Baby Swing Making Noise: How To Fix Loud Baby Swing

Baby swing Making Noise

Your baby swing is supposed to make your baby sleep so that you can also have a relaxing time, but if it s making noise, it will not only ruin your baby’s sleep but it will also destroy your relaxing time. Now, how would you fix it? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Read along to learn more about baby swings and how to fix them.

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Baby Swing Making Noise: How To Fix It 

There are many types of noise that you might be hearing from your baby swing. The main kinds of noise are clicking noise, grinding noise, and squeaking or creaking noise. 

1. Baby Swing Squeaking or Creaking Noise Problem

There are a few reasons why the baby swing is releasing a squeaking or creaking sound. One might be that the weight of your baby is too heavy for the swing. Most baby swings have a top end limit of 30 pounds, but some models could finish out in around 15 to 20 pounds. 

Too much strain in the swing and motor mechanisms would be present if your baby is pushing these limits.

Another reason is that your swing might be getting old. You might be using an overused swing that probably has some motor problems or it might be worn out. 

The parts of your baby swing might be rubbing on each other or maybe these parts are already slightly rusted. Age and wear is a very common reason for the squeaking problem of baby swings, but this is way less common in a brand new swing. 

Last reason for the squeaking problem is a poorly assembled baby swing. It will happen mostly if you were in a rush when you assembled your baby swing or maybe you had trouble tightening the screws, bolts, and fastener tights. These might cause wobbling and movements in the base of the swing. This cause is common for brand new baby swings.

Solution to this problem
The answer is very simple if your baby is way too heavy for the swing. Get a new baby, just kidding!

Get a new swing that will be able to support the weight of your baby. 

If the problem is that your baby swing is too old, try to observe which parts are making most of the squeaking noise.

Spray those parts with WD40 to lubricate and displace moisture from them, but keep it away from the actual seat or areas that come into contact with the baby.

If the parts are wobbly and poorly assembled, then just reassemble the swing and tighten them correctly. Check if the alignment of your baby swing is good.

Separate the legs of the swing to balance it and move to a different flooring if it is needed to minimize the noise. Read also: Best Quiet Baby Swing 2022

2. Baby Swing Loud Clicking Noise Problem

Baby swing gears will often switch every time it reaches the top of it’s arc. The purpose of this is to be able to swing back in other directions. Most models of baby swings make a clicking noise because of this mechanism.

If your swing and its gears are working perfectly but it is still making a clicking sound, then you might be able to fix it. Related: how loud is too loud for a baby

The only solution might be to call the manufacturer or its customer service and ask for a new unit without the clicking sound problem or just buy other brands of baby swing that have more quality.

Misalignment or balance on the base or legs of the baby swing might also be causing it to produce clicking noise. 

Solution to this problem

You could easily fix this by adjusting the legs of the swing by pulling or spreading the legs apart. If you go to some online discussion forums, most people who experienced this similar issue actually suggest doing this. 

Moving the swing to a carpeted area to hardwood or tile or vice versa is also a way to fix this problem. Observe if changing the landscapes will help.

If you tried adjusting the legs and changing the landscapes and the noise is still present, observe if the clicking sound is truly bothering your baby. It might be best if you can just get used to it to avoid stressing yourself by fixing this problem if your baby is perfectly relaxed even with a rhythmic clicking sound. 

how fix loud baby swing

3. Baby Swing Grinding Noise Problem

It is not something that you can lightly take when your baby swing is producing grinding sounds. There might be something wrong with the motor.

If objects are colliding and making friction, grinding noise will be produced. The gear might be broken or there is not enough tension. You can also hear this sound when the swing seat is very lightweight. 

Solution to this problem

There are a lot of options for fixing this type of problem. If the problem seems to be the light weighted swing seat, then try placing the baby on the swing as extra weight and see if the noise would be better.

If you are not so comfortable with using your child as a weight, you can try other objects that weigh nearly the same as your baby and it could serve as an alternative weight.

Some people recommend using 5 to 8 pounds of medicine balls to test if the swing would be more quiet and straighten the gears out.

This method may not work for you if you have a more serious problem with the motor. It might be a motor problem when the grinding noise remains even if you already put some weights to your baby swing. 

It is acceptable to have a small amount of noise in your motor since very few will be 100% silent, but this should not be able to wake the baby from a goodnight sleep.

You can contact the manufacturer’s customer service department and ask for replacement parts or a new more quiet baby swing. 

The customer service will usually help you diagnose the issue of your swing first, and if it doesn’t help, they could also process the return and send you a new baby swing or a service crew to fix your problem.

Here are some contact numbers of customer services for popular baby swing manufacturers.

  • Fisher-Price: 1-800-432-5437
  • Graco: 1-800-345-4109
  • Ingenuity: 1-800-230-8190
  • 4moms: 1-888-614-6667

Final Thoughts About How To Stop Baby Swing Motor Nose

Your baby is the most important part of your life and you want to ensure that you are giving the best for your child. Some day, he or she will grow up and acknowledge all the sacrifices that you’ve made.

Give your best and learn how to fix the baby swing when it is making noise so that you and your baby could have a goodnight’s sleep and a lovely morning.

Use WD40 to lubricate the rusted parts of the baby swing and minimize the noise for your baby.