbuds with Bluetooth 5 technology that can pair with phones, laptops, tablets, consoles and more. 

The SharePlus Play app is free to download and allows you to customize your EQ and environment modes. The wireless version provides up to 8 hours of audio per charge and the carrying case (included) provides three additional charges for a total of up to 32 hours of battery life on the go. 


  • Premium sound
  • Sound isolation (blocks up to 37dB of noise)
  • Convertible between wired and wireless 
  • Bluetooth 5 compatible (when used as wireless)
  • Four high-definition drivers
  • Three-way system configuration for low, mid and high frequency distribution
  • True subwoofer sound
  • Several sizes of ear tips included
  • Free app to customize EQ and environment modes


  • Expensive

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2. LG Tone Free FN7 – Best HiFi Active Noise Canceling Earbuds

Best Audiophile HiFi Earbuds 

These wireless earbuds combine active noise canceling, Meridian sound system and a high performance microphone to provide an amazing High Fidelity sound experience for audiophiles. It’s heaven on Earth.

The noise cancellation feature reduces ambient sounds like background conversations.

The upper microphone is both noise reducing and echo canceling, while the lower mic provides clear voice pick up.

The earbuds have flexible ear gels that evenly distribute weight to deliver a snug and secure fit.

The ear gels are made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic silicone and can be worn all day without worrying about hygiene issues. 

These Bluetooth earbuds have a built-in equalizer that delivers impressive bass and treble tones which sound like live recording.

You can enjoy up to 7 hours of music play time on your buds and a total of 21 hours with the portable charging case.

To top it all off these earbuds are IPX4 water and sweat resistant so you can use them at home, work or the gym.

These HiFi earbuds can seamlessly connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device and are compatible with both iOS and Android. 


  • High Fidelity sound
  • Active noise cancelation and echo reduction
  • Free app
  • Bluetooth, iOS & Android compatible
  • Water & sweat resistant
  • Premium sound by Meridian
  • Wireless charging
  • Dual microphone call clarity
  • Customizable controls


  • More comfortable for medium to large-sized ears
  • Active noise cancellation reduces battery life

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3. Sennheiser CX 400BT True Wireless Earbuds

Best Rated Earbuds for Audiophiles under 100

The Sennheiser CX 400BT earbuds are overall the best true wireless earbuds for audiophiles under 100 bucks.

You know you’re in for a quality audio experience of high-fidelity sound with deep bass, natural mids and a clear treble.

Plus, you can personalize your listening experience with the Smart Control app, which lets you play with built-in equalizers for an even better sound quality.

The touch-sensitive customizable control interfaces on both earbuds provide fast access to voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant, as well as intuitive control of your music and calls.

A wide range of audio codec support including SBC, AAC and aptX guarantees premium sound with any mobile device, whether you prefer iOS or Android.

These earbuds provide up to 20 hours of battery life – 7 hours on a single charge and a further 13 hours with the small, sleek and compact charging case you can carry anywhere with you.

Its minimalist and lightweight design makes it comfortable for all day use at home or on the go. 

A true audiophile’s dream, these earbuds provide passive noise canceling and are available in black and white to suit your style preferences. Overall, these are the best earbuds for audiophiles under $100. 


  • High Fidelity sound
  • Built-in equalizer
  • 20hr battery life on the go
  • Wide range of codec support
  • Ear adapters available in 4 sizes
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adaptable controls on both ears
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Free app for Android and iOS


  • Not waterproof

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4. BASN Professional In-Ear Monitor Earphones

Best Wired Audiophile Earphones 

The BASN Professional In-Ear earphones are suitable for professionals or music lovers who can discern between ordinary and High Fidelity sound.

Guaranteed to deliver the purest sound with low ends, accurate mids and crisp clear highs, these earphones were designed in collaboration with musicians so you know you’re getting only the best sound quality. 

These custom in-ear monitors (IEMs) are designed to fit snugly into the ear canal and provide all-day comfort with their secure over-the-ear fit.

The flexible memory wire ear hooks are lightweight, tensile, ultra-low resistant and high strength. 

The set includes two detachable, replaceable cables and a 360 degree rotatable MMCX connector.

The wires with detachable MMCX connectors can be replaced and upgraded easily. You can exchange MMCX cables for HD music use, hands free calls and wireless Bluetooth use.

These earphones are noise isolating and can block out up to 38dB of noise. Single layer and double layer silicone earphone tips prevent ambient noise from disturbing you.

The pull-resistant fiber cable features a microphone and remote function. 

The set comes with lots of accessories, including a carrying case, two MMCX audio cables, six pairs of silicone ear tips, a T-shirt clip, and a cleaning brush.


  • High Fidelity sound
  • Anti-interference woven cable with microphone
  • Adjustable memory ear hook
  • Several accessories included
  • Gold-plated MCMX connector
  • Noise isolating
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Compatible with all round 3.5mm audio devices.


  • Not waterproof

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5. Aiwa Prodigy High-Fidelity Cheap Earphones for Audiophiles

Best Budget Audiophile Earphones

The Aiwa Prodigy-1 is a no-frills, lightweight earphone designed to provide the best possible sound without breaking the bank.

These high-fidelity earphones have a dual-driver hybrid design. This simply means that a transducer in each ear provides a balanced frequency response with thumping bass and crystal-clear mids & highs from 15hz to 20khz and beyond. 

Its ergonomic design provides all day wearing comfort and includes both foam and silicone ear tips to ensure a stable and comfortable fit.

The noise-rejecting inline microphone and playback control options allow you to take calls and control playback without getting your phone out.

These earphones work with both iOS and Android devices, either directly or through an adapter.

The Prodigy-1 has a tangle resistant cable and comes with extra ear tips (including premium memory foam and silicone), so you can achieve the best sound and comfort level possible. 


  • High Fidelity sound
  • Noise rejecting microphone
  • Tangle free cable
  • Budget friendly
  • Dual-driver hybrid design
  • iOS & Android compatible
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • One year money back guarantee


  • No volume control (must be done through your phone or device)
  • Not waterproof

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Audiophile Earphones a.k.a Best High End Earbuds Buying Guide

Wired Or Wireless

With so many varieties of both types available, it can be hard to choose one. Some people prefer wired, quoting that wired earphones sound better because there is minimal data loss between the device and ear piece. Related: Best XLR Cable for HiFi & Audiophile 2024

However, good quality wireless earphones for audiophiles encode the audio data and transmit it wirelessly with no discernible loss of sound quality, even for professionals and audiophiles. At the end of the day the choice purely comes down to personal preference.

Ear Tips

This is one of the most important parts of a pair of earbuds or earphones. If the ear-tips are too small or too shallow they won’t form a closed seal in your ear canal and thus ambient noises will filter in and dilute the sound quality. 

It would be best to look for ear tips that match your ear canal size, or for earphones and earbuds that come in a variety of sizes. Some even include various sizes of ear tips with the device so you can be assured of the right fit and ultimate wearing comfort.

Battery Life

This can vary across models and of course it only matters for wireless models. Most wireless earbuds have a stated fully-charged battery life and additional charge from the carrying case. If you intend to constantly use your earbuds then extended battery life should be your top priority.

Noise Canceling

This feature helps to reduce outside ambient noise such as conversations or traffic noises and is very important to some, but not so much to others. This mechanism can be a battery guzzler so having it turned on at all times may result in draining the charge very quickly (for wireless earbuds).

Some noise canceling earbuds also include a hear through feature that lets you adjust the noise canceling to a safe level, allowing you to be aware of your surroundings, or to press a button to mute the music and hear what someone is saying without the need to remove the earbuds.

Audiophile Earphones Wired Wireless Review

Final Thoughts About Best Earbuds For Audiophiles On The Market

We know how important sound is to you as an audiophile, which is why we have carefully chosen, reviewed & compared the best earbuds for you.

Whether you prefer wireless or wired, we have you covered. In conclusion, the best earbuds for audiophiles on the market in 2024 are the high quality Shure SE846.

The honorable second place belongs to the LG Tone Free HiFi Earbuds and if you’re looking for best audiophile eaurbuds under 100 bucks, get the SENNHEISER CX 400BT True Wireless Earbuds.