Best Acoustic Blankets: Do Cheap Sound Blankets Work?

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best sound blanket

If you want to build your own home studio where you can record and produce audio any time without shelling out to a professional studio, this article about the best sound blankets is something you shouldn’t miss out. In this article, we will look into how well do these acoustic blankets actually work and whether […]

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds 2018: Reviews and Guide

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best noise cancelling earbuds

Have you heard about noise pollution and how it affects us? Noise pollution is a kind of noise that is considered as a nuisance. A noise that would endanger human health such as Industrial sources, defence equipment, agricultural machines and so much more. It’s basically everywhere, involved in our daily lives. I heard about active […]

Fletcher Munson Curves (Equal Loudness Contours) Made Easy

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fletcher munson curves

What are Fletcer Munson Curves (Equal Loudness Contours)? The Fletcher Munson Curves are a bunch of curves which show how sounds of different frequencies and at different sound pressure levels have to be boosted/subdued in order for the human ear to perceive an equal loudness level across all frequencies. Therefore they are also called Equal […]

How to Soundproof Windows (Three Best Ways)

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If you found this article you’re probably having noise problems. Perhaps you live on a busy street with lots of loud traffic, or there are barking dogs in the neighborhood. So, how to soundproof existing windows? We will look into both cheap and expensive solutions in this in depth guide and will answer the most […]